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Moving to Australia from Canada – Full guide

Moving to Australia from Canada is a dream actualized by many Canadian citizens seeking to do so for many reasons.

Sometimes, Canadians desire to move to Australia from Canada to have a warmer climate or Sunny beaches and to enjoy a relaxed life.

However, these are not the only why Canadians were seeking to move to Australia from Canada.

Research has shown that Australia has been ranked the 7th best ex-pat destination in the world, according to the 2016 Expat Insider Survey ranking.

This work will cover the details on how to move from Canada to Australia, the location of Australia, the popular cities in which Canadians can live in Australia, and the cost of moving, among others.

Australia has popular Cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. In addition, Australia is among the world’s Expat destinations, attracting skilled workers in many sectors.

Graduates, as well as professionals, are seeking a move to Australia for a wealth of opportunities. Australia also offers some of the best graduate salaries in the entire world.

Securing a Visa for Australia may not be easy, but if achieved, you would finally live in the world’s most loveable and beloved city.

Where is Australia?

Commonwealth Australia is among the oceanic countries between the South Pacific Ocean to the east and the Indian Ocean to the West. The country is the sixth-largest country in terms of land mass. In addition, Australia has neighbors such as Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and East Timor to the north:

Also, New Zealand to the southeast, Vanuatu and Solomon Islands to the Northeast. Australia has its capital in Canberra, whereas the most significant Australian city is Sydney.

Australia is a rich, prosperous, and developed Nation that has been ranked high in so many International comparisons of national comparisons regarding the standard of living, health care, public education, economic liberty, and Fundamental Human Rights protection.

Reasons why Canadian Citizens are Moving to Australia

Many reasons can propel Canadians to move to Australia from Canada. Below are the reasons

#1. Strong economy

Australia is among the countries with an innovative and robust Economy. The Australian Government has been doing great things to uphold the economy.

The stable economy and political and social environment increased the number of people moving to Australia to invest their capital. Australia is the 13th largest economy and 10th largest industrialized area. For this reason, Canadians are moving to Canada from Australia.

#2. Culturally diverse Society

Australia has been known worldwide as a Society that tolerates its aliens. The country is occupied by over 200 citizens worldwide, including Vietnam, China, Greece, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Australia’s democratic Society with a skilled workforce. It has a population of over 21 million.

Interestingly, Australia is the only country in the world to govern an entire Continent.

#3. A proud record of delivery Education

Education may also be a reason Canadians move to Australia from Canada because Australia’s educational system is of a good standard and also recognized Internationally.

Attending school in Australia is very compulsory, and that’s why it has an adult literacy rate of 99 percent. Australian schools Develop students’ confidence and skill abilities.

#4. Abundant physical resources

Australia is also identified with a high standard of living. Australia has invested in social infrastructures, such as education, training, health, and transport. Almost half of Australia’s workforce has a University trade or certificate Diploma.

#5. Information and communication technology

Australia is ranked as one of the six fastest-growing new economies. The country is strong in information and communication technology (ICT); it also has an economic and regulatory environment, making it a conducive Business area. No wonder Canadians have been trying to move to Australia from Canada.

#6. An excellent leisure area to visit

Australia is a multicultural country with enough natural resources. Its lifestyle and tourism make it the best traveling destination for Canadian travelers. It is a place to live and enjoy smooth Businesses.

Australia’s environment has many native plants, animals, and birds that could not be seen in any other part of the world.

However, 75% of Australians live on the coast and in major urban areas despite the vast size of the Australian continent. Therefore, Canadians may not experience such an endowed natural environment if they do not move to Australia.

Most Popular Cities in Australia for Canadians

There are so many popular Cities in Australia where Canadians can live. Below are the Cities


Sydney is Australia’s capital and the largest city in the country. It has iconic landmarks that make it so famous. Sydney is costly to rent. However, you will enjoy living in Sydney because it has many job opportunities if you are okay with traffic and housing costs.

Melbourne, Victoria

In Cosmopolitan Melbourne, there are many offers. Melbourne is the second largest city After Sydney in Australia, with a population of about 5 million.

The cost of living is less expensive when compared with Sydney. But still costly when compared with other cities. So Canadians who move to Australia may consider settling in Melbourne, Victoria’s capital city.

Perth, Western Australia

Perth is a famous city blessed with a temperate Mediterranean climate and pristine beaches. The city has a large ex-pat community though more than 35% of residents were born overseas.

It will now be more accessible for Canadian migrants to balance. For example, when it comes to land mass, Perth is the largest State in Australia, but the population is only 2.5 million.

Brisbane, Queensland

This is a popular city with an interstate migration of 24,000, increasing its population to 4.9 million in 2018. Queensland’s housing affordability causes their population growth. Regional areas of Queensland have mining as their primary industry.

The warm climate and beaches make Queensland a famous city. It is also called “the Sunshine State.” It will be a nice city for Canadians who want to move to Australia.

Costs of moving to Australia from Canada

Generally, Moving to Australia from Canada, you will need to consider three main cost areas. These areas are:

  • The costs involved in submitting a visa application
  • Costs involved in moving to Australia,
  • The costs of settling in Australia,

For Citizens planning to move to Australia from Canada, it is estimated that you should know the cost of a Visa application. Below is the estimated total cost for Canadians

AUD$6,000 to AUD$8000 If you apply under the Skilled Migration program

Then, AUD$8500 to 15,000 for Canadians who apply under the Business Migration program.

Requirements and Costs for Application of Australia Visa

The cost and other requirements involved while applying for Visa are Below

  • Department of Home Affairs visa Application will only charge you$3,670 only for permanent resident visas
  • Skill Assessment Application fees from $300 to $1,050 for some occupations
  • IELTS or PTE Test(on demand)
  • Medical Examination as applicable
  • The police Clearance Certificate fee is about 20 Dollars per a person
  • Translations and Document certificate, which charges $500 or more.

Different visa options for Canadians who are moving to Australia from Canada

Canadians who want to immigrate to Australia are Left with many Visa options depending on the immigration purpose. The following are the visa options.

Working Visas

Working Visas are for Immigrants who are going to Australia to work. However, the Employment Nomination Scheme Visa is for Professionals nominated by an Australian employer or company to live and work in Australia permanently.

If your name appears on the eligible skilled occupation list, then you are good to go, ensuring the required health condition is met.

Skilled Independent Visa 

The Skilled Independent Visa allows international Workers under the age of 45 with skills and professional experience to live and work anywhere in Australia. In this application, a sponsor or nominator is not necessary, but the applicant must be invited.

Partner and Family Visas

As the name indicates, the partner Visa allows partners or spouses to gain a temporary and permanent visa to stay in Australia. At the same time, the Dependent Child Visa is for dependent children of Visa-holding parents and should be sponsored by the same nominator of the parents.

Contributory Aged Parents Visa

This is also called a parents Visa. It is a permanent visa for the parents of the Immigrants who have settled either as citizens or permanent residents.

Requirements for Moving to Australia from Canada

  • You must be at least 16 years of age (unless your parents qualify)
  • Decide what kind of permanent Visa you qualify to apply
  • Or decide if you need to hire an agent for assistance.

How to Send Money from Canada to Australia 

Before sending money from Canada to Australia, you will have to check the cheapest, easiest, and fastest way before going into that.

Currently, there are more than 12 options available to make a transfer to Australia from Canada.

If the person you are sending the money to wants to receive Australian dollars in his bank account in Australia, then you should go with OFx, with zero transfer charge and a competitive CAD-AUD conversion rate of 1 CAD=1.0848 AUD.

With the charge and exchange rate together, the total cost with OFX is 3.36 CAD, which means the total cost of your transfer to Australia would be 55.37 CAD.


Suppose you want the recipient to get Australian Dollars in cash. In that case, MoneyGram is the cheapest means and a provider with a competitive charge of 4.99 CAD and also a very competitive CAD-AUD exchange rate Which is 1CAD=1.0526 AUD if you need the recipient to get Australian.

How to Move your Pets from Canada to Australia

While planning to move your pets to Australia from Canada, there are things to know.

Moving pets to Australia takes a long process, lasting up to 190 days.

Requirements for moving pets from Canada to Australia

You must be aware that there is a 10-day quarantine for pets arriving in Australia, and the fees are increasing every time.

Your pet must be old enough to receive the rabies vaccines needed to begin the process.

Additionally, dogs must be at least 16 weeks old before taking a long trip.

Cost of moving a dog from Canada to Australia

Total expenses for bringing a dog to Australia from Canada are about$4,000(USD)/$5600(AUD)

Breaking down the costs

Fees, Vet fees -microchipping,

Veterinarian centers fees and home Nation at the average of USD 300/$425 AUD

The total cost of bringing a dog to Australia is around $4,000 (USD) / $5,600 (AUD). The cost is broken down into the following fees: Vet fees – microchipping, vaccinations, and treatments vary on your veterinarian center’s fees and home country (average $300 (USD) / $425 (AUD).

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest way of sending money From Canada to Australia?

The cheapest means to send money to Australia from Canada is through InteRim, and wise.

What is the fastest way to send money to Australia from Canada?

The fastest way of transferring money from Canada to Australia is through Skrill and XE Money Transfer.

What are the best-rated means to transfer money to Australia from Canada?

The best-rated means of transferring money from Canada to Australia is through MoneyGram.

What are the cheapest means of sending money to Australia from Canada?

The cheapest means for small money transfers is World Remit.


In conclusion, if you’re considering a move to Australia, it’s important to do your research and think about what will work best for you. If you have family or friends in Australia, they can give you some great tips and advice. And if not, there are plenty of online resources that can help guide your decision. So whatever your plans may be, make sure to take the time to figure everything out carefully – the move can be exciting but also daunting.

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