Myanmar Tourist Visa – Application, Duration and Requirements

Full of natural beauties, unusual nature reserves, and beautiful cities, Myanmar is a place for every tourist to visit at least once in a lifetime. However, you will need a Myanmar Tourist Visa to enter the country for tourism.

But the country is facing a perennial political crisis. Thus, many countries, especially in Europe, placed it in the red zone area, restricting their citizens from going to Myanmar. However, you can still enter some parts of the country where there is relative peace.

This article will provide the information you need when applying for a visa to enter Myanmar for tourism.

Myanmar Tourist Visa

A Myanmar Tourist Visa allows holders to visit the country for tourism and leisure. It permits visitors to come into the country to enjoy the beauty and nature of Myanmar.

You can apply for a tourist visa at the embassy or arrival at an airport in Myanmar.

Exemptions from Burma (Myanmar) Tourist Visa

Citizens of a few countries cab visit Myanmar for tourism without a visa. Thus, you can check the lists below to know if you can stay in Burma without an entry permit.

Exemptions for 30 days

Citizens of the following countries can visit Burma for tourism visa-free for up to 30 days. They include:

  • Singapore
  • Hong Konga
  • Japan
  • Macao
  • South Korea

Exemptions for 14 days

The following are exempt from a Burma Tourist Visa for 15 days. They include:

Exemptions due to Diplomatic passport

Holders of an official passport from these countries can visit Myanmar without a visa. The number of days depends on your nationality. They include:

  • Bangladesh (90 days)
  • Colombia (90 days)
  • India (90 days)
  • Israel (90 days)
  • Japan (90 days)
  • South Korea (90 days)
  • Morocco (90 days)
  • Nepal (90 days)
  • Russia (90 days)
  • Belarus (30 days)
  • Brazil (30 days)
  • Cambodia (30 days)
  • China (30 days)
  • North Korea ( 30 days)
  • Laos (30 days)
  • Malaysia (30 days)
  • Mongolia (30 days)
  • Philippines (30 days)
  • Sri Lanka (30 days)
  • Thailand (30 days)
  • Vietnam (30 days)

Documents to apply for a Myanmar Tourist Visa

All applicants for a Myanmar Tourist Visa at a Myanmarese embassy. They include:

  1. An application form filled out with the correct information about your travel plans.
  2. A valid passport for at least six months from the day you leave Burma. Additionally, it must be in good condition.
  3. Two photos.
  4. Personal information pages of your passport (photocopies)
  5. Roundtrip ticket as proof of your intention to return to your country.
  6. Proof of accommodation in Mynamar
  7. Proof of enough financial means
  8. Proof of payment

Steps to apply for a Myanmar Tourist Visa at an embassy

Applicants who do not qualify for a Burma Tourist Visa can obtain it at a Myanmarese embassy in the following steps. They include:

  1. Contact the Embassy or Consulate of Myanmar in your country of origin or residence
  2. Find out the requirements for the visa
  3. Book an appointment with the embassy
  4. Gather your documents for a Burma Tourist Visa
  5. Submit your documents to the embassy in person or by mail if applicable
  6. Wait for the processing
  7. Receive your visa from the embassy

Myanmar Tourist eVisa

Myanmar Tourist Visa is an online visa for some countries to visit the country for tourism. It allows them to process their entry permit online. However, they must meet some requirements.

The online tourist visa is valid for 28 days. Moreover, you can apply for it within 30 minutes and get your permit in the next three to five days.

Eligible countries for Myanmar Tourist eVisa

Citizens of the following countries qualify for an Online Myanmar Tourist Visa. They include:

Albania Algeria Argentina Australia Austria
Bangladesh Belarus Belgium Bhutan Bolivia
Bosnia Brazil Brunei Bulgaria Cambodia
Cameroon Canada Chile China Colombia
Costa Rica Côte d’Ivoire Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic
Denmark Ecuador Egypt Eritrea Estonia
Fiji Finland France Georgia Germany
Ghana Greece Guatemala Guinea Hungary
Iceland India Indonesia Ireland Israel
Italy Jamaica Japan Jordan Kazakhstan
Kenya Kuwait Kyrgyzstan Laos Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg Malaysia Maldive Malta
Mauritius Mexico Monaco Mongolia Morocco
Nepal Netherlands New Zeland North Korea Norway
Pakistan Panama Peru Philippines Poland
Portugal Qatar Romania Russia Saudi Arabia
Serbia Singapore Slovakia Slovenia South Africa
South Korea Spain Sri Lanka Sweden Switzerland
Thailand Turkey Uganda Ukraine United Kingdom
United States of America Uruguay Uzbekistan Venezuela Vietnam

Requirements for a Myanmar evisa

You will need the following documents while applying for an online Myanmar tourist visa. They include:

  • Passport
  • Passport-size photo
  • Email
  • Debit or credit card

However, you must provide other requirements for a Burma Tourist visa. See the list above.

Ports of entry for Tourist eVisa

Applicants for a Myanmar Tourist eVisa must enter the country through the following international borders. They include:

  • Mandalay International Airport
  • Nay Pyi Taw International Airport
  • Yangon International Airport
  • Kawthaung Land Border Checkpoint with Thailand
  • Myawaddy Land Border Checkpoint with Thailand
  • Tachileik Land Border Checkpoint with Thailand
  • Rihkhawdar Land Border Checkpoint with India
  • Tamu Land Border Checkpoint with India

Steps to apply for an online Burma Tourist Visa

You can follow the steps below to apply for a Myanmar Tourist Visa online. They include:

  1. Fill out the tourist visa application form online
  2. Pay the tourist eVisa fees online
  3. Submit your application for review
  4. Wait for a response from the Myanmarese authorities

Myanmar Tourist Visa on arrival

Nationals of some countries can get a visa on arrival in Myanmar for tourist purposes. Thus, they do not need to visit an embassy before travelling to the country. You can stay in the country for 30 days if you qualify for a permit on arrival.

Eligible countries for a Myanmar Tourist Visa on arrival

The following countries qualify for a tourist visa upon arrival at an international airport in Myanmar. They include:

  • Australia
  • China
  • Germany
  • India
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Spain
  • Switzerland

Conditions for Myanmar Tourist Visa on arrival

Applicants for a visa to Myanmar for tourism must meet the following conditions. They include:

  1. Your passport must have at least six months of validity.
  2. You must provide all the necessary documents.
  3. You will not plan to stay longer than 30 days in Myanmar.

Eligible airports for Burma Tourist Visa on arrival

All entry into Myanmar for a visa on arrival must be through the following airports. They include:

  • Yangon International Airport
  • Mandalay International Airport
  • Nay Pyi Taw International Airport

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I apply for Burma Tourist Visa?

The place to apply for a Burma Tourist Visa depends on your nationality and country of residence at present. For instance, you can apply for your entry permit at a Myanmarese embassy in your country of origin or residence, online or on arrival at an international airport in Myanmar.

However, you must check at the embassy to know whether you qualify for an online permit or visa on arrival.

What is the duration of a tourist visa in Myanmar?

The validity of your visa to stay in Myanmar for tourism depends on the type of visa. If you apply for an entry permit at an embassy or online, you can stay in the country for 28 days. On the other hand, applicants for entry visas on arrival can visit Myanmar for 30 days.

Can you extend your Burma Tourist Visa?

You cannot extend a tourist visa in Burma. Therefore, you must show proof of your intention to return to your country once your permit expires. Otherwise, you will not obtain a tourist visa to visit Burma.

What is the processing fee of a Burma Tourist Visa?

The application fee for a Burma Tourist Visa depends on where you apply for your entry permit. Thus, you will expect to pay the following visa fees. They include:

  • Myanmar Tourist Visa On Arrival: 50 USD
  • Myanmar Tourist Visa at an embassy: USD 20
  • Myanmar Tourist eVisa: USD 50

What is the processing time for Myanmar Tourist Visa?

The processing time for a visa to visit Myanmar for tourism depends on many factors, including where you are applying from, your nationality, the number of applications at the time and whether your documents are complete.

However, you can get your visa in a few days, depending on the type of tourist visa you need.

  • Visa on arrival: 30 minutes to one hour
  • Application at an embassy: two weeks
  • Online visa: five days

Is Myanmar a safe place to visit?

Myanmar is not the safest place for visitors, with many political crises averaging the country. Thus, many countries put the nation in the red zone area. Therefore, they warn their citizens to avoid visiting the country,

However, you can visit Myanmar for tourism to see some of the beauties and nature reserves in the country.


In conclusion, due to the political situation in Myanmar, many countries place it in the red none area. Thus, it is unsafe for their citizens to enter the country. For this reason, it does not attract as enough visitors as it should. You can still visit the country, but you must be alert to avoid being a victim of the political crisis in Myanmar.

Thus, to apply for a Myanmar Tourist Visa, you can use the guidelines in this article. It contains all the information you need when visiting Myanmar for tourism.

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