Nepal Visa Requirements – Application, Fees and Requirements

Do you plan to visit Nepal soon and wish to know what it takes to obtain a Nepal visa? If you are not an Indian citizen, you must meet Nepal visa requirements for entry into the country for any purpose whatsoever. You can apply for a Nepalese visa on arrival or a diplomatic mission in your home country.

Most persons applying for a Nepal visa must contact a Nepalese embassy or consulate in their country of origin. Nepal has visas for many foreign nationals, namely tourists, businesspersons, workers, international students, travelers, press representatives, family members of Nepalese citizens, etc. Nepal is a South Asian country with a total area of 147,516 square kilometers and a population of about 30 million. Despite being among the least developed countries in the world, Nepal remains a popular tourist destination because of its spectacular scenery, ancient culture, and numerous attractions.

This blog post will walk you through Nepal visa requirements for citizens of the US, India, Bangladesh, Australia, Pakistan, and other citizens.

Which Nationals should get a Visa before Traveling to Nepal?

As a national of one of these countries, you must obtain an appropriate Nepal visa before leaving your country of residence.

  • Ethiopia
  • Somalia
  • Cameroon
  • Zimbabwe
  • Iraq
  • Palestine
  • Nigeria
  • Afghanistan
  • Syria
  • Ghana
  • Liberia
  • Eswatini

On the contrary, citizens of countries exempt from the above list can apply for a Nepal visa on arrival at numerous ports of entry.

Nepal Visa Types

There are a few visa types for entry into Nepal, as follows.

#1. Nepal Visa on Arrival (VOA)

This type of visa is ideal for foreigners who desire entry into Nepal for tourism purposes. Without a doubt, the visa is obtainable at any of the ports of entry in Nepal.

#2. Nepal Transit Visa

This type of visa is valid for 24 hours to permit travelers to transit through Nepal to another country. All foreign nationals must fulfill Nepal visa requirements before passing through the country to their destination.

#3. Nepal Tourist Visa

With this type of visa, you can travel to Nepal specifically to have fun.

#4. Nepal Study Visa

By applying for Nepal Study Visa, international students can enter the country to further their studies in a Nepalese educational institution.

#5. Nepal Business Visa

A valid business visa allows a foreign investor or businessperson to enter Nepal for commercial-related purposes.

#6. Nepal Work Visa

A valid Nepal Work Visa authorizes a foreigner to enter the country for employment purposes.

#7. Nepal Relationship Visa

This visa type allows Nepalese nationals’ family members to enter the country.

#8. Nepal Press Visa

This visa is best for press representatives and journalists visiting Nepal to carry out their official duties.

Nepal Visa Requirements

This section covers the requirements for each type of Nepal visa aforementioned.

#1. Nepal Visa on Arrival Requirements

Before leaving your home country to apply for a Nepal Visa on Arrival, you must hold all the following documents.

  • Hardcopy of a filled-out and signed Nepal visa application form
  • A valid passport, which the Nepalese consular officer expects to have no less than two unused pages for new visas. Besides, its remaining validity period must be up to six months.
  • Copies of your passport’s data page
  • A 1.5” x 1.5” photograph of yourself taken recently against a white background
  • A valid round-trip travel ticket to Nepal
  • Proof of sustainability, such as your account statements for the previous three months
  • Evidence of accommodation paid in advance for Nepal (can be a hotel room or rental apartment)
  • Receipt for Nepal visa fee

#2. Nepal Transit Visa Requirements

Without any of these documents, you are ineligible to get a transit visa for Nepal.

  • A filled-out Nepal Transit Visa application form
  • Duplicates of the pages on your passport, together with a photocopy of its latest visa page
  • Travel ticket to your destination country
  • Nepal Transit Visa fee receipt of $5

#3. Nepal Tourist Visa Requirements

The following is a list of the required documents for Nepal Tourist Visa applications.

  • A filled-out and signed Nepal Tourist Visa application form
  • Your original passport should possess a minimum of two leftover pages and a validity period of up to six months, at least
  • Duplicate copies of your passport’s data page
  • A recent photo with a size of 1.5” x 1.5” (white background)
  • Evidence of prepaid accommodation in Nepal
  • Account statements issued by your bank for the last three months
  • A valid return travel ticket for Nepal
  • Evidence of Nepal visa fee payment

#4. Nepal Study Visa Requirements

Here is a list of the documents required for Nepal Study Visa applications.

  • The printed version of a filled-out Nepal Study Visa application form
  • Duplicate copies of your passport’s pages
  • A recommendation letter issued by the Nepalese Ministry of Education
  • The original copy of an acceptance letter issued by a Nepalese educational institution
  • Copies of your birth certificates and/or marriage certificate (required as applicable to foreign nationals applying together with their dependents)
  • Copy of a valid Nepal visa
  • Your account statements for the past few weeks
  • Receipt for Nepal Study Visa fee, which ranges from $30 to $50 monthly
  • A letter of appointment or an offer letter from a Nepal-based educational institution, as well as a General Agreement involving a Nepalese school and an institution in your home country (applicable to researchers)

#5. Nepal Business Visa Requirements

Make sure you have the following documents ahead of applying for a business visa to Nepal.

  • A filled-out Nepal Business Visa application form
  • Duplicate copies of your passport pages, along with a copy of your latest visa page
  • A copy of a valid visa for Nepal
  • Your biographic data
  • A recommendation and Letter of Foreign Investment Acceptance from the Nepalese Department of Industry. Remember that you can also procure a proposal from any other relevant department of the Government of Nepal.
  • A copy of the company’s certificate of registration
  • One copy of your Permanent Account Number or Value-Added Tax certificate
  • The business progress report issued by the Department of Industry
  • One copy of the shares certificate
  • Evidence for Nepal Business Visa fee payment is indicated below.

a. For foreign investments of over 100 million NPR: Business visa application is free

b. Foreign investments of 10+ million NPR: $20 monthly, $200 yearly, or $500 for five years

c. For foreign investments below 10 million NPR: $35 every month, $400 annually, or $1,000 for five years

#6. Nepal Work Visa Requirements

While applying for Nepal Work Visa, you will need to send the following documents to the Department of Immigration in Kathmandu, Nepal.

  • A filled-out Nepal Work Visa application form
  • Duplicate copies of a valid passport
  • A copy of a Nepalese visa
  • A valid employment contract
  • Work agreement issued by the Ministry of Home Affairs in Nepal
  • A valid work permit, obtained from the Nepalese Department of Labor and Occupational Safety
  • A recommendation letter issued by an appropriate department or ministry of the Government of Nepal
  • A tax clearance of your employer’s company
  • Receipt for Nepal Work Visa fee payment of $75 monthly

#7. Nepal Relationship Visa

Here are the documents required for Nepal Relationship Visa applications.

  • A filled-out Nepal Relationship Visa application form
  • Duplicates of all pages on your passport
  • One copy of your valid Nepalese visa
  • Proof of relationship (both original and photocopy)
  • Original and duplicates of your family member’s citizenship certificate
  • Receipt for Nepal Relationship Visa fee payment of $10 every month

#8. Nepal Press Visa Requirements

Here is a list of the documents needed to apply for a press visa at the Nepalese Department of Immigration.

  • A filled-out Nepal Press Visa application form
  • Duplicates of your passport pages
  • One copy of your Nepalese visa (must be valid)
  • An ID card of the press council in Nepal
  • A recommendation letter issued by the Nepalese Department of Information and Broadcasting
  • Evidence for Nepal Press Visa fee payment of $15 monthly

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who can enter Nepal without a visa?

Indian citizens can travel visa-free to Nepal. This means that Indians do not need a visa to enter Nepal legally.

Can I get a Nepal visa online?

You can only complete the application form for a Nepalese visa over the internet. The reason is that the Government of Nepal does not grant eVisa for any purpose.

What do you need for your Nepal visa application?

To apply for any Nepal visa, you must have a valid passport, proof of funds, a passport-sized photo of you, visa fee receipt, among other documents depending on your reason for visiting the country.

How hard is it to get a visa for Nepal?

Getting a visa for Nepal is not tricky, and its processing is swift. But, of course, you must submit several documents to prove meeting the requirements.

How long does a Nepal visa take to get?

It often takes no more than 24 hours (working days) to receive any visa for Nepal.


Summarily, Nepal visa requirements are not difficult to satisfy at all, and you may even obtain the visa on arrival without any prior application.

Most importantly, ensure you have the necessary visa or documents to apply for a visa on arrival to avoid denial at the port of entry.

Thanks for reading!

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