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Netherlands Au Pair Visa: Requirements, Application, and Validity

Are you looking forward to experiencing life in the Netherlands while also gaining work experience? If yes, then the Netherlands Au Pair visa is a sure way to help you achieve this.

The Netherlands Au Pair Visa is a visa that allows young people from other countries to come to the Netherlands to work as au pairs. It is an opportunity for young people between the ages of 18 and 26 to enjoy the life the Netherlands offers while gaining sustainable work experience.

So, in this article, we will talk about the validity, eligible criteria, requirements, and how to apply for the Netherlands Au Pair Visa. Stay with us!

Netherlands Au Pair Visa

The Netherlands Au Pair is a program where young people from all over the world come to the Netherlands to live with a host family. Then, they will help take care of their children and do some house chores.

This visa allows you to stay in the Netherlands for up to 12 months and work up to 25 hours per week. It is a great way to learn about a new culture and experience childcare and home caring.

Eligibility criteria for Netherlands Au Pair Visa

Without a doubt, Netherland is a Schengen country. Therefore, as a citizen of the Schengen member states, you don’t need a visa as Au Pair. You will only have to apply for a residence permit at a suitable authority in the Netherlands as an au pair.

However, suppose your country is not a Schengen. In that case, you have to obtain the Netherlands Au Pair Visa to enable you to carry out all your activities in the Netherlands without disturbance. However, you must be mature and fit for this exercise (not younger than 18 or older than 26).

Requirement for the Netherlands Au Pair Visa

Preparing for the Netherlands Au Pair Visa entails visiting the appropriate agent for support because you cannot apply by yourself. So, here are the requirements you need for obtaining the visa.

#1. International passport

Since the Netherlands Au Pair Visa is valid for 12 months, your passport must be valid throughout your stay.

#2. Agency

As it has been said earlier, you cannot apply for the Netherlands Au Pair Visa on your own. Hence, it would help to meet with an agent that has authorization from the immigration and naturalization service.

After necessary arrangements, the agency will start a proper residence procedure for a VVR (Residence Permit Regular). In some cases, you will prepare for MMV (Temporary Residence Permit) to ensure that you get to your dream country.

#3. Contract

Also, you need to submit an official contract given by a designated agency signed by you and the Host family. Note that this contract does not enforce that you will pay money or a fine if you do not accomplish everything you need to in the contract.

#4. Appointment

Without a doubt, you have to search for an appointment with the Dutch embassy or consulate in your country to present documents and other proper registration.

#5. Health insurance

Obtaining health insurance is not negotiable for the Netherlands Au Pair Visa. However, in some cases, you can get insurance in the Netherlands within the first four months of your arrival.

Other requirements for the Netherlands Au Pair Visa

In addition to the requirements given above, here are some other requirements you need to fulfill to obtain the Netherlands Au Pair Visa.

  • You must be between the ages of 18 and 26.
  • The family you want to stay in the Netherlands with must consist of two people (at least).
  • Also, your host family must have enough income for a minimum of 12 months, with evidence of substantial income.
  • And yes, you must not have worked for your host family before the application.
  • You are physically fit to perform household chores for less than 8 hours and 30 hours a week.
  • The host family provides your feeding, pocket money, and accommodation.
  • Likewise, it would help to have a detailed work schedule with your host. This may include the number of times you will have to work in a week, the day you choose for your off, and who will be performing household duties.
  • While preparing for your registration, intermediary cost, and other fees, you are not to pay more than €34.
  • Your job description does not include taking care of people with special needs or performing other jobs that require special skills.

Importantly, you are not to sign a contract with an agency intermediary agency or host family that obligates you to pay money if you disagree with the contract.

How to apply for the Netherlands Au Pair Visa

Applying for the Netherlands Au Pair Visa is relatively straightforward. However, you will have to pay careful attention to the application process for this visa. So, learn how to obtain the visa in the eight steps given below:

Step one: Find a host family

First and foremost, you should be looking for a host family ready and willing to accommodate you. Then, you can register at the AuPairWorld to look for the family that matches your preference.

Step two: Prepare your documents

It is no longer news that having a valid passport and preparing documents is crucial for a successful visa application. So, as an au pair, accurate preparation is essential for a successful transition to the Netherlands.

Step 3: The host family selects a recognized au pair agency in the Netherlands

Without a doubt, the host family you plan to meet in the Netherlands must be registered with an au pair. On another note, if your host does not have the proper recognition from an agency working with the IND (Dutch Immigration Office), you may not be given the visa.

However, with appropriate registration, the agency will help you and your host family throughout your stay in the Netherlands.

Step 4: The agency starts an Entry and Residence (TEV) Procedure

Afterward, the au pair agency will begin a TEV procedure known as the Entry and Residence Procedure. The process comprises an application for VVR (Residence Permit Regular) and/or MVV (Temporary Residence Permit).

It is noteworthy that if you are from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Monaco, Vatican City, and South Korea, you don’t need to apply for an MMV. You only need a VVR.

Step five: Collect your visa (MVV) and resident permit (VVR)

Upon approval of the application, you will be contacted by the Dutch embassy or consulate in your home country to come for the Netherlands Au Pair Visa. Once you arrive in the Netherlands, you can proceed to obtain a residence permit from the immigration and naturalization office.

Step six: Register with the local town council

Once you arrive in the Netherlands, your host will arrange a day where you will have to visit the local town council to register on the personal record database. For this registration process, you will need the following documents:

  • Birth certificate (an officially translated topic).
  • Your residence permit.
  • As well as your valid international passport.

Step 7: Medical examination

Going for a medical examination within three months of arriving in the Netherlands is undoubtedly important. You will be examined for tuberculosis and other infectious diseases. However, citizens from Canada, Monaco, Australia, Japan, Israel, Surinam, New Zealand, the USA, and Vatican City does not have to undergo this examination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a nanny to the Netherlands?

Yes, you can bring a nanny to the Netherlands. However, you will need to provide documentation that she is qualified to work as a nanny in the Netherlands. You may also need to provide a work permit for her.

How can I stay in the Netherlands as au pair?

If you would like to stay in the Netherlands after your au pair placement, you can do a few things. One option is to find a job in the Netherlands. You can search for jobs on websites like or Another option is to study at a Dutch university. There are many universities in the Netherlands that offer English-language programs. Finally, you could also try to get a permanent visa to stay in the Netherlands.

Who can apply for Au pair?

Anyone at least 18 years old can apply to become an au pair. You must be able to provide a valid passport and be eligible to work in the United States.

Is it easy to get a work permit in the Netherlands?

Yes, getting a work permit in the Netherlands is relatively easy. The main requirement is that you have a job offer from a Dutch company. You will also need to meet specific eligibility requirements, such as having a valid passport.

Do au pairs pay for their flight?

Yes, au pairs do pay for their flight to the Netherlands. The program coordinators at the placement agency work with the au pairs to find the best flight deals. Also, it will help them with the visa application process.


The Netherlands Au Pair Visa is a specialized visa type that seeks suitable young people with a passion for working and living in the Netherlands. By living with a family in the Netherlands, you will learn about the country’s culture, history, and way of life. The procedure requirements and application to successfully achieve this have been provided above.

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