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Netherlands Business Visa – Eligibility, Documentation and Fees

Are you planning for a business trip to the Netherlands? You will probably need a Netherlands Business Visa. But the question is, do you have what it takes to apply? Do you know the steps to apply? And do you know the fees to pay?

In fact, the answer to these questions is contained in this article. So, please read our guidelines and get your visa in less than 15 days.

This article will give you the information you need when applying for a visa to the Netherlands for business-related purposes. The requirements, application fee, validity, and many more.

What is a Netherlands Business Visa?

The Netherlands Business Visa allows its holder to visit the Netherlands or other Schengen areas for business. The visitors can thus, stay in the country for up to 90 days in six months.

Eligibility for Netherlands Business Visa

Nationals of the Schengen nations do not need a visa to visit the Netherlands for any short visit. This also includes a business visit. In addition, holders of a Schengen visa can also enter the country visa-free.

On the contrary, nationals of countries outside the Schengen areas will need a visa, mainly if they do not have a bilateral agreement with the Netherlands. In addition, however, they must meet the requirements for a business visa.

Therefore, you must visit the Dutch embassy in your country to know if you need a Netherlands Business Visa.

Exemptions from a Netherlands Business Visa

The following group of persons is exempt from a Netherlands Business Visa. They include:

  • children under six years
  • if you are a family member of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland

Types of Netherlands Business Visa

The Netherlands Business Visa are of three types based on the number of entries. They include:

#1. Single-entry visa

Holders of a single-entry visa can enter the Netherlands only once within six months. Nevertheless, they can stay in the country for 90 days. But, once they leave the country, they cannot go back. So, must complete their task before leaving the country.

#2. Double-entry visa

With this type of visa, you can enter the Netherlands twice for 90 days within six months. After that, the number of days you spend in the Netherlands is added up. So, once you stay 90 days, you must leave the country.

#3. Multiple-entry visa

Holders of a multiple-entry visa can enter the Netherlands multiple times. Nevertheless, they must spend more than 90 days within six months.

Requirements for Netherlands Business Visa

You will need the following documents while applying for a business visa to the Netherlands. They include:

#1. A valid passport

A valid passport is one of the most important documents for a Netherlands Business Visa. The passport must contain the personal details page as well as two blank pages. You can as well come along with your previous passports.

#2. Application form

Another important document is an application filled in with the correct information. In the application, you must provide the following information. They include:

  • your name
  • place pf birth
  • the purpose of travel
  • the duration of your travel

#3. Photos

You will also need two photos of the same size and color. In addition, they must also meet the Schengen Visa photo specifications.

#4. Previous visas

If you have any previous visas, especially from a Schengen nation, you must add them to your documents.

#5. Travel plan document

This can be in the form of a flight ticket. Nonetheless, a flight reservation can serve if you don’t have an actual flight ticket.

#6. Proof of accommodation

Another compulsory Netherlands Business Visa requirement is evidence of accommodation. It can be a hotel reservation, a letter from your host, or other evidence.

#7. Proof of sufficient financial means

You must have at least €34 per day for your stay in the Netherlands. This will prove that you can sustain your stay in the country.

#8. Schengen travel insurance

It would help if you also had Schengen travel insurance. This will cover all your travel insurance in any Schengen country you visit.

#9. Criminal certificate

You also need a police clearance certificate. This will work as evidence that you have a clean criminal record. Thus, you are eligible to enter the Netherlands.

#10. Document to prove you are returning back

In addition, you must provide proof of your intention to return. This can be a return ticket, proof of employment, or a business you do in your country.

#11. Letter of invitation

You must present an invitation letter from a company or business associate. It can also be an invitation to a conference, fair, or exhibition.

#12. Receipt of payment for Netherlands Business Visa

Most importantly, you must show evidence of payment for your business visa. Otherwise, you may not obtain your visa.

Steps to obtain a Netherlands Business Visa

You need the following steps to apply for a business visa to the Netherlands. They include:

Step 1. Check if you need to apply for a business visa to the Netherlands

Generally, the first step to ally any visa is to check if you need it. Therefore, you must inquire if you need a Netherlands Business Visa.

Step 2. Find out where to submit the application

Secondly, you must find the Dutch embassy’s location in your country. All visas are submitted to the embassy. So, it is better you know the location on time. Suppose there is no Dutch embassy in your country. Then, it would be best to find out the Schengen embassy in charge of Netherlands visas in your country.

Step 3. Fill out an application form for the Netherlands Business Visa

The next step is to fill out an application form. In the form. You need to provide certain information. Make that the information you provide is sure and true. You must provide the following information:

  • your name
  • nationality
  • the purpose of travel
  • the duration of travel

Step 4. Book the appointment

Before visiting the embassy, you must book an appointment with them. Without an appointment, the embassy won’t attend to you. Therefore, you must contact them in time.

Step 5. Gather your documents for Netherlands Business Visa

It is time to gather all the documents you need. While gathering your documents, you can go through the document checklist above many times. Besides, you can contact the embassy to know if you need any additional documents. This, however, will depend on your situation.

Step 6. Attend the interview

Once you have gathered all the documents, you can prepare for your visa interview. First, make sure that you attend the interview on time. Then, prepare to answer the questions according to what you provide in the application. You will not be issued a Netherlands Business Visa if you have any contrary answer.

Step 7. Pay the visa fees

The next step is to pay your visa fees. The application fee is usually 80 euros. Without this fee, you cannot obtain a visa. Therefore, you must pay the visa fee on time.

#8. Wait for processing

Once you have paid your visa fee, you can wait for the Dutch embassy in your country to decide. Once the decision is made, you will get a notification from the embassy about your visa application.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the processing time for a Netherlands Business Visa?

It takes 15 to 30 days to procs your business visa to the Netherlands. However, due o certain situations, it can take longer than necessary. Nevertheless, you don’t have to worry about the time. Once your documents are complete, you will get your visa.

What is the best time to apply for a visa to the Netherlands?

It depends on you to know when you want to apply. But applying as early as 30 days before your trip is better. You can as well apply 15 days before the date of your travel.

What is Orange Carpet Visa Facility?

The Orange Carpet Visa Facility is a visa program for foreigners who visit the Netherlands regularly for business. Thus, the aim is for them to get business visas quickly. However, it is usually used by companies.

Moreover, it is not accessible to applicants from all countries. Therefore, you must inquire from your country’s Dutch embassy or consulate.

What are the benefits of the Orange Carpet Visa Facility?

Applicants of the Orange Carpet Visa Facility have the following advantages. They include:

  1. fewer documents are needed.
  2. Visas are issued quickly.
  3. It is usually for multiple entries.
  4. It is valid for a more extended period.
  5. No visa appointment is necessary.
  6. You must not always apply in person.

How long is a Netherlands Business Visa valid?

It is valid for six months. However, you can only stay and live in the Netherland for only 90 days. Whether it is a single-entry, double-entry, or multiple-entry visa does not matter.


In a nutshell, getting a business visa to the Netherlands may not be an easy process. Nevertheless, it will be less complicated if you have all the documents and follow the steps above. Moreover, you can always come back o this article if you are confused along the line. We wish you good luck. Welkom in Nederland!

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