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Netherlands DAFT Visa – Requirements, Validity and Fees

There are different ways for Us citizens to immigrate to the Netherlands. But the easiest way is through Netherlands DAFT Visa. This is a special visa for Americans to move to the Netherlands. But do you have what it takes to qualify for this unique program? Find out in this article.

In 1956, the US and Dutch law had a treaty known as the Dutch American Friendship Treaty. According to this treaty, US citizens can travel to the Netherlands for employment. Or to set up a business. Thus, you can join many Americans in the Netherlands using this treaty.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn more about this program: the requirements, application process, validity, processing time and fee, and many more.

Netherlands DAFT Visa

Otherwise known as the Netherlands-American Friendship Treaty, Netherlands DAFT Visa is a special visa for American investors and businessmen. It allows them to obtain a temporary residence permit. However, the applicant must be willing to invest up to at least €4,500 in the Netherlands.

Eligibility for Netherlands DAFT Visa

To be eligible for the Netherlands DAFT Visa, all applicants must be Americans. Besides, they must be investors who want to invest a minimum of €4,500 in the country.

Other eligibility criteria include:

  1. specialization in your field
  2. having personal experience in your field
  3. good business plan

Requirements for Netherlands DAFT Visa

The requirements for a DAFT visa differ from those for other Netherlands visas. Therefore, you must be careful while applying for this particular visa. The following are the documents you need. They include:

#1. Passport

It would help if you had a US passport to apply for this visa. The visa must contain all your previous visa stamps. Otherwise, it will be invalid.

#2. Netherlands DAFT Visa application form

The next document is the application form. For the Application form, visit the Dutch Immigration Service website. In the form, you have to fill in your correct details. Plus, provide the reasons for your travel as well as the duration of your stay in the country.

#3. Proof of investment in the Netherlands

You need to show evidence of your investment. This can come in the form of a bank statement or any official document to show that you have submitted the money for the investment.

#4. Receipt of payment for Dutch PIN card

You need a Dutch PIN card to become a resident of the Netherlands. Therefore, you must show that you have obtained one. And you can do this by providing the receipt of payment.

#5. BSN number

You must acquire a BSN number during your first appointment with the INS. It would help if you had it before you could proceed with the Netherlands DAFT Visa application. Without it, you cannot obtain your visa.

Basic information about Netherlands DAFT Visa

In addition to the documents, you need the following information while applying for your DAFT VIsa. Therefore, you must have them at the back of your mind every time. They include:

Netherlands DAFT Visa validity

The Netherlands DAFT Visa is almost like a residence permit in the Netherlands. So, it has a validity period than other visas in the Netherlands. For example, while Netherlands Short-Stay visas have a validity of 6 months, the DAFT visa has a validity of two years.

Processing time for Netherlands DAFT Visa

There is no uniform processing time for this visa. Nonetheless, you can expect to get an answer after four months. Meanwhile, to be on the safer side, you can ask for the processing time from the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Processing fees for a DAFT visa

You must pay the following fees for your Netherlands DAFT Visa. They include:

  • Investments in the Dutch economy: Minimum of €4,500
  • DAFT visa application fee: €1,446
  • StartUp Residence Permit fee: €387
  • Monthly Financial Requirement: Minimum of €1,200

Application process for the Netherlands DAFT Visa

Once you have made your inquiries and you qualify for the DAFT Visa, the next thing is to apply. However, it is not as easy as you may think. Therefore, you need to follow an expert guide during the application process. Thus, we have provided the easiest steps to follow. And they include:

Step 1. Schedule an Appointment With the IND

The first step is to book an appointment with the Immigration and Naturalization Service. From this, you will know when to submit your application. Always be in time for all your appointments. Otherwise, you may not obtain your visa. Secondly, ask them for your BSN number.

Since you can stay in the Netherlands for 90 days without a visa, you can use this as an opportunity. So, you can travel to the country without a visa and book an appointment with the INS.

Step 2. Collect all the Required Documents for a DAFT Visa

Secondly, you must gather all your documents. Make sure that the documents are complete. Or else you may not obtain your DAFT Visa.

Step 3. Submit Your Application

You have already booked a time for your visa submission. Once it is time, you must submit the application in person to the INS.

Step 4. After Your Temporary Visa is Approved

The next thing is to obtain your Temporary visa. Once you do this, you have to do the following before you can obtain your Netherlands DAFT Visa. They include:

  1. Register at the town’s Dutch municipality (Gemeente): You must do this within five days of arriving in the Netherlands. Then, make sure you get your citizen service number.
  2. Register at DigiD: You have to register at DigiD, online registration for tax payment in Dutch land.
  3. Register your business: Thereafter, you must also register your business. This time with the Dutch Business Registry.
  4. Register at the KVK: KVK simply means Kamer van Koophandel. It is the equivalence of the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. However, you must pay a fee of €65 to register this time.
  5. Open a Dutch bank account: You must also open a new cooperative bank account with a Dutch bank.
  6. Submit some documents: In addition, you must also submit the following documents. They include a bank statement, your driver’s license, professional license, and proof of payment for a Netherlands DAFT Visa.

Step 5. Obtain Your DAFT Visa

Once you finish the process above, you can submit proof of registration. Then, you will wait for the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service to issue your visa. This will guarantee a stay in the country for at least two years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Must I know how to speak Dutch before I can apply for a DAFT visa?

No, you must not speak Dutch to apply for a Netherlands DAFT Visa. You will only need proof of proficiency in Dutch if you want to apply for Netherlands permanent residence. However, you must live in the Netherlands for up to five years.

What should I do if my DAFT Visa application is rejected?

Your application can be rejected for many reasons. However, if you think the rejection is not necessary, you can send an appeal. So, you can apply for a review of the application. But you have to wait for four weeks. First, you must send the missing documents or your argument that the rejection must be accepted.

You can ask the Alien Court to help you if your appeal is also rejected.

How many years do you have to live in the Netherlands to become a citizen?

To obtain permanent residence in the Netherlands, you must live in the country for up to five years. In addition, you must also meet the requirements to obtain it.

Where can I apply for a Netherlands DAFT Visa?

You must visit the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) for your application for the Netherlands DAFT Visa. This is the only body in charge of issuing visas in the Netherlands.

What is a blue card in the Netherlands?

This is a special permit for highly skilled workers. Thus, it allows them to live and work in the Netherlands. Thus, if you have a special skill, you can check to know if your profession is in demand in the country. Then, Tenn, you can apply for a Netherlands Blue Card.

What is a Type D visa in the Netherlands?

The Type D visa in the Netherlands allows its holders to enter the country for 90 days. During this period, they can collect their permanent residence. However, if they are not able to get their permanent residence permit before 90 days, they can apply for a new one.


In conclusion, it is not always easy to get a Netherlands DAFT Visa, just like other types of visas in the Netherlands. However, it will become much easier if you do the right thing and meet the requirements.

For this reason, you must follow the steps provided in this article. In addition, you must contact the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service to get any information you need. Or you can always visit this post to clarify your confusion.

Once you do this, your DAFT Visa to the Netherlands is assured. And your next destination to start your business is the Netherlands.

Welkom in Nederland!

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