New Brunswick Restricts Inter-Provincial Migration Due To COVID-19

The New Brunswick province is restricting inter-provincial migration in a move targeted at helping the fight against coronavirus.

Provincial ‘peace officers’ have been authorized to turn away visitors trying to enter the province from Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and Nova Scotia. All unnecessary travels into New Brunswick province is prohibited in a move aimed at containing the spread of COVID-19.

Premier Blaine Higgs declared: “We must do all we can to prevent and reduce the spread of coronavirus in New Brunswick.

“We are carrying out screenings at interprovincial borders. Regardless of where you are, we advise you to avoid any non-essential travel.”

All travellers coming to the province from the three neighbouring provinces will, like other international travellers, be required to self-isolate for fourteen (14) days after arrival.

Inter-provincial migration of travellers will be stopped and asked to produce identifications. Their contact information and intended destinations will be collected, even if they are only just passing through the province.

The New brunswick says commercial traffics and essential worker will be exempted from the restrictions, “so that services are maintained and critical supplies can continue to move across provincial boundaries unhindered.”

Exemptions also include police officers, members of the military, firefighters, and paramedics.

As of March 25, the province had twenty-six (26) confirmed cases of COVID-19.

New Brunswick has declared a state of emergency over coronavirus.

The New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program said it is continuing to accept and process applications for its economic immigration programs.

A source also said that there may be delays in the processing of files due to COVID-19.

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