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New Brunswick Revamps Selection Factors For Skilled Worker Immigration Stream

The province of New Brunswick has revamped the selection factors required for the New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream.

A new application guide updated September 2019 sees some changes made to language, education, age,  work experience and job offer requirements of the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program stream (NBPNP).

The stream includes the first Eligibility criteria that should be met by applicants before they are scored on six Selection Factors.

New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream: Eligibility Criteria Changes

Important changes to the Eligibility criteria include the National Occupational Classification codes for the job offer.

The newly updated stream requires a valid full-time job offer in one of the following categories below:

  • High-skilled workers: NOC 0, A, B.
  • Semi-skilled workers: NOC C.
  • Low-skilled workers: NOC D skill type 7, 8 and 9.

The stream also requires applicants to be granted a competitive wage and to have the required license or certificate for regulated occupations.

New Brunswick Skilled Worker Class: Selection Factor Changes

Initially, candidates were required to score fifty (50) points based on a list of selection factors for the Skilled Worker Stream. The newly improved  stream requires a score of sixty (60) from a possible 100.

1) Age

The age range to qualify has been changed from twenty-two (22) to fifty (55) -years-old, to nineteen (19) to fifty (55) years old. People can score up to ten (10) points.

2) Language

New criteria establish Canadian Language Benchmark 4 in French or English as the minimum language score. Applicants can score up to twenty-eight (28) points. Previously, the maximum was fifteen (15) points.

3) Education

The minimum criteria for secondary education still stands for the stream. Initially, up to eighteen (18) points were available for education. The new stream makes up to twenty (20) points available.

4) Work Experience

New criteria state that work experience must be full time (permanently), obtained in the past five years, and in a NOC relevant to the candidate’s job offer. A person must possess a minimum of one year of experience, only in the case of international graduates, who do not require any work experience. Up to twenty (20) points are available compared to ten (10) under the old system.

5) Priority Sectors

The newly improved stream introduces new priority sectors, granting ten (10) points for job offers in:

  • Health care.
  • Transportation.
  • Manufacturing.
  • Education.
  • Business service centres.

6) Adaptability

The revamped stream also includes an updated list of adaptability factors for both the main applicants and their  common-law partner or spouse.

New adjustment also saw New Brunswick opens an online application system for the NB PNP, called the INB Portal.

The New Brunswick Skilled Worker category is one of the four streams provided by the province. The others categories are the New Brunswick Entrepreneurial Stream, the New Brunswick Express entry Stream and the New Brunswick Post-Graduate Entrepreneurial Stream. The New Brunswick province  is also part of the Atlantic Immigration Pilot program.

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