Two New Caregiver Program For Canadian Permanent Residency

The government of Canada announced that they will be starting two new caregiver program designed at allowing caregivers to immigrate into Canada with their family members.

Foreign caregivers will no longer need to leave their loved ones behind but will be pre-approved for PR in Canada, under the two new pilot streams announced by the federal government.

The Canadian government will be able to assess caregivers for PR before they are granted entry to Canada — as opposed to making them apply after two years of working in Canada — and if approved, they will be issued an occupation-specific work permit that grants them a lot of flexibilities. They will be able to change employers without needing to apply for another work permit.

After these individuals and their families arrive in Canada, they will have the opportunity to become Canadian permanent residents. The programs will be opened from March 4, 2019, to June 4, 2019.

These two new pilot programs will allow caregivers to change jobs or employer anytime they want. The current rule prevents caregiver’s family members from coming with them to Canada. But with the new programs, caregivers will be allowed to come to Canada with their loved ones and their spouse/common-law partner will be granted open work permits.

In addition, any dependent children will also be granted study permits for them to continue their education in Canada. According to the immigration Minister Ahmed Hussein, “Caregivers provide care to families in Canada that require it, and it’s time for Canada to care for them in return”.

“We are offering them with both the privilege to bring their family members here and access permanent residency to demonstrate our commitment.”

Those who apply for the new pilot programs will be assessed for PR criteria before they start working in Canada. Once they get a work permit and possess two years of work experience in Canada, they will be allowed to kick-start their application process for PR.