How To Get New Manitoba Drivers Licence

Newcomers and residents in Manitoba must need a Manitoba Drivers Licence to drive a vehicle in the province. Manitoba has different types of licenses for different vehicle types.

So, if you are planning to drive in Manitoba, then you must get a corresponding Manitoba driver’s licence for the vehicle.

However, getting a new driver’s licence in Manitoba looks quite different for everyone. Those from within Canada also have different requirements from those from outside Canada.

So, if you are planning to get a driver’s licence in Manitoba, you must meet the requirements depending on where you are migrating.  

How To Get Manitoba Drivers Licence

Getting Manitoba Drivers Licence as a new resident depends on many factors. Unlike other provinces like Alberta, if you are moving from within Canada, your requirements will differ from those outside Canada. 

Moving from within Canada

As a new resident of Manitoba from inside Canada, you can use your driving license from the province you migrated from for up to three months. 

You can also switch your plate number to that of Manitoba. However, if you have not had a driver’s licence, you will need to complete Manitoba’s Graduated Driver Licence (GDL) program. 

New residents moving from within Canada may be exempt from obtaining a Manitoba drivers license after three months if they are: 

  • A student residing in Manitoba and wants to complete full-time post-secondary studies.

Steps To Apply For Manitoba Drivers Licence

Step 1: Bring the following to apply for your licence:

  • required ID
  • your valid out-of-province driver’s licence
  • the $65 annual licence fee

We will set up your customer account, take your photo, and start your Manitoba driver’s licence application.

Step 2: Exchange your out-of-province driver’s licence for an equivalent Manitoba driver’s licence.

Moving From A Reciprocal Country

Residents from a reciprocal country to Manitoba can get an equivalent Manitoba drivers licence without taking a knowledge or road test.

Steps To Apply For Manitoba Licence As A Resident from A Reciprocal Country.

Step 1: Visit any Autopac agent or MPI Service Centre. Bring the following:

  • required ID
  • your current driver’s licence
  • the $65 annual licence fee

We will set up your customer account, take your photo, and start your Manitoba driver’s licence application.

Step 2: Exchange your driver’s licence for an equivalent Manitoba driver’s licence.

However, you will need to have your licence translated if it is not in English or French.

Reciprocal Country list

See List of Reciprocal country that has Agreement with Manitoba

The following countries have a reciprocal agreement with Manitoba. So, if you are from a country on this list, you are moving from a reciprocal country. 


Class 5

Canadian Forces Europe

Class 5 and 6

Proof of having held a valid Canadian licence within the previous four years must be provided.

Federal Republic of Germany

Class 5


Class 5

Isle of Man

Class 5 and 6

Northern Ireland

Class 5 and 6


Class 5 and 6


Class 5 and 6

Republic of South Korea

Class 5

A certificate of Driver’s Licence issued by the National Police Agency in South Korea must be provided.


Class 5 and 6


Class 5

Translation of the Taiwanese licence prepared by the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Toronto.

Verification Certificate of Driver’s Licence (VCDL), Republic of China.

United Kingdom

Class 5 and 6

United States and its territories

Class 5 and 6, Class 1-4 (if exchanged licence indicates Commercial Driver’s Licence)

American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands are included in the United States.

Moving From A Non-Reciprocal Country

Residents from a country not on the reciprocal list must complete Manitoba’s knowledge and road tests. However, for three months, you can drive with your out-of-country licence in Manitoba. 

Steps To Apply For A Manitoba Drivers Licence

Step 1: Visit any Autopac agent or MPI Service Centre. Bring the following:

  • required ID
  • your current valid driver’s licence 
  • the $10 knowledge test fee

Step 2: Visit an MPI Service Centre to take the knowledge and vision tests. 

Step 3: Exchange your driver’s licence and take the Class 5 road test.

Types of Manitoba Drivers Licence

Six Manitoba Drivers Licence types or classes are numbering from 1 to 6. The type you use depends on the type of vehicle you want to drive.

View all the Six Types of Manitoba Driver Licence

Each type of vehicle has a corresponding Manitoba Drivers Licence. Each has its requirements. Most residents prefer the Class 5 license. The Class 5 driver’s licence allows you to drive cars, light trucks, vans, and SUVs.

Class 1

Age 18

Vehicles type: 

  • Semi-trailer trucks.
  • Including all vehicles in Classes 2, 3, 4 & 5.

Class 2

Age: 18

Vehicle Type

  • Buses have a seating capacity of over 24 passengers. 
  • School buses with a seating capacity of over 36 passengers.
  • Including all vehicles in classes 3, 4 & 5.

Class 3

Age: 18

Vehicle type: 

  • A truck with more than two axles.
  • A combination of vehicles that includes a truck with more than two axles 
  • Combination of vehicles consisting of a truck with two axles or a Class 5 passenger vehicle and a towed vehicle with a registered gross vehicle weight of more than 4,540 kg.
  • Including all vehicles in Classes 4 & 5.

Class 4

Age: 18

Vehicle type: 

  • Ambulances and other emergency vehicles.
  • Buses with a seating capacity of 10 and 24 passengers 
  • School buses with a seating capacity of 10 and 36 passengers 
  • Including all vehicles in Class 5.

Class 5

Age: 16 or 15 ½ if enrolled in MPI’s Driver Z 

Type of Vehicle

  • A passenger car (other than Class 4 vehicles).
  • A bus while not carrying passengers.
  • Truck with two axles.

Class 6

Age: 16

Vehicle type

  • Motorcycles.
  • Air Brake Endorsement

Manitoba Drivers License Test

New residents in Manitoba that have not had a license will need to take Manitoba’s Graduated Driver License (GDL) program.

Firstly, you will need to visit an Autopac and register for MPI. Then, you will do a documentation providing: 

  • your name,
  • birth date
  • signature
  • photograph
  • address
  • right to reside in Canada.  

The license test allows you to get a learner’s permit. The license test covers both the knowledge test and the vision test. After getting your learner’s permit, you will then book a road test to obtain your graduated driver’s license or GDL.

With the learner’s permit, you must be accompanied by a licensed driver. The aim is for you to master your skills in an environment that is controlled and supervised.

However, you will restrict the number of passengers you can have in the vehicle and towing capabilities. You will also have zero tolerance for any alcohol in your bloodstream.

Manitoba Drivers Licence Road Test

You can take your road test after nine months of getting your learner’s permit. You will do this after completing the GDL program as well as other driver’s training courses you have enrolled in.

This road test must be between you and your examiner. During the road test, you will be required to complete maneuvers including: 

  • starting and stopping the vehicle
  • lane changes, 
  • parallel parking.

Intermediate Drivers License

You will get an intermediate license for 15 months if you pass your road test. This will add additional freedoms to the learner’s permit. However, you will still have some restrictions, including:

  • Driving without alcohol 
  • Driving from midnight to 5 a.m. 
  • You can only have one passenger unless a supervising driver is present.

Finally, after 15 months of driving with the intermediate license, you will get your full license. With your full licence, you will be permitted to drive in Manitoba with minimal restrictions.

Cost of Manitoba Drivers Licence Test

For your test, you will make the following payments are required:

  • Initial knowledge test: $10
  • Road test: $30
  • First license fee: $20
  • Driver Premium: $45

Manitoba Drivers Licence Class 5

The Class 5 Manitoba Drivers Licence allows you to drive all passenger vehicles and light trucks. This is the most common type of licence in Manitoba.

To get a Class 5 Manitoba Drivers Licence, you must be:

  • Be at least 16 years of age or 15 ½ if you are registered in Driver Z, Manitoba’s high school driver education program.
  • Complete Manitoba’s Graduated Driver Licence (GDL) program if you already have a driver’s licence.  

Class 5 GDL stages

Class 5 GDL has three stages with specific restrictions. These restrictions will reduce your opportunity and likelihood of risky driving behavior. The stages include:/

  1. L – Learner stage
  2. I – Intermediate stage
  3. F – Full stage

Learner (L) stage

This is the learning stage, and it takes nine months to complete. To apply for a Class 5 learner licence, you must:

  • be at least 16 years of age
  • or a minimum of 15 years, six months (if you are enrolled in a high school driver education course)
  • have the consent of your parents or guardian if you are under 18 years 
  • pass a knowledge test and meet the vision and medical standards. 

During the learner stage, you will have the following restrictions:

  • Do not have drugs or alcohol in your system while driving.
  • Be accompanied by a supervising driver who:
  • is the only front-seat passenger, holds a valid, minimum Class 5 full stage license, has held a full Class 5 license for at least three years, is under .05 blood alcohol concentration, and is able to pass a drug screening test
  • Limit other passengers in the back seat(s) 

While in the learner stage, you are not allowed to:

  • tow vehicles
  • operate Class 3 motor vehicles registered as a farm truck
  • operate off-road vehicles along or across a highway 

Intermediate stage

This takes a minimum of 15 months. To graduate to this stage:

You must pass the Class 5 road test. If you fail the road test, you must wait for at least 14 days before retaking.

During the intermediate stage, you must observe the following restrictions:

  • not have drugs or alcohol in your system while driving
  • limit the number of passengers at midnight  

During the Class 5 intermediate stage, you may:

  • tow vehicles
  • operate a Class 3 motor vehicle registered as a farm truck
  • operate off-road vehicles along or across a highway
  • apply for authorized instruction in license Classes 2–4 if you are 18 years of age or older  
  • meet the vision and medical standards

Full stage

After completing the 15-month intermediate stage, you will graduate to the full license stage. 

Restrictions for full-stage drivers include:

  • not having drugs or alcohol in your system while operating a motor vehicle for the first 36 months
  • may apply for authorized instruction in Class 1 if at least 18 years of age and meet medical standards
  • upgrade to full Classes 1–4 after passing the appropriate tests
  • may supervise novice drivers after three years in the Full stage

A full driver may get a record review for any or more of the following:

  • license suspension
  • special driving course 
  • passenger restrictions
  • time of day restrictions
  • other driving restrictions

Manitoba Drivers Licence Restrictions

Manitoba has many licence restrictions. A restriction means what you can not do as a driver in Manitoba. Any restriction you have will be indicated on the back of your Manitoba Drivers Licence. 

Manitoba Drivers Licence Restrictions and Code Numbers. 

  • Corrective lenses: 1
  • Power steering: 2
  • The maximum speed of 70 km/h: 3
  • Automatic transmission: 4
  • Daytime only: 5
  • Power brakes: 6
  • Hand controls: 7
  • Operate mopeds only: 8
  • Side Mirror: 9

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to change my address with Manitoba Public Insurance?

To change the address on your driver’s license, you must go in person to any Autopac Agent or a Service Centre location with:

  • a new photograph
  • updated address information
  • a new driver’s licence and/or vehicle registration

How to register for the GDL program?

To register for the GDL program, you must

  1.  Register through an Autopac agent or MPI Service Centre.
  2.  Book your knowledge test at an Autopac agent or Service Centre.
  3.  When you have passed your knowledge test and vision test, you will be issued a learner license and will enter the GDL Learner stage.


In conclusion, if you are looking to get a new Manitoba driver’s licence, there are a few things you can do. You can take the driver’s education course, or you can take the practice test. Either way, make sure to study for the test so that you can get your new Manitoba driver’s licence as soon as possible.

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