Nipssing University Scholarships For International Students

International students who have been accepted to study at NU and are enrolled full-time as first-year students will automatically be considered for entrance scholarships.

The article contains information on Nipssing University scholarships for international students alongside the eligibility requirements for each scholarship and the application procedures.

Nipssing University, North Bay is the only university to have been established in the city of North Bay, North Eastern Ontario, Canada. It offers programs on science, art, administration, technology, and humanities.

Nipssing University also runs a partnership with Canadore College which allows its students to earn a bachelor’s degree and a college diploma at once within four years. The programs of study to which the partnership programs apply are:

  • Environmental Biology and Technology
  • Criminology and Criminal Justice
  • Social Welfare and Social Development

Other programs offered at Nipssing University are:

Program Duration
BA in Environmental Geography 4 years
Bachelor of Business Administration 4 years
Bachelor of Commerce (BComm) 3 years
Bachelor of Education (BEd) 2 years
Bachelor of Physical and Health Education/Bachelor of Education 6 years
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science 4 years
Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) 4 years
Bachelor of Science in Psychology 4 years
Master of Arts in History 12 months
Master of Environmental Science 2 years
Master of Science in Kinesiology 2 years
Master of Science in Mathematics 2 years
Post Baccalaureate Certificate in General Management 1 year
Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Human Resource Management 1 year
Post Baccalaureate Diploma in Marketing 2 years

Scholarships for International Students at Nipssing University

Below are the available scholarships for international students at the Nipssing University, North Bay, Canada:

Entrance Scholarships for International Students of Nipssing University

International students who have been accepted to study at NU and are enrolled full-time as first-year students will automatically be considered for entrance scholarships. The scholarships will take effect from the fall term which begins in September and students will be selected for available scholarships based on their performance in the grading exercise used for admission.

The eligibility criteria for each scholarship award, particularly the required grades may therefore be renewed every year depending on students’ performance and the number of those who are admitted each academic session.

President’s Scholarship

The President’s Scholarship is a renewable scholarship granted to students at the rate of $3000 per year. It has one of the highest grading requirements and students will need a minimum performance of 90% in the grading used for admission to be eligible for the award.

Carl Sanders Scholarship

Carl Sanders Scholarship for international students of Nipssing University is divided into two. Students with a performance of about 80 to 84% are eligible to receive $1,500. Those with an average higher than 85% are eligible to receive $2.500.

Schulich Education Scholarship

International students entering NU for an education program, particularly Physical Health & Education and Consecutive Education who have an admission average of at least 80% are eligible to receive this scholarship. The student who will be selected is one who has been able to demonstrate financial need or one who is able to show relevant contribution to the community.

Schulich Education Scholarship is valued at $7,000

Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards for Upper Year Students at Nipssing University, Ontario

The financial aids below are those available for non-entrance students which international students of Nipssing University can also benefit from. Students will be accessed for the scholarship based on their grades in at least 24 credit courses during the immediate past semester (be it fall or winter).

Carl Sanders Scholarships

Upper-year international students of Nipssing University can also benefit from the Carl Sander’s Scholarships. The award has three different values depending on the academic performance of students in the previous semester.

  • Students with 80 to 80% performance will receive $500
  • Students with 85 to 89% performance will receive $750
  • Students with 90% and above will receive $1,000

Students may not be selected for more than one scholarship at a time at Nipssing University. If a student has been particularly selected for the President’s Scholarship, such a student will no longer be eligible for any of the Carl Sanders Scholarship and vice versa.

In-Course Scholarships, Bursaries, and Awards

These are another set of financial aids given to Nipssing University students. In-course scholarships, awards, and bursaries at NU are usually given based on students’ average in the best courses in the previous fall or winter session that will amount to a total of 24 credits. The grading mechanism is known as weighted grades.

For students to receive the in-course scholarship they have been selected for, they must have registered for at least 18 credit courses in the current academic session. Some of the in-course scholarships, bursaries, and awards a Nipssing University international students can apply for are:

A.V. (Vern) McKinnon Memorial Award

This is awarded to a student of History major in his third year who has been observed to demonstrate high peak interest in History as a course. The award is $500 and the beneficiary will be determined by the History department under the Faculty of Arts and Science.

Agnes Macphail Scholarship

The $500 scholarship is given to a non-dependent second-year female student taking any program in the faculty of Arts and Science who has shown excellent academic performance. Such a student must have made 75% or more in at least five concurrent courses in her first academic year. She must also be registered as a full-time student during her second year.

Brook Doseger Memorial Award

The Brook Doseger Memorial Award is given to a graduate of Bachelor of Education who has demonstrated a deep interest in children’s literature. This will be accessed through the students’ volunteer work, leadership proficiency, authorship, and so on. The student must have contributed significantly to the Nippsing community and will be nominated by peers.

The Schulich School of Education Student Awards Committee will assess all nominations and select the most eligible student for the award.

CCUPEKA Student Leadership Award

The CCUPEKA Student Leadership Award is non-monetary. The Canadian Council of University Physical Education and Kinesiology (CCUPEKA) prevents the award every year to a full-time graduate of Bachelor of Physical and Health Education (BPHE). The students will be selected based on how much commitment and professionalism he/she demonstrated to the BPHE program, NU, and the Nippsing community at large.

Students of BPHE may nominate fellow students who meet the GPA requirements before the Director of the BPHE program selects a winner from the nominees. The selected student will receive a framed certificate and have his/her name displayed on a plaque by the Centre for Physical and Health Education.

Other in-course scholarships and awards available for international students include:

  • Ann Patricia Graham Memorial Award
  • Chancellor’s Community Service Award
  • CIBC Entrepreneurial Business Award
  • W. Trusler Proficiency Awards in Arts and Science
  • KPMG Foundation Business Scholarship
  • Manitou Chapter IODE Education Scholarship
  • Northern Area Women’s Institute Scholarship
  • President’s Gold Medal
  • TD Meloche Monnex Award in Environmental Science
  • William and Margaret Ross Environmental Geography Scholarship

International Student Bursary for Upper Year Students of Nipssing University

Bursaries are also given to international students who are in their second to the sixth year of study at NU. The amount to be given as bursary will be determined by how much financial assistance a student is in need of.

To qualify for any of the many bursaries and awards available, students are to correctly fill and submit their Web Bursary application form. Some of the bursaries available are:

  • Brent Saari Memorial Bursary
  • Brown Family Bursary
  • Class of 2002 Bursary
  • Co-operators (Airport Rd) North Bay Award in Organizational Studies
  • L’Hibou Award
  • Treaty No 9 Research Bursary
  • Vezina Bursary

Other student funding options available at Nipssing University, North Bay are:

  • External Funding
  • OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program)
  • Work Study program


Q. Is Nipssing University Accredited?

Ans. Yes. NU is accredited and is recognized by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities of Ontario.

Q. Is Nipssing University Ontario a Designated Learning Institution?

Ans. Yes, Nipssing University is recognized by the Federal Government of Canada as a Designated Learning Institution (DLI).

The institution is therefore open to international students who are interested in obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree qualification from the school. NU also allows online and distance learning for students who wish to study Bachelor of Science.

Q. Is Nipssing University a Good School?

Ans. Nipssing University is one of the best-ranked universities in the province of Ontario and Canada as a whole. The school is particularly attended for the quality of education it offers for students taking undergraduate programs.

NU however offers post-graduate studies for students who will love to earn a Master’s Certificate in programs that are universally recognized.

Nipssing University, Canada is also popular for having a small class size where students have access to a personalized experience with their teachers in a way that most other institutions will not provide.

Q. Is there a University in North Bay?

Ans. Nipssing University is the only university available in North Bay, which is the seat of Nipssing District. The university houses a college known as the Canadore College – a post-secondary institution of learning where students can prepare themselves for careers in applied arts or technology.