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How to Find Non-English Speaker Jobs in Canada

This blog post will satisfy all your informational needs if you seek knowledge on non-English speaking jobs in Canada.

Canada is an English-speaking nation with plenty of jobs for its citizens and foreign nationals. Every year, many people immigrate or travel to Canada for employment purposes. Unfortunately, foreigners from non-English speaking countries find it hard to secure employment in Canada due to the language barrier. Chinese, Filipino, and Italian citizens are more subject to such problems in Canada. However, some jobs are ideal for non-English speakers, as they do not require workers to communicate fluently in the language.

This blog post will discuss some of the best non-English speaker jobs available to foreigners in Canada, how to find such jobs, and what each job entails.

Non-Native English Speaker Meaning

A non-native English speaker is a person who does not speak English but a different type of language. As a result, they find it hard or cannot communicate in English.

Such persons experience language barriers in an English-speaking country, as indicated hereafter.

Non-Native English Speakers’ Problems

The following are the common problems encountered by non-English speakers in a place where English is the primary language.

  • Difficulty in pronouncing words
  • Inability to understand people’s conversations
  • Trouble speaking English
  • You will have to incur additional expenses if you hire a translator
  • May find it hard to get specific jobs

Best 13 Non-English Speaker Jobs in Canada

Below are the top thirteen (13) jobs for non-English speakers in Canada.

#1. Housekeeping (NOC 4412)

Housekeeping is one of the easy jobs for non-English speakers in Canada. The job duties of housekeepers are to tidy up the guest rooms and environs of a hotel, clean furniture, wash dishes, cook meals, sweep, wipe, and vacuum different surfaces on a property.

Housekeepers work for hoteliers, as well. Their average wage per hour ranges from 12 to 20 CAD.

#2. Landscaping (NOC 8612)

Landscaping is another non-English speaker job you can take with low language proficiency in Canada. They offer professional services to enhance the aesthetics of outdoor spaces.

Many landscaping companies in Canada include Canada’s Gardenland, The Great Canadian Landscaping Company Ltd., Green Apple Landscaping, Precision Landscaping, Avanti Landscaping, and Earthworks Landscaping.

The average wage of landscapers in Canada ranges from 14 to 24 Canadian Dollars.

#3. Janitorial and Cleaning Service Providers (NOC 6731)

Canadians have a busy lifestyle and do not have the time to clean their homes often. That offers an opportunity for you to secure employment in Canada. Hence, you can work in Canada and earn an average of 14 to 29 Canadian Dollars every hour by providing various janitorial and cleaning services.

You can offer these services to both residential and commercial property owners.

#4. Catering Service Providers (NOC 0631)

Being among the jobs for non-English speakers in Canada, catering service providers do not need to possess excellent English language proficiency to serve Canadians. Instead, they can take it as their part-time or full-time job.

The average wage of caterers in Canada ranges from 12 to 20 Canadian Dollars per hour. Besides, they are in demand in Canada and can work as a cook or waiter.

#5. Automobile Repairs (NOC 7321)

Automobile repair is a skilled trade that does not require workers to have efficient English language skills in Canada. As a result, the Canadian automotive repair industry is advantageous to automobile repairers, earning an average wage ranging from 16 to 32 CAD per hour.

Their services are in demand across the Canadian provinces and territories, most especially because many automobile brands have at least one manufacturing/assembling plant in Canada.

#6. Construction Works (NOC 7611)

Construction works are not only one of the non-English speaker jobs in Canada but also an in-demand and high-paying job in the country. On an hourly basis, construction workers earn an average of 15 to 35 Canadian Dollars.

Depending on your expertise in construction, you can work as a bricklayer, painter, roofer, or general laborer in Canada. It is pretty easy to find any of these jobs in Canada.

#7. Truck Driving (NOC 7511)

To become a truck driver in Canada, you do not need the best skills in English. That makes it one of the non-English speaker jobs for foreigners in Canada.

Truck drivers make good money in Canada, CAD 25 per hour on average. By possessing a little knowledge of English, you will barely have a language barrier while serving your customers, co-workers, and employer.

#8. Tailoring (NOC 6342)

In the coming years, the Canadian labor market intends to welcome more tailors and dressmakers to the industry. However, you must be highly skilled to get a tailoring job in Canada. The only skill that you need a little of it is the English language skills.

Emphatically, tailors earn an average wage ranging from CAD 15 to CAD 24 per hour in Canada. Aside from the adequate wages earned by tailors in Canada, there are also good prospects and many job opportunities.

#9. Food Production and Processing (NOC 9617)

If you are a non-English speaker in Canada, you can also work for a food and beverage processing company in any Canadian province or territory. Examples of such jobs include bakers and butchers.

Furthermore, persons who want to work in the Canadian food and beverage processing industry should consider staying in certain provinces, which include British Columbia, Quebec, Alberta, and Ontario. On average, you will earn between CAD 15 to CAD 30 by working for a food and beverage processing company in Canada.

#10. Fast Food Restaurant Workers (NOC 6711)

Fast food restaurants are also among the employers of non-English speaker workers in Canada. There are thousands of fast foods in Canada. Some popular fast food chains in Canada include KFC, Domino’s, Chipotle Mexican Grill, Coffee Time, Greco Pizza, Hero Certified Burgers, Mucho Burrito, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Five Guys, Chicken Delight, and Burger King.

The above-listed fast food chains serve customers in many Canadian provinces and territories. Hence, you can consider applying to any of them as a kitchen helper, table cleaner, or dishwasher.

In addition, the average wage of fast food restaurant workers in Canada ranges from 12 to 20 Canadian Dollars per hour.

#11. Retail Professionals (NOC 6421)

Canada’s retail industry hires millions of retail professionals every year. Also, it is among the largest sectors in the Canadian economy. Examples of retail job positions include cashiers, clerks, sales associates, customer service representatives, store managers, and inventory control specialists.

The average wage of retail professionals in Canada ranges from CAD 11 to CAD 18 per hour.

#12. Workers for Logistics and Delivery Service Companies (NOC 7514)

Some job positions in logistics and delivery service companies are ideal for non-English speakers in Canada. These include driver, courier, loader, and packer. The hourly income of such workers ranges from CAD 13 to CAD 18.

There are about 20,000 logistics and delivery service companies in Canada, which means vast employment opportunities for qualified persons, including non-English speakers.

#13. Translator (NOC 5125)

Another non-English speaking job in Canada is to work as a translator. Their average wage in Canada is CAD 28 per hour.

You can become a translator in Canada by translating written messages from one language to another and acting as a mediator.

How to Find Non-English Speaker Jobs in Canada

There are different ways to find non-English speaking jobs in Canada, as indicated hereafter.

#1. Through an employment agency

You can contact a local employment agency to assist you in finding non-English speaker jobs in Canada. As with many employment agencies in Canada, finding a job that does not require speaking English should not be problematic.

#2. By checking the job sites in Canada

Another way to search for non-English speaker jobs in Canada is to log on to a Canadian job site.

Below are some popular job sites in Canada.

  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • Simply Hired
  • CareerBuilder
  • Eluta
  • Robert Half

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What kind of job should a non-English speaker do?

Many jobs are open to non-English speakers, giving companies an edge over their competitors. Examples of jobs for non-English speakers include translators, customer service representatives, and housekeeping.

Can I get a job in Canada without English?

Yes, you can gain employment in Canada without being proficient in English. However, non-English speakers can only apply for jobs requiring low English proficiency.

What jobs can you do without speaking English?

You can do several jobs without communicating in English. For instance, you can work as a construction worker, janitor, tailor, translator, landscaper, or automobile repairer.

What jobs are in demand in Canada for someone who can’t speak English?

Jobs in demand for non-English speakers in Canada include housekeeping, customer service representative, landscaping, translators, and automobile repairs.

Can I live in Canada without speaking English?

Of course, you can live in Canada as a non-English speaker. The reason is that Canada is home to many bilingual and multilingual people from different parts of the world.


In summary, non-English speakers may have a hard time getting a job in Canada, except if they apply for jobs that do not require proficiency in English. Each of the Non-English speaker jobs indicated in this article is best for foreigners still learning the language.

If there is anything else you need our team’s guidance on, you can complete the Work Study Visa team request form online.

Thanks for reading!

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