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How to Apply for a North Macedonia Short Stay Visa

North Macedonia has some stunning natural sceneries and a beautiful cultural atmosphere that can attract visitors. Other reasons to visit may be for short-term work, education, or to see family and friends. You should also know how to apply for a North Macedonia short stay visa.

In this North Macedonia Short Stay Visa guide, you can get information on North Macedonia Visa policy for different countries. Furthermore, you will learn the different types of visas, visa fees, and other relevant information.

Visa Types for North Macedonia

Short-stay (C) Visa

The North Macedonia visa type you choose – as a foreign national – can depend on your intended length of stay. It can also depend on the purpose. For instance, if your visit is for temporary reasons, you can apply for a North Macedonia Short stay visa (C-type visa). Take note that a North Macedonia short-term visa is valid for 90 days.

Long-Stay (D) Visa

On the other hand, you may want to stay longer for reasons such as work or education. As a result, you may go for a North Macedonia Long stay visa (D-type visa). This visa has a validity of one year.

Airport Transit (A) Visa

Foreign citizens need an airport transit visa to transit in North Macedonia as they fly to another country. Although an airport transit visa is valid for 24 hours, it does not authorize you to exit the airport area.

Types of Short-Term Visas

North Macedonia Touristic Visa

This is issued if you visit North Macedonia for sightseeing or tourism purposes. Incidentally, it is the most commonly issued type of visa for North Macedonia. Again, sources for obtaining this visa include consulates, authorized travel agencies, and authorized visa companies.

North Macedonia Business Visa

This is also called a fair participation visa. It allows you to attend training, meetings, or business-related fairs without gainful employment or labor.

North Macedonia Family, Relative, or Friend Visit Visa

You can use a North Macedonia family, relative, or friend visit visa to visit your family or friend residing in North Macedonia. However, you need to have an invitation letter from them.

North Macedonia Cultural, Sports, or Conference Visit Visa

This is granted when you want to attend a cultural event or activity taking place in North Macedonia. But, again, such individuals or groups would need an invitation and confirmation documents from the sending association.

North Macedonia Short-Term Education or Internship Visa

You can use this visa to visit North Macedonia for education purposes. However, the documents you need include proof of adequate accommodation, sufficient means of subsistence, and an admission letter from your receiving institution.

Documents Needed for North Macedonia Short-term Visa

Above all, make sure your documents are complete. Missing documents can result in a visa refusal. Moreover, the embassy may request additional documents from you, depending on your case.

 #1. Application Form.

  • You should complete this in English.
  • Furthermore, the applicant should sign and date it.
  • In the case of minors who are below the age of 18, both parents need to sign the form.

 #2. Passport.

Again, the bearer needs to sign this. Meanwhile, the passport should be issued within the last decade and have a minimum of one or two free “visa pages.” Furthermore, the undamaged pictures should be firmly affixed with/to the passport.

 #3. Photo.

The photo should have the following characteristics:

  • The size should be 3.5×4.5.
  • The view of the face should be frontal. Similarly, it should cover up to 70-80% (32-26mm) of the photo.
  • Remember to use a white and uniform background.
  • Your facial features and eyes should be clear. That is to say; they should not be covered by glasses frames or hair.
  • Moreover, the photo should not be over six months old.

 #4. ID Card.

Your ID Card should have a validity minimum of three months beyond the date of your arrival in North Macedonia.

 #5. Residence Permit/Visa Copy.

  • You need this if your country of citizenship differs from your country of residence.
  • It should have a validity minimum of three months before you arrive in North Macedonia.

#6. Photocopies.

You need to have a copy of the main page of your passport and copies of your previous visas

 #7. Travel Itinerary. 

 These include the following details:

  • Your flight reservation (return ticket)
  • Valid and existing hotel/accommodation booking or reservation. Essentially, the full address should be clearly stated. This includes the name, street, city, zip code, booking ref. and contact information.

#8. Letter from Local Employer/Sponsor (Proof of Occupation.)

You need to include the following in the letter:

  • The sponsor or company’s name, postal address, and telephone number.
  • Similarly, a dependent applicant needs to attach a copy of the sponsor’s valid passport and residence visa to the letter from the sponsor.
  • Details of employment. This includes the working position, starting date, and salary.
  • The duration of work leaves states the expected resumption date. The purpose of travel needs to be also stated.
  • You may need to present a valid trade license copy as relevant. Meanwhile, company owners need to include company ownership documents.
  • Students are required to have a letter from University.

 #9. Proof of Financial Means.

This can include the following:

  • Personal bank statements. This should be within at least the last three months before application.
  • Other proofs could include private property, assets, and so on.

 #10. Travel Insurance.

Your travel insurance should cover your length of stay in North Macedonia

 #11. Health insurance.  

  • Your health insurance should be valid.
  • Also, it should cover your expenses in the case of any medical problem during your stay in North Macedonia.

#12. Supporting Documents for Tourism Trip.

As part of the requirements for a North Macedonia short stay visa, you need to include a confirmation of your accommodation. This can be in hotel confirmation or an apartment rental contract.

#13. Invitation letter.

For business or sports trip

  • You have to present an original invitation letter from the company or organization.
  • Likewise, accommodation confirmation such as hotel confirmation or apartment rental contract is needed.

 For private visit 

  • Generally, you need to include documents from the person inviting you.
  • An original invitation letter.
  • Original document confirming the inviting person’s ownership of estate or home.
  • Copies of the inviting person’s passport and ID card/residence permit.

 Studying (short-term)

  • You have to include the original invitation letter from the educational institution in North Macedonia.
  • In addition, the acceptance letter to the institution is necessary.
  • Likewise, it would be best if you had a confirmation of the accommodation. This can be in the form of an apartment rental contract or a dormitory contract.

 Employment (short-term)

  • You need evidence of a North Macedonian company’s original invitation letter.
  • Also, accommodation confirmation like a hotel confirmation or apartment rental contract is required.

 A Warranty Letter (Letter of Guarantee)

If the embassy requires this document, you should ensure it is certified by a competent authority.

 For Minors

  • A permit letter by parents/guardians.
  • A copy and English translation of one of the following depending on its relevance:
  • Birth certificate
  • Proof of adoption
  • Custody decree if the parents are divorced
  • Death certificate of a parent.

Application process for North Macedonia Visa

The steps to apply for a North Macedonia visa include the following:

Schedule an appointment with the embassy

Locate the consulate, embassy, or diplomatic-consular representation of the Republic of North Macedonia closest to you. These are the options in your home country to book an appointment. Sometimes, you may also apply through a visa application agency.

Complete the Application form and make payment

Fill out the application form appropriately. Remember to sign at the end. After making your payment for the visa application, attach the receipt.

Submit all requested documents 

You can collate and submit all the required documents as described above. You have to do it in person at your appointment. However, you can authorize someone to present it on your behalf if you cannot. The legal guardian will also apply to minors.

 Be patient with a response.

The embassy or consulate of North Macedonia in charge of your visa application will send you a response.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you do if your Visa Application is Rejected?

You could take the following steps if you get a negative response.

  • You could also reapply. It is possible to reapply one more time for the same visa. For instance, you could check the grounds for the rejection and reapply if your circumstances have changed.
  • You could appeal the rejection. Specifically, such an appeal letter has to be written within eight days after receiving your rejection letter. It should be in the Macedonian Cyrillic alphabet. In essence, follow the instructions given in the rejection letter – as issued by the embassy – on how to appeal the rejection.

What is the average processing time for North Macedonia Short-term Visa?

Depending on your visa application country, this could be between 5-25 calendar days.

How much is North Macedonia Short-term Visa Fee?

Again, this depends on your country and nationality. Generally, it can be up to 60 EUR. However, there may be other administrative fees to pay. This can include consular, courier, and Visa Application center fees.

Where do you apply for North Macedonia Short-term Visa?

You can locate North Macedonia visa application centers, consulates, or embassies that accept visa applications in your country of residence. Otherwise, you can apply to the consulate or embassy nearest to you.


North Macedonia is situated in southeastern Europe, with a population of over two million. Exciting experiences await you whether you are visiting to see its beautiful landscapes and national parks or visit the capital – Skopje. Or perhaps, you have been advised to visit Ohrid, considered the most beautiful place in Macedonia. Lastly, to ensure a successful trip, you need to put the above tips on applying for a North Macedonia Short Stay Visa to good use.

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