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Guide on How to Apply for Norway Permanent Residency

Every foreigner in Norway hopes to obtain a Norway Permanent Residency Permit one day, especially as foreign workers. This allows you to enjoy all the benefits that only Norwegian citizens and permanent residents enjoy.

Therefore, it is a joy when you get this permit. However, it would help if you met the eligibility criteria to get your permit.

Permanent residents in Norway have access to free public health care, subsidized tuition fees, better salary, and many more.

This article will explain everything about Norway’s Permanent Residency Permit. The application, eligibility, processing time and fees, documents, and many more. Continue reading to get this information.

About Norway

Norway is a Scandinavian country in Northern Europe. It has borders Sweden to the west, Finland and Russia to the north, and Iceland and the Barents Sea to the east. Oslo is the capital, while the largest city is Bergen.

The official language of Norway is Norwegian (bokmål), a Germanic language belonging to the North German branch of the West Germanic languages. Other major native languages spoken in Norway include Sami, Bokmal, and Romani. In addition to these languages, there are also many immigrant languages, including English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, French, Turkish, Kurdish, Vietnamese, Greek, Serbo-Croatian, Albanian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian, Finnish, Hungarian, Slovene, Slovak, Swedish, Danish, and Malay.

Furthermore, the climate of Norway varies greatly, ranging from arctic tundra in the extreme northern parts of the country to temperate forests in the south. There are also four distinct seasons in Norway; spring, summer, autumn, and winter.

The country’s population is estimated at 5.24 million people, of which about 1.8 million live in urban areas. Around 80% of the population lives in cities, towns, or villages. About 40% of the total population resides in the Greater Oslo area.

Also, the country has a high standard of living; thus, it ranks first in the world in terms of per capita income. Besides that, it ranks second highest in quality of life behind Switzerland according to the United Nations Human Development Index. Furthermore, it was ranked third in the world in the 2015 Global Peace Index. So, it is safe for your family.

Norway Permanent Residency Permit

Norway Permanent Residency Permit is a document that allows you to live and work in the country permanently. Therefore, you have the right to stay in the country. However, you are not a citizen; therefore, you won’t have a Norwegian passport.

Eligibility criteria for Norway Permanent Residency

To become a permanent resident of Norway, you must meet the following eligibility criteria. You must:

  • have lived in the country for consecutive three years without staying outside Norway for up to seven years and not be without a residence permit for up to three months.
  • Have a temporary residence permit like a work visa, family reunification visa, and residence permit based on asylum status.
  • Currently, have a temporary residence permit.
  • Must be financially stable to take care of your family.
  • Have not received financial help from NAV (økonomisk sosialhjelp) in the previous year.
  • Maintain a clean criminal record.
  • Have not been subjected to forced psychiatric treatment.
  • Pass a Norwegian language test and social studies, especially for applicants between 16 and 64 years.

Documents for Norway Permanent Residency

In addition to the eligibility criteria and visa requirements for a residency permit, applicants must also provide the following documents. Otherwise, they may fail to obtain a Norway Permanent Residency Permit. They include:

#1. Proof of income

You need proof of income which can be a letter from your employer, evidence of self-employment in Norway, proof of pensions, or regular income from rent and life insurance. It can as well be your student loan or grant as well as social security benefits.

#2. Proof of no financial assistance from NAV (økonomisk sosialhjelp)

You must show evidence that you have not received assistance from NAV, especially in the previous year preceding your application.

#3. Proof of completion of the Norwegian language course and social studies

You must provide a certificate showing that you have completed a number of hours in a Norwegian language course and social studies course.

#4. Documents for applicants using family reunification visa

In addition, if you are applying as a spouse or a partner, you must bring the following documents:

  1. UDI’s Declaration of relationship form.
  2. Copy of your partner’s passport (all the used pages).
  3. Proof that you have lived abroad with your spouse for at least three years.

#5. Other documents

Then, you have to visit the UDI website to check for other documents related to you specifically.

Relevant information about Norway Permanent Residency

Be mindful of the following information while applying for permanent residence in Norway.

Processing time for Norway Permanent Residency

Generally, the processing time for a Norway permanent Residency Permit takes eight weeks to process. However, certain factors like your country of origin, permit type, the documents you have, and when you file your application can affect it. Thus, it can take less or more time.

Processing fees

The fees vary depending on the type of permit. It can as well vary depending on the age of the applicant. Thus, expect to pay the following fees:

  1. Work permit: NOK 6,300 or USD 695.
  2. Student permit: NOK 4,900 or USD 540.
  3. Family Reunification permit (adults): NOK 10,500 or USD 1157.
  4. Family Reunification permit (minors): Free.
  5. Permanent Residence Permit (adults) – NOK 4,700 or USD 518.
  6. Permanent Residence Permit (minors) – Free.

Norwegian Citizenship

You can apply for Norway Citizenship if you have a Norwegian Permanent Residency Permit. However, you must have lived in the country for seven years in the last ten years. In addition, you must provide your previous residence permits in the last ten years with a validity of one year each.

Besides, you must show proof of language proficiency and social studies. Plus, you must have a clean criminal record.

Steps to get a Norway Permanent Residency Permit

Getting a Norway Permanent Residency permit is not an easy process. Therefore, you need to get things right to avoid unnecessary waste of time and money. Plus, you have a lot of garbage out there; thus, you become confused about what to do. To that end, we have provided you with steps to follow for your application. They include:

Step 1. Gather your documents for Norway Permanent Residency Permit

First of all, you need to gather all the documents listed above. In addition, you can contact the UDI to know if you require additional documents. This is necessary because if your documents are not complete, you will be denied your residency permit.

Step 2. Fill out the application form

Visit the UDI portal to complete an online application form for Norway Permanent residency permit. Make sure that you fill in the correct details in each space provided.

Step 3. Pay your application fee

Then proceed to pay the application fee for a residence permit. If you have a minor, don’t bother to pay for the minor. It is free for minors.

Step 4. Submit your documents

It is time to submit your documents to the local police service or the service center for foreign workers. It all depends on your district of residence in Norway.

Step 5. Wait for decision

Now is the time for the processing, which is usually eight weeks. However, it can tale more or less depending on certain factors. Once a decision is made, you will be notified by the authorities. Then, you can go and collect your permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I apply for a Norway Permanent Residency permit?

You need to visit the UDI website to apply for permanent residency in Norway; however, you need to find the nearest local police service or the service center for foreign workers to submit the documents. After this, you have to wait for a decision from the UDI.

Can my dependents join me in Norway?

Yes, your residents can join you in Norway if you have your Norway Permanent Residency Permit. The following dependents can join you in Norway. They include:

  1. your spouse or partner
  2. children under 18 years
  3. your unmarried children who are over 18 years, working or studying, or who have health issues.

Is it hard to get a Norway Permanent Residency Permit?

It can be hard to obtain a permanent residence in Norway. However, if you meet the eligibility, have the requirements, and know the steps to follow. It will then become a lot easier. Still, it would help if you met experts to guide you.


In conclusion, if you have lived in Norway for up to three years and meet other requirements, you can apply for permanent residence in the country. Nevertheless. You need to visit the official website of the UDI above to know the particular requirements you need.

Above all, you need an expert to guide you during this process; otherwise, you may waste time and money. Therefore, follow the steps above and get your permit in less than eight weeks.

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