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Norway Tourist Visa: Application, Requirements, and Documentation

Obtaining a Norway tourist visa is relatively straightforward, but there are vital things to know.

Norway is a popular tourist destination, especially for those who love the outdoors. Some of the most popular attractions include the fjords, the mountains, and the wildlife. There are also indoor activities to keep you active and going.

So, if you want to tour around Norway, we will be happy to guide you on the documents you need to prepare, the requirements, and how to apply for a tourist visa. Let’s go!.

Norway Tourist Visa

Norway is a popular destination for tourists from all over the world. It is an amazing country with a diverse landscape that includes mountains, forests, and a coastline. So again, the country is ideal for individuals interested in seeing beautiful places and attractive sites in any way.

The Norway tourist visa is a short-term visa issued by the government of Norway, and the tourism industry accounts for a significant portion of the country’s economy. You can find different tourist attractions, such as the Nidaros Cathedral in Trondheim, the Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo, and so on.

Eligibility criteria for Norway Tourist Visa

Without a doubt, Norway has been trying all possible to increase the rate at which individuals from across the globe visit the country. And yes, Norway is a Schengen country. Therefore, citizens of any Schengen member state do not need a visa for tourism in Norway.

To be eligible for the Norway tourist visa, you must be a citizen of any country with no visa-free access to Norway. In addition, you must have viable proof that you are visiting Norway for tourism purposes. To apply for this visa, you can visit your country’s Norwegian Embassy or Consulate. But suppose your country does not have an embassy. In that case, you can visit the visa Centre that is an affiliate with Norway in your country to put in for an application.

Requirements for the Norway Tourist Visa

Applying for the Norway tourist visa requires that you meet all requirements for the application. And yes, you have to be available to submit your documents and other formal registration at the Norwegian Embassy. Here are some of the documents and requirements you need to meet.

#1. Tourist visa application form

Without a doubt, you can get different visa application forms online at the official website of Norway. But, importantly, be sure that the visa you obtain is for tourism before you fill in your details and information.

#2. Valid passport

Your international passport is one of the crucial documents to apply for a Norway tourist visa. Importantly, your passport must have at least two blank pages and has no less than three months of validity from the day you plan to return to your home country.

#3. Passport photo

The passport photograph you submit for the Norway tourist visa must be taken against a bright background, with your face and ears showing. And yes, avoid the usage of dark shade or tying of scarf for the photograph.

#4. Travel itinerary

Your travel itinerary is proof of your travel to Norway, as ascertained by your entry and exit tickets. Furthermore, this is proof that you will return to your home country as soon as your 90 days in Norway are over.

#5. Bank statement

Also, your bank account statement is an important document you need for your tourism application. Note that the money in your account must be sufficient to meet your needs, domestic travels, shopping, etc., in Norway. Notably, the statement of account you submit for your application must not be older than 90 days.

#6. Travel Health insurance

You may fall into a medical emergency in Norway. That is why you need medical insurance to cater for your health care while you are away on your tourist activities in Norway. Moreover, your insurance must be usable in Norway and valid throughout your stay in the country.

#7. Proof of accommodation

It would be best if you had a place to stay for your intended time in Norway. This is an essential prerequisite for your application. It could be a hotel reservation, a letter from your family or friends staying in Norway, or other forms of accommodation.

If you’re employed

If you are applying for the Norway tourist visa as an employee, you need to include your employment contract, approval for holidays by your employer, pay slips for the past three months, and a letter of consent from your boss.

If you are self-employed:

However, if you are applying for the visa as a business owner, company owner, or self-employed, you need to present the statement of tax payments as well as the certificate of registration of your company under the legal bodies.

If retired:

As a retiree wanting to have a good time in Norway, you must present your pension statement from the last three months.


If minors visit Norway for fun, they must include a letter of consent written by their guardian or parent and a copy of their official identity card.

How to apply for the Norway Tourist Visa

You must follow the steps succinctly to apply for the Norway tourist visa successfully. Note that it is a stepwise process you must adhere to.

Step one: Check when to apply

First and foremost, a thorough understanding of when to apply for a tourist visa is the first thing you need to know for your application.

Your application may not be accepted if you apply lately, and you may lose your trip if you apply too early. In a nutshell, you cannot submit your application later than one month or earlier than 60 days before your travel date. Therefore, it is best to apply for the visa on time.

Step two: Know where to submit your application

You need to check the location of the Norwegian Embassy or Consulate in your country for your documentation and proper registration. If there is no embassy or consulate for Norway in your home country, you can check out the visa Centre for Norway.

Step three: Apply for the Norway tourist visa online

You have to visit the online web page of Norway to apply for a tourist visa. It is noteworthy that there are different visa application forms on the web page. So, endeavor to go for the absolute one necessary for your visa application.

Step four: Gather your documents

Without a doubt, you need to prepare your documents perfectly for the application. Note that this document must be authentic and valid. A falsified or untrue document may lead to the termination of your visa application.

Step five: Book an appointment

Assuredly, you need to book an appointment beforehand at the Norwegian embassy before going to the embassy/consulate/visa center for an interview and documentation. If you walk into the embassy without a prior appointment, you will not be attended to.

Step six: Attend the interview

Attend the visa interview with courage and assurance. Moreso, try to be there on time, and do not take the risk of lateness- it could be costly!.

Some of the questions you will be asked are about your name, the purpose of your visit, and some other questions to verify that what you have in your visa application form is correct.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a tourist visa for Norway?

There are a few ways to get a tourist visa for Norway. You can either apply for one at the Norwegian embassy or consulate in your country of residence or apply for a visa waiver through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA).

Do you need a visa to visit Norway?

Yes, you need a visa to visit Norway. You can apply for a visa online or through a Norwegian embassy or consulate.

How do I become a citizen of Norway?

There are a few ways to become a citizen of Norway. One way is to be born in Norway to parents who are both Norwegian citizens. Another way is to be born outside of Norway to one Norwegian parent or to have been granted citizenship through naturalization. To be eligible for naturalization, you must have been a legal resident of Norway for at least seven years, have a good character, and meet other requirements.

Is Norway open for travel?

Yes, Norway is open for travel. The country has several beautiful tourist destinations, including the capital city of Oslo and the Fjords region. Norway is also a popular skiing destination. In addition, several airports in the country make it easy to get around.

How do I settle in Norway?

If you move to Norway to work, your employer will likely help you settle in. If you are moving to Norway to study, the school you are attending will likely assist; however, if you are moving to Norway for any other reason.


Carrying out tourism activities in Norway is one of the best and most enjoyable things to do in the country. We have provided the requirements, documentation, and steps to apply for the tourist visa. Ensure to meet all the conditions in the prose.

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