Norway Work Visa – Eligibility, Application and Requirements

Norway has become a popular destination for ex-pats looking to live abroad. The country offers a high standard of living, beautiful scenery, and welcoming culture. If you want to move to this country, you’ll need to apply for a Norway work visa.

Norway is a Nordic country located in Northern Europe. It shares borders with Sweden, Finland, Russia, and Germany. The country is home to around 5 million people and is known for its natural beauty.

In addition, Norway is a member of the European Union (EU), and it also participates in the Schengen Agreement. This means that citizens from other EU countries don’t require visas to visit or reside in Norway.

However, non-EU citizens who wish to live and work in Norway for longer than three months will need to apply for a residence permit.

Hence, the intention of this guide. First, you will learn about the eligibility for a Norway Work Visa. Then, the documents and steps to apply. Plus, any other information that you need.

Norway Work Visa

Norway Work Visa is a residence permit that allows you to work in the country. Therefore, before you can move to Norway to work, you must contact the Norwegian embassy in your country for your visa.

Eligibility for Norway Work Visa

To become eligible for Norway Work Visa, you must meet the following eligibility criteria. They include:

  1. You must have the proper educational qualification for the job.
  2. If you don’t have an academic qualification, then you must have the exceptional skills needed for the job.
  3. You find a job in Norway
  4. Your job must be full-time.
  5. The job must pay the normal salary.
  6. You must be above 18 years.
  7. You don’t have a negative criminal record.

Exemptions from a Norway work visa

Citizens of a Schengen, EU, or EEA country do not need a permit to work in Norway. Rather, they only need to register in Norway within three months of coming to the country. Once they do this, they can take up any job in the country.

Documents to apply for a Norway Work Visa

You can apply for a Norway work visa if you meet the above eligibility requirements. However, you must still need the following documents. Therefore, before you apply for the visa, you must gather all of them. They include:

#1. Passport

It would help if you had a valid passport that is in good condition. In addition, you must send copies of the used pages of your passport.

#2. Application form for Norway work visa

You also need a completed application form. This is where you will in some important details about yourself. Also, you will provide information about your travel, especially the purpose and duration. First, you can download the form from the UDI website. Then, could you attach it to other documents?

#3. Photos

You will need two recently taken photos with white backgrounds. They must also be the same in size showing at least 80% of your face.

#4. Proof of accommodation

Of course, you need a place to stay while in Norway. Therefore, you need t evidence of accommodation. For instance, you use a hotel reservation as well as a letter of invitation from a host. Moreover, any proof of capacity can serve.

#5. Employment offer

Of course, you need o price your offer letter as evidence of valid employment in Norway. Therefore, your employer must send an official letterhead letter of employment.

#6. Adequate salary

In addition, you must show that your salary is enough to sustain you. You can use a statement showing your salary. This can be your employment contract or any other official document.

#7. Academic qualifications

You must also provide proof of academic qualifications. This can be your certificate, diploma, or any other qualifications.

#8. Work experience

You must also provide proof of previous work experience. Therefore, you need to provide documents from your employers. This must include the type of work, duration of the work as well as your position.

#9. A good CV

It would help if you also built an excellent CV to get a Norway Work visa. Nevertheless, your CV must be true and concise.

#10. Residence permit

You must provide your residence permit if you live in a foreign country. This will act as proof that you live in the country legally.

#11. Residence permit in Norway

You will also provide your Norway Temporary Residence Permit, especially if you already live in Norway.

#12. The Power of Attorney Form

Your employer will fill out the form on your behalf. It can be downloaded from the UDI website above.

Basic information about Norway Work Visa

When applying for a Norway Work Visa, you need the following information.

Processing time for Norway Work Visa

Expect to spend as much as 15 days processing your work visa in Norway. Unfortunately, it can sometimes take up to one month, depending on the situation.

Processing fees for Norway Work Visa

The processing fee for a Norway work visa is around NOK 6,300. This is approximately $681. However, if you use a third-party agent, you must pay the third-part fees.

Validity of Norway Work visa

Norway Work Visa usually lasts for two years with an option for renewal. The renewal will also last for another two years. You must apply for renewal before your permit expires. If your renewed permit expires, you can apply for a Norway Permanence Residence Permit.

Guidelines for your documents

While submitting your comments, you must be aware of the following tips.

  • All documents must be in both original and copy form.
  • If your employer is applying for you, you can use copies of the documents.
  • The documents must be in English or Norwegian, lest you sea a qualified translator.
  • Be ready to provide additional documents to the embassy.

Jobs that don’t need a work visa in Norway

You may not need a work visa to do the following jobs in Norway. However, you may require certain documents as they relate to the job. The jobs include:

  1. Researchers and Lecturers
  2. Employees of International companies
  3. Commercial and business travelers
  4. Medical practitioners
  5. Medical practitioners
  6. Religious preachers
  7. Athletes
  8. Journalists and photographers
  9. Flight crew members of international aircraft
  10. The staff of foreign trains, busses or trucks
  11. Crews on board laid-up ships
  12. Tour guides

Easy Ways to apply for a work visa for Norway

Applying for a visa to work in Norway is unusually hard, especially if you are new to the system. However, if you get the right information, it will become an easy process. For this reason, we have brought the easiest steps to acquire your Norway Work Visa. Therefore, you can use these simple steps. they include:

  • First of all, find a job in Norway
  • Secondly, send your application form to the embassy in your country or an application center in Norway.
  • Then, send your documents to your employer to apply for you.

Steps to applying for Norway Work Visa from your home country

If you are applying from your country, the easy steps below will be helpful. They include:

Step 1. Gather all the documents you need.

Step 2. Fill out an application form for your Norway Work Visa

Step 3. Submit your application to the Norway embassy in your country.

Step 4. Wait for processing.

Steps to applying for a Norway Work Visa in Norway

If you are already in Norway, then you have to follow these steps. they include:

Step 1. Gather all the documents you need.

Step 2. Fill out an application form.

Step 3. Submit your application form to the Residence Permit and Protection Services of the Norwegian police or Service Centre for Foreign Workers (SUA). This, however, depends on your district of residence.

Step 4. Wait for processing.

Steps to applying for a Norway Work visa using your employer

If, on the other hand, your employer is applying for you, then you must follow these steps. They include:

Step 1. Gather all the documents you need.

Step 2. Fill out an application form.

Step 3. Send your documents to your employer together with your authorization for them to apply for you. The authorization must be a written document.

Step 4. Your employer will send the application and the documents to Norwegian authorities.

Step 5. Wait for processing.

Norway Work Visa Renewal

Your work visa is valid for only two years. However, you can renew it after two years. However, you can apply for a permanent residence permit after the first renewal.

Steps to renew your work visa

You can follow the steps below to renew your Norway Work Visa. They include:

Step 1. Apply online to the Directorate of immigration.

Step 2. Contact the Norwegian police for an appointment.

Step 3. Pay your application fee.

Step 4. Submit your documents. You must do this at least a minimum of one month before your current visa expires.

Step 5. Wait for processing.

Frequently Asked questions

Where can I apply for a Norwegian Work Visa?

For your work visa in Norway, you must visit the Norwegian embassy in your country if you are outside Norway. But if you are applying from inside Norway, you need to contact the police or Service Centre for Foreign Workers.

Can my dependents join me if I have a Norway Work Visa?

Yes, your dependents can join in Norway once you have a permit to work in the country. However, they need the correct Norwegian visa to join you. The following persons can join you:

  • spouse or partner
  • a cohabitant who is either expecting a child with you or has lived with your for two years, plus, you both must be above 24 years
  • your children who are under 18 years
  • if your child is above 18 years, then the child must be unmarried, have a previous residence permit in Norway, be working or studying, or has a health issue

Is Norway a Schengen country?

Yes, Norway is among the members of the Schengen region. Therefore, it shares common border policies with other member states. Others include Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, and Switzerland.


In conclusion, every citizen of non-Schengen countries needs a work visa to live and work in the country legally. However, once you get this permit, you can work in the country for two years. But you med to meet the eligibility criteria as well as have the documents you need. Moreover, you can use the steps above to apply anytime.

Velkommen til Norge!

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