Obtain Australian Visas Without A Job Offer

The SkillSelect program is beneficial for people who want to move to Australia without a job offer in order to seek employment. They don’t need a sponsor, but they have to demonstrate that they have the skills and qualifications needed to work in an occupation on the Australian Skilled Occupations List.

If you have skills that are presently in demand on the Australian labor market, you are expected to also pass a test by scoring a minimum number of points. The points are obtained based on:

  • the level of English language skills,
  • your specific work experience,
  • or other skills which your partner might bring to the country.

There was a time that a good point score automatically qualified you to apply for a permanent immigrant visa on a national or regional level. However, things have now changed. About information on the new application scheme, you should please read the paragraph below diligently.

The New Skilled Migration Program

Should you be interested in a Skilled Migration Visa, you should understand that the Australian government has changed its General Skilled Migration program to the Skill Select scheme mentioned above. As of 1 July 2012, all potential immigrants should follow these steps:

  • To have their professional qualifications recognized.
  • To pass an English test.
  • Their data has to be computed into the SkillSelect immigration database.

From the immigration quota for different occupations, the Australian government resultantly invites the candidates with the highest number of points to submit a visa application. If you are not immediately selected, your entry can remain in the database for two years, and you may be offered an invitation at a later point. The SkillSelect database is also open to state governments and individual employers, who are authorized to support you as a potential visa candidate as well.