One Year MSc Degree Program in Canada

Applying for a One Year Masters Degree in Canada?

The one year MSc degree programs are highly coveted programs in the choice of further study amongst other MSc study programs of longer durations, like the 2 years and 3 years as the case maybe, this is due to the cost and academic path chosen, especially by international students.

As an international student or domestic student in search of a one year masters program to further your academic career in, the first place to search will be in Canada, as there are a multitude of Canadian universities that offers world class one year masters or MSc programs that will suit your academic and career goals.

Why Choose Canada?

Canada in recent times, as been an obvious choice for all levels of academic study programs, ranking at the very top of worlds best country for both undergraduate and graduate studies and also for domestic and international studies. This is because, Canadian Universities and colleges ranks amongst the very best in the world, and with regards to tuition and cost are about the most affordable.

Before listing out the top universities in Canada where you can study one year Master’s degree programs; it is necessary to consider other information you will need to know and understand about Canadian universities, viz-a-viz; their applications, and graduate programs requirements. In addition, you will get insight into the tuition fees and funding options available in Canada.

However, before making your applications to which school you might choose, you should also know about what it takes to study a master’s degree program in Canada, how to obtain a Study Visa Permit, scholarship availability, work-study and cost of living in Canada.

Procedure For 1 Year Masters Degree Program Application

There are processes to follow to landing a one year masters degree program in Canada, this begins with finding the right institution that suits you in terms of fulfilling your career goals and available finance.

Thereafter, you take the right actions by applying and obtaining a study visa permit, and providing proof of funding that will cover your tuition costs, living costs and other expenses.

How To Apply For A Master Program

Schools in Canada engage mostly online applications through their official website, all application requirements including general and program specific admission criteria are available through the official university website.

After deciding on the school and program of choice, contact the admissions or graduate school, which ever level you at to seek guidance on how to make your application. The next step will be to apply for your study or student visa permit.

How to Obtain a Study Visa Permit in Canada

To study in Canada, it is required that you hold a Canadian study permit, this is to guarantee your eligible status throughout the duration of your study in Canada.

As an international full-time student admitted in a Canadian institution of higher education, your study permit also enables you to work part time on a work-study program on campus. Thus, what do you need to obtain a Canada student visa?

  • Aspiring students must provide evidence that they have been admitted into a college or university in Canada, in addition to showing proof that they can fund both their tuition and living expenses.
  • You may be required to submit a clean criminal records.
  • Undergo a medical examination and provide results, if required, before a study visa can be issued.
  • Provide proof of funding support, like bank statements or scholarship offers, as evidence that you can pay your tuition, avail your living expenses, and obtain ticket back to your home country.

Application for a Canadian study permit can be done online through the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website.

Often, the Canadian visa office in your country provides you with all and specific instructions on the documents you are required to submit. This however, may vary depending on your country. Nevertheless, should you need assistance, you can contact the nearest Visa Application Center (VAC).

Step by Step Procedure On How to Obtain a Canadian Study Visa
  • Firstly, obtain an admission acceptance letter from a recognized higher education provider in Canada. If you are studying in the province of Quebec, you must apply for an acceptance certificate (CAQ) from the government of Quebec.
  • Thereafter, is to obtain the student visa application package, you can get this from the CIC website, otherwise, contact the local Canadian visa office, embassy or consulate in your country.
  • In order to receive the application package, there are questions about yourself you are required to answer on the CIC website. This is to check if you meet the criteria to apply for a  study permit online and the necessary documents you must provide.
  • A personal checklist code, which is valid for 60 days will be sent to you if you are eligible. You must ensure to submit your application online. Print the page that contains your code for future reference.
  • Start by creating a MyCIC account, where you will enter your personal checklist code. You will then receive your personal document checklist that allows you to download and send your documents to CIC. A printer or scanner will be required to do this.
  • Your finished application can be sent to CIC, once your documents and application forms are ready and you have paid the fees.
  • Note that you be required to attend an interview at their local visa office if it is deemed necessary.

For more information on Canada Study Permits, please visit the link: Canada Study Permit and Students Visa 2021 – WorkStudyVisa

Tuition Fees and Financing in Canada

Being offered admission to study a Masters program in Canada is only the beginning of the process. Also more important to being admitted to study a one year masters degree program in Canada is that you are able to fund your tuition or obtain the necessary financial aid.

Canadian Domestic Students Masters Tuition Fees 

In 2018 – 2019 academic year, the average master’s degree cost in Canada was $7,086 CAD ($5,340 US).

However, some degree programs can be more expensive, particularly those in such fields as  medicine. In addition, the average cost of an executive MBA, is $49,798 CAD ($37,520 US).

International Students Masters Program Fees

The average cost for an international masters student in Canada is often double the tuition fee of an equivalent domestic student, the typical fees usually ranges between $13,000 CAD and $20,500 CAD ($9,930/$16,430 USD).

Usually, fees varies by university and program of study. For example, you will often pay more for professional programs like medicine.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t matter what your tuition fees are, funding and financial aid for postgraduate studies in Canada is available from a wide range of options.

International Students Health Insurance

For international students aspiring to study in Canada Health Care Insurance in mandatory. The under-listed provinces provide international students with health care as part of their regular public health care plans:

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Saskatchewan

In addition, the Provinces of Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island or Quebec, requires that you purchase your specific international health insurance. The cost often ranges between $600 and $1,000 CAD per year ($460 to $770 US).

Top Universities Offering 1 Year Masters Programs in Canada

Here is the list of the best universities that offer one year masters programs in Canada:

  • University of Toronto
  • University of British Columbia
  • McGill University
  • University of Winnipeg
  • Ivey Business School at Western University
  • Westford University College

University of Toronto

Acceptance Rate: 65%

Number of Programs: 4

Tuition Fees: $10,080

The university of Toronto offers an extensive number of one year masters programs in multiple disciplines. The goal of these courses is to equip students with necessary skills and knowledge to enter any industry they so choose. University of Toronto offers more than 700 undergraduate and 200 graduate programs.

University of British Columbia

Acceptance Rate: 53%

Number of Programs: 5

Tuition Fees:

UBC as its popularly called offers outstanding one year masters programs in various disciplines, these includes; computer science, finance, information technology, etc. More so, the university is made up of professors from around the world who have experience in large research projects. In addition, the university of Toronto is one of the best three universities in Canada.

McGill University

Acceptance Rate: 46.3%

Number of Programs: 3

Tuition Fees: $10,080

McGill University is reputable public research universities in Canada. Ranked with the top 30 research institutes in the world. McGill University welcomes thousands of international students from more than 150 countries. The Master of Administration in Finance and Master of Administration in Analysis at McGill are some of its most famous one year programs.

University of Winnipeg

Acceptance Rate: 49.4%

Number of Programs: 2

Tuition Fees: $10,206.00

This University is a public research university in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, it offers undergraduate programs in art, business and economics, education, science and kinesiology and applied health, in addition to master’s programs in several disciplines, such as; administration, business, finance, marketing, psychology, research development, etc.

Ivey Business School at Western University

Acceptance Rate: 36%

Number of Programs: 6

Tuition Fees: N/A

Ivey Business school offers MMA program, which will equip you with the necessary skills and practical hands – on experience through experimental learning for a career in Big Data, AI or digital transformation programs and other exciting and demanding fields.

Westford University College

Acceptance Rate: 35%

Number of Programs: 6

Tuition Fees: $20,954

Westford University College offers one year accelerated MBA programs, which often promises a stimulating and incredible experience for all students.

One Year Masters Degree Programs Application

Here are some basic requirements you need to fulfil when applying for a one year masters program in Canada

Academic Requirements

  • Have a minimum GPA  3.0 / 4.0 or its international equivalent, such as a British second class baccalaureate.
  • Provide a Postgraduate Entrance Test score, such as a Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) or a Graduate Registration Review (GRE). This is dependent on course of study.

Language Requirements

  • Provide prove of English proficiency buy submitting an English proficiency exam score such as TOEFL or IELTS.
  • This is also applicable to French proficiency, should you be applying for a bilingual program or a program taught in French solely.

Application Process

The following documents are required to be submitted alongside your application:

  • Application form submitted online
  • Certified copy of all qualifications and transcripts.
  • English and/or French proficiency test scores, depending on the program
  • An up-to-date curriculum vitae
  • References letters/recommendation letters
  • Personal Statement/Cover Letter

Note that a qualification evaluation to determine the Canadian equivalent of your credentials, may be required if your post-secondary studies was outside of Canada, this is to verify the academic document submitted.