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Pakistan Residence Permit: Guide on how to apply for it

Are you dreaming of residing and working comfortably in Pakistan? Then you need to know how to obtain a Pakistan Residence Permit.

Pakistan is a country located in South Asia. The nation has an area of 947,965 km2 and over 207 million people. It borders Afghanistan to the northwest, India to the south and east, Iran and Turkmenistan to the southeast, and Bangladesh and Sri Lanka to the east. The official language of Pakistan is Urdu. Islam is the predominant religion in Pakistan.

Applicants planning on living or traveling in Pakistan for an extended period need to obtain a Pakistan residence permit. This document will permit you to stay in the country indefinitely, provided that you continue to meet the requirements set forth by the Pakistani authorities. This guide will outline the steps necessary to apply for a residence permit and provide information on what to expect during the process.

About Pakistan Residence Permit

If you are willing to stay in Pakistan for an extended period, you may want to consider applying for a Pakistani residency permit. This document will allow foreign nationals to live and find a job in the country without constantly leaving and returning. However, you must fulfill a few prerequisites while applying for a residency permit. So ensure that you follow this guide carefully before making your request.

To obtain this Pakistan residence permit, you should check the Ministry of Interior’s website to apply. This permit is legitimate for a maximum of five years.

Requirements for Pakistan Residence Permit

If you want to apply online, you should visit the website of Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior. Here are the standard sets of documents you will need to provide:

#1. Completed Residence Application Form

Applicants can download the Residence Application form from the Ministry of Immigration’s website. However, it must be filled and signed by the applicant to qualify for the residence visa. Therefore, it will be best to input all the necessary information before signing it.

#2. Passport photograph

Two passport photographs are part of Pakistan visa requirements for Philippine citizens. Current photographs of 3.5 by 4.5 inches should be color neutral and have appropriate brightness. The applicant must take it on a plain white background, visibly shot without wearing glasses and showing you alone. If you are uploading online, the picture size should be 200 KB.

#3. Valid international passport

A Pakistan stays permit applicant should possess an international travel document valid for six months from when you intend to return to your country of origin. Ensure a blank page for the visa stamp and a space for an entry and exit stamp. In addition, it’s advisable to get a scanned copy of the personal information page.

#4. Travel health insurance

Part of the Pakistan visa requirements for US citizens is that applicants should provide evidence of health insurance. It’ll assist in covering their health for the time they stay in Pakistan. It will also enable you to get medical attention in emergencies throughout your stay in the country.

#5. Medical Certificate

Additionally, the applicant must provide a medical certificate issued by a legal clinic. It’ll assist in ensuring that you have no illness that will threaten the citizens or residents of Pakistan. Part of Pakistan’s COVID-19 entry requirements is to get a negative Corona Virus result 72 hours before entering the country.

#6. Proof of Legal Residence

Similarly, proof of legal residence is a vital Pakistan residence permit requirement. Please note that foreigners must provide this document to show that they have a place to stay while in the country. Furthermore, your sponsor can get it for you.

#7. Civil Certificate and Residence Letter

Pakistani citizens that want to sponsor family members should submit their marriage or birth certificate. The sponsor’s embassy will verify the certificate in their country of origin.

#8. Official invitation letter

An official letter from the sponsor in Pakistan is part of Pakistan’s visa requirements for Indian citizens. It should carry your complete details. In addition, assuming you’re going with your family, you should get an invitation letter specifically extended to the family with their comprehensive information.

#9. Proof of Funds

Lastly, you should provide evidence of your source of income. It’ll demonstrate that you can cater to yourself and your family throughout your stay in the country.

How to apply for a Pakistan Residence Permit

It’s advisable to apply for Pakistan permanent residence visa six weeks before you intend to travel to the country. Here are the following steps you need to take:

Step one: Contact the Pakistan consulate.

The first thing you need to do while applying for a Pakistan stay permit is to research the nearest Pakistani embassy in your home country. Once you do that, you’ll get the Pakistan residence visa requirements list. However, if you’re in Pakistan and applying for the first time, you must physically go to the Immigration Agency of Pakistan.

Step two: Prepare your document.

The next step is to prepare the complete documents accompanying your application, depending on the type of permit you need. Make an effort to make photocopies of the original documents if you’ll need them while submitting them at the consulate.

Step three: Book an interview with the embassy

After getting an invitation letter from the sponsor living in Pakistan, you should book an appointment with the embassy. Please note that you should be prompt and take along any required papers. The visa officer will ask straightforward questions about your personal information and why you want to reside in the country. Please note that you might need to book an interview even if you apply online.

Step four: Pay your visa fee.

Furthermore, the Pakistan residence permit costs $86.49. Applicants must pay the fee online with their credit and debit cards.

Step five: Wait for your visa approval.

The final step is for the applicants to wait for the permit approval. The processing time for the Pakistan Residency permit is four to six weeks. So be patient while the Ministry of Interior considers your application. Once approved, you can be on your way to the gorgeous city of Pakistan.

Applying for an extension of residence permit

If you want to extend your Pakistan Residence Permit, you must ensure that you reside in Pakistan at that time. Fortunately, you can even apply for it online by uploading your previous valid visa. The Ministry of Interior is the body responsible for the extension of the Pakistan permanent residence visa. The processing of the Pakistan visa stay extension takes seven to ten days.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an exit permit in Pakistan?

The exit permit helps foreigners without a valid Pakistani Visa to exit the country. Nationals from over one hundred and ninety countries can apply for this type of permit. The good news is that you can use it if you possess a canceled or rejected visa. Some required documents are a passport, picture, proof of Last Pakistani Visa, and so on. This permit validates for fifteen days when you must leave the country.

Can foreigners buy property in Pakistan?

Foreign nationals can purchase land in Pakistan after the company’s incorporation in SECP. However, the process is long and can take several months to complete. There are certain documents to submit to the home department of Pakistan. These include an employment letter, copy of passport, copy of the landlord’s CNIC, and so on. Most importantly, you should draft a contract in the name of the occupant of the property. The requirements are not straightforward due to security concerns.

Is life good in Pakistan?

Life is good in Pakistan in terms of scenery and architecture. If you are a lover of Hockey, you’ll enjoy playing the sport there. Please note that the crime rates are high; thus, you should be careful attending gatherings and walking at night. The people are also very welcoming and will show love and respect towards foreigners. They believe that guest is a blessing from God, and they must be given the best treatment humanly possible. While in the country, you’ll also be exposed to beautiful poetry and music. Lastly, they are famous for their excellent craftsmanship.

Can I get Pakistani citizenship through marriage?

Yes, especially ladies. They can apply for Pakistan citizenship by submitting Form “F” after getting married to Pakistan citizens. However, presently, it applies to the male too.

Why do Pakistani families live together?

Pakistani families live together because family is the core of social life. It’s the key to several ethnic groups. In this type of setting, the men are the head of the house while women carry out household duties. Most importantly, the families are usually extensive; thus, the children help with the chores too.


In conclusion, if you are ready to travel to Pakistan for an extended period, apply for a residence permit well in advance. The application process can be long and needs documentation that may not be available upon arrival. Therefore, be prepared to submit copies of your passport, visa application, plane tickets, and other supporting documents. Additionally, provide information about your intended stay and any possible allergies or medical conditions you may have.

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