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Pakistan Tablighi Visa – Application, Requirements and Validity

Securing a Pakistan Tablighi visa is a prerequisite for participating in Tablighi in Pakistan. Sometimes, it can be tedious, but not for all foreign citizens. Thus, a Pakistan Tablighi visa is a must-have ticket if you wish to enter this South Asian country for Tablighi Jamaat.

There is no need to muddle the Tabligh visa with the other Pakistan visas. Contrary to popular belief, the Tabligh visa is one of the most uncomplicated visas to Pakistan. Regardless, paying attention to details is necessary to avoid visa rejection.

This article contains many answers to your unanswered Tabligh visa application questions. Read on for more information!

A Pakistan Tablighi visa

A Pakistan Tablighi visa is a single entry traveling document issued to individuals eligible to partake in the Tablighi Jamaat in Pakistan. It grants the holder the privilege to participate in the Islamic practice of all time. It furthermore allows them to have a taste of Pakistan people, their culture and heritage, and their food.

Tablighi Jamaat is a Sunni Muslim missionary movement primarily for member Muslims. Members of this belief gather annually in Lahore, Pakistan, to preach about the religion. To an individual who wishes to partake in the gathering, the Pakistan Tablighi visa is essential.

Eligibility for a Pakistan Tablighi visa

Like every other special visa in many countries, not everybody who wants to travel to Pakistan can apply for a Pakistan visa. There are visas meant for different purposes. And on that note, it is necessary to note that the Pakistan Tablighi visa is for Muslim citizens of foreign countries.

However, not every Muslim citizen of foreign nations can request these visas. The citizens of non-Pakistan nationality who wish to participate in Tablighi activities held in Pakistan are eligible for the Pakistan Tablighi visa. You must present evidence confirming your attendance before receiving the Tablighi visa.

Requirements for obtaining a Pakistan Tablighi Visa

For any foreign national requesting a Pakistan Tablighi visa to receive one, there are prerequisites they must meet. These prerequisites determine their eligibility for a Pakistan visa. It also determines how fast the embassy will process their visa.

Below are the documents necessary for processing a Pakistan Tablighi visa.

#1. A Pakistan Tablighi visa application form

The visa form must contain the applicant’s information, their signature, and the stamp of the Pakistan embassy. The Tablighi visa application permits both online and offline applications.

#2. A copy of an international passport

The copy of the international passport you should submit must be valid for at least six months from your arrival date. It must have been issued within the past ten years, must have all information on it correct and verified, and contain at least two empty pages.
Furthermore, the photocopy must include the page for your personal information.

#3. Two copies of passport-type photographs

The passport-type photographs that you are to submit must be taken against a plain white background and be a maximum of 350Kb.
Your facial expression on the passport must be neutral. In addition, you should not take the ticket on headgear except for religious reasons, and you should also have no glasses in the photo. The passport copies must be copies taken within the last three months.

#4. A copy of an invitation letter

You should present a letter of invitation written by the inviting body or individual and bearing a stamp from the Pakistan immigration department. The

#5. Letter of recommendation from Tablighi Markaz

The Tablighi Markaz in Pakistan must write a letter recommending you for the trip. Without this letter, your visa can be delayed or denied.

#6. Proof of legal residence

If you are in your home country, your proof of citizenship will go in place of proof of legal residence. But in a situation where you live in a country that is not your home country, you must submit proof of legal residency. It is a mandatory document. Without it, the embassy can turn down your visa application.

#7. Proof of purpose of travel

Like every visa application, you must submit proof of the purpose of your travel as you submit other visa requirements.

#8. Flight itinerary

The documents included in this requirement are copies of your travel tickets and proof of accommodation ( i.e. hotel reservation). Make sure that your travel visa is out before purchasing a flight ticket.

9. Proof of sufficient funds

The acceptable proof of fund is a bank statement from your bank or the bank statement of your guarantor. Documents of ownership of properties and credit cards are also required.

#10. Proof of accommodation

Hotel reservation/booking, rental agreement, confirmation by a tour operator, or an invitation letter from the host can serve this purpose.

#11. Health travel insurance

Insurance coverage of a minimum of £30,000 from a globally known insurance company is acceptable.

#12. A receipt for visa fee payment

After registering your interest in getting a visa, you should pay the visa application fee, collect the confirmation receipt and submit it alongside other visa application documents.

A detailed guide to applying for a Pakistan Tablighi visa

If you have all your application documents ready and wish to proceed with your Pakistan Tablighi visa application, here is what you should do.

#Step 1: Fill out the Pakistan Tablighi visa form.

But before you do this, you should check to know if your country is eligible for the online visa application or not. Whichever visa application method you are eligible to use or want to use, fill out your information correctly on the visa application form.

#Step 2: Keep the required documents handy

One mistake applicants make is not gathering all their documents in one file. As an applicant, ensure that all your application documents are complete and nearby.

#Step3: Submit or upload the documents as the case may be.

After entering your information on the application portal or the application form, the next thing to do is to submit your application.

#Step 4: Pay your visa application fee

Sometimes, you can pay your visa application fee before submitting your applications. Pay your visa application fee and submit the fee confirmation receipt to the appropriate authority.

#Step 5: Wait for the embassy to contact you!

After the application, the embassy will contact you to give an update about your application status. After that, you can purchase your flight ticket. However, you should buy your flight ticket after receiving your visa.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Pakistan Tablighi visa cost?

A Pakistan Tablighi visa costs between $30 to $60. However, like every other visa type, this depends on the nationality of the requesting individual. For a single entry visa, you may pay $30 or more. For a multiple-entry, you can pay $60 or more.
However, this cost is devoid of all the miscellaneous fees attached to the visa application.

How long can the Pakistan Tablighi visa last?

Generally, the Pakistan Tablighi visa lasts for 45 days. This duration, however, starts counting from the date of issuance and not from the date of arrival.

Can I extend my Pakistan Tablighi visa duration?

Yes, like every other Pakistan visa, you can extend the duration of the Tablighi visa. However, there must be a valid and legal reason for the visa extension. In the case of visa extension, the applicant must have a Pakistan visa that is still valid. In addition to the above, they must prove that they still reside in Pakistan at the time.

As a process, you must upload or submit proof of a valid Pakistan visa before requesting an extension. Furthermore, you must also present an entry stamp on your passport.

How long does it take to process the Tablighi visa?

The time it takes to process a Pakistan Tablighi visa is about four weeks. Sometimes, it can take time due to delays in verifying the applicant’s information.
The government of Pakistan must issue a Tablighi visa.

Can I reapply for my Pakistan Tablighi visa application if rejected?

Yes, you can reapply for a Pakistan Tablighi visa if your initial application did not go through. However, you need to find out why the embassy refused your application so that you do not commit the same mistake. In addition, you must pay another visa application fee because the fee is non-refundable.

Which countries are eligible for Visa-free entry into Pakistan?

Citizens of the following five countries: Maldives, Nepal, Samoa, Tonga, Trinidad, and Tobago, are eligible for visa-free entry into Pakistan. Maldives citizens cannot stay beyond three months in the country. Citizens of other countries can only stay for one month. If they must extend beyond the given period, they must request a Pakistan visa.

Does Pakistan issue Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA)?

Yes, the Pakistan embassy issues an Electronic travel authorization for foreign citizens eligible for a visa on arrival and a Pakistan e-Visa application.

The ETA is one of the two traveling documents generated via the Pakistan online system if the applicant makes an e-Visa application or requests a visa on arrival.

Does Pakistan issue visas on arrival?

Yes, the Pakistan embassy issues visas on arrival. However, you can receive this visa for only two reasons; tourism and business.
This visa requires you to apply for the Pakistan ETA at least 48 to 72 hours before you commence your trip.

Is traveling to Pakistan Safe?

Due to the increased terrorist activities prevalent in the region, traveling to Pakistan requires caution and religious adherence to safety measures. Currently, more tight security measures are in place.


Applying for a Pakistan Tablighi visa is not challenging as people see view it. However, adhering to the application guidelines and procedure will help you avoid delay or disqualification.

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