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Pakistan Visa – Types, Application, Validity and Requirements

Is a trip to Pakistan on your mind? Then, you need to know the type of Pakistan visa you can apply for and how you can go about it. The kind of Pakistan Visa you need depends on your trip’s purpose.

No matter how dangerous the country is, numerous people still visit Pakistan to enjoy its magnificent natural landscapes, hiking trails, and beautiful historical and religious monuments. Pakistan is a nation in the South Asian part of the world with a population of over 200 million. The country borders Afghanistan to the north and northwest, Iran to the east, and India to the south.

Pakistan is full of a variety of cultures and languages. The official language of Pakistan is Urdu, but English is also spoken. Pakistani citizens can travel visa-free to more than 170 countries. This article will discuss the different types of visas available for foreigners, how to apply for them, and their respective validity periods.

Pakistan Visa Policy

Pakistan is open to most foreign nationals, and they must apply for a Pakistan visa to enter. Applicants can use different avenues to apply for a visa, such as the online visa system, visa on arrival, and through the embassy. More than one hundred and ninety countries can apply via the Pakistan Online Visa System. The Ministry of Interior is responsible under Pakistan law for issuing visas.

Types of Pakistan Visa

The visa you’re applying for while visiting Pakistan depends on your purpose for going to the country. Thus, you can obtain any of the following entry permits to move to Pakistan. They include:

Pakistan Tourist Visa

It is the type of visa suitable for applicants intending to travel to Pakistan for tourism purposes. You can get it through two routes; Tourist eVisa and Tourist Visa on Arrival. In addition, applicants that want to visit the Pakistan Monument can apply for this type of Pakistan visa online.

Pakistan Business Visa

A Pakistan Business Visa is a long-term visa issued to business people seeking to promote investment in Pakistan. This type of visa is legal for up to five years. Please note that you should obtain your Business Invitation Letter (Required Document in your Visa Application) from Pakistan’s “E-Business Invitation Letter System” before applying online. The processing time for this application is twenty-four hours.

Pakistan Business Visa on Arrival

A Pakistan Business Visa on Arrival is suitable for UK citizens and foreigners wishing to promote investment in Pakistan. It’s short-term and valid for up to thirty days.

Pakistan Work Visa

This is appropriate for those who want to work and reside in Pakistan. It’s perfect for employment, working on CPEC Projects, Journalism, Domestic Aide, Driving, Transporting, and Helping. Foreign nationals with a valid job offer are eligible for this visa.

Pakistan Family Visit Visa

This is perfect for family members of Pakistan citizens. It’s multiple-entry and legal for up to five years with a maximum of 1 year per entry. The Pakistan Family Visit visa processing time is seven to ten days.

Pakistan Student Visa

Pakistan study visa is perfect for international students that want to study in the country for two years. In addition, you can travel to Pakistan for educational purposes or religious education in this category. The processing time for the Pakistan Student Visa is four weeks.

Pakistan Journalist Visa

A Pakistan Journalist Visa allows international journalists to travel to Pakistan for work. It will enable the journalist to enter Islamabad, Lahore, and Karachi. Plus, it’s legal for up to three months or until the end of the assignment for Pakistan-based media houses.

Pakistan Talighb Visa

This Pakistan visa type is perfect for Muslim Foreigners who wish to participate in Tabligh activities for up to forty-five days.

Pakistan Pilgrim Tourism Visa

A Pakistan Pilgrim Tourism Visa is suitable for foreigners that wish to enter Pakistan to visit places that carry religious importance to them.

Pakistan Visa Requirements

You should visit Pakistan’s Ministry of Interior website to apply for any visa online. Here are the available sets of documents you’ll need to provide:

#1. Completed Visa Application Form

Applicants can download the Pakistan visa application form online from the Ministry of Immigration’s website. It must be filled and signed by the applicant to qualify for the visa.

#2. Passport photograph

Two passport photographs are part of the requirements for Indian citizens. Current photographs of 3.5 by 4.5 inches should be color neutral and have appropriate brightness. The applicant must take it on a plain white background, visibly shot without wearing glasses and showing you alone. If you’re uploading for a Pakistan visa online, the picture size should be 200 KB.

#3. Valid international passport

Part of Pakistan visa requirements for South African citizens is an international travel document legal for six months from when you wish to return to your country of origin. It’s advisable to get a scanned copy of the personal information page.

#4. Medical Certificate

Additionally, the applicant must provide a medical certificate issued by a legal clinic. It’ll assist in ensuring that you have no illness that will threaten the citizens or residents of Pakistan. Part of Pakistani visa requirements for US citizens is to get a negative Corona Virus result 72 hours before entering the country.

#5. Proof of Legal Residence

Similarly, proof of legal residence is a vital Pakistan visa requirement for Afghan citizens. Please note that foreigners must provide this document to show that they have a place to stay while in the country. Furthermore, your sponsor can get it for you.

#6. Civil Certificate and Residence Letter

Pakistani citizens that want to sponsor family members should submit their marriage or birth certificate. The sponsor’s embassy will verify the certificate in their country of origin.

#7. Official invitation letter

An official letter from the sponsor in Pakistan is part of the requirements for Indian citizens. It should carry your complete details. In addition, assuming you’re going with your family, you should get an invitation letter specifically extended to the family with their comprehensive information.

#8. Proof of Funds

Lastly, you should provide evidence of your source of income. It’ll demonstrate that you can cater to yourself and your family throughout your stay in the country.

How to Apply

Before applying for your visa, you should get to know the location of the nearest Pakistani consulate in your country because of the visa interview. Then, you can follow the guideline below to apply for all types of visas if you meet the visa requirements for Pakistan.

Step #1: Choose your visa type

The first process is to select the type of visa that suits your traveling purposes. After choosing your visa type, you’ll see the eligibility and document requirements you’ll need.

Step#2: Prepare your documents

The next step is to prepare the complete documents accompanying your application, depending on your visa type. Make an effort to make photocopies of the original documents if you’ll need them while submitting them at the embassy. Plus, your photograph should be up to 350KB and a valid Credit/Debit Card for your visa online.

Step #3: Online Application

For your application online, you should click on the Apply Now button to start the application. After creating a new account, applicants must log in to complete their application.

Step #4: Pay your visa fee

You should pay your visa fee through a Credit Card/Debit Card as soon as you log in. Please note that the cost depends on your nationality and the type of visa you need. The price ranges from $20 to $60.

Step #5: Book an interview with the embassy

You must book an interview if you need to visit the Pakistani embassy in your home country. During the interview, the immigration officer will inquire about your traveling intentions.

Step #6: Wait for your approval

The final step is for the applicants to wait for the permit approval. The processing time for your visa depends on your visa type. So be patient while the Ministry of Interior considers your application. Once approved, you can be on your way to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Validity of Pakistan Visa

If you possess a visa for France citizens, it’s valid for up to three months for a single entry. You can even extend the visa for up to six months. However, the country visa on arrival for US citizens is valid for up to thirty days. Please note that you can’t apply for an extension of the visa on arrival.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do UK citizens need a visa for Pakistan?

Yes, UK citizens need to obtain one to enter Pakistan.

Which country is visa-free for Pakistan?

Holders of the country’s visa possess visa-free access to Dominica, Haiti, Samoa, and others.

Can I enter Pakistan without Nico?

Pakistan citizens residing in the US for more than six months must get NICOP to enter the country.

What is the fee for Nico?

The fee for NICOP is $39 if you can wait for thirty-one days. However, applicants that want to fast-track to seven days will have to pay $75.


In conclusion, a Pakistan visa is a passport-like document that allows an individual to travel to Pakistan for tourism or business purposes. To obtain a Pakistani permit, applicants must complete an application form and submit supporting documentation. The visa is legal for up to ninety days and requires a valid passport. The requirements for obtaining a Pakistani visa vary depending on the type of visa requested, but all applicants must provide proof of identification and financial stability.

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