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Part-Time Job for International Students in Canada

International students in Canada, also known as non-Canadian students can work for a maximum period of 20 hours every week under certain conditions. Therefore, this article will guide you on part-time jobs for international students in Canada and will provide some other relevant information that can be helpful to you.

Doing part-time jobs while studying can help you source funds to cover most of your basic needs. Apart from the earnings you get from working for a Canadian employer, you’ll also be opportune to gain more work experience, which builds your career portfolio.

Moreover, holders of Canadian study permit are allowed to work optimally for 20 hours/week. Besides, international students in Canada are usually paid an average hourly wage that ranges from $10 to $ 25 Canadian Dollars.

Furthermore, if you are registered in some intensive courses, you may need to reduce your work hours in order to balance your studies and work schedules.

Part-time job for international students in Canada

In Canada, there is a wide range of part-time jobs available to international students. More so, doing these part-time jobs is not likely to affect your studies in any way.

Additionally, international students are allowed to work for Canadian employers as soon as their studies begin.

Thus, you can decide to work within (on campus) or outside (off campus) the institution where you are studying.

The following are some part-time jobs available to international students in Canada.

  1. Artist
  2. Cashier
  3. Nanny
  4. Store employee
  5. Barista
  6. Bartender
  7. Waiter/waitress
  8. Translator
  9. Events assistant
  10. Uber driver
  11. Pump attendant
  12. Student library worker
  13. Marketing assistant
  14. Dishwasher
  15. Painter’s helper
  16. Salesperson
  17. IT service desk analyst
  18. Retail sales associate
  19. Digital marketing intern
  20. Teaching assistant
  21. Attendant for disabled students
  22. Private instructor/coach
  23. Pandemic door screener
  24. Student research assistant (Scheduler)
  25. Freelancing (writing, graphics design, photography, etc), and so on.

Hence, your Canadian study permit is required to demonstrate work conditions, which demonstrates whether you can work on-campus or off-campus in Canada.

Doing part-time jobs on campus as an international student in Canada

When you work on campus in a Canadian educational institution, this implies that an employer within the university/college’s campus has recruited you.

Most Canadian universities and colleges have more than one campus. Thus, you’re mostly authorized to work on your campus of study.

Nevertheless, you can work outside campus if your part-time job is as a teaching/research assistant. You’re also permitted to work off-campus if you need to undergo research. This usually requires you to work beyond the campus.

Additionally, you can work off-campus if your university/college operates an external research center, library, or health clinic.

Requirements to do part-time jobs on campus as an international student in Canada

As an international student who is studying in a Canadian post-secondary educational institution, you’re allowed to work within your university/college under certain conditions, which includes;

  • First of all, you must possess a valid Canadian study permit
  • Secondly, you must be a full-time student in a Canadian public university/college or in Collège d’Enseignement Général et Professionnel.

You can also work on campus if you’re undergoing study in a Canadian private educational institution that is licensed to certify students under the province law.

More so, you are authorized to work on campus if you’re studying in a private college-level institution located in the province of Quebec.

Besides, the institution must be partially funded by government monetary aid and must be run using similar principles as public institutions.

  • Thirdly, it is necessary that you have a Social Insurance Number (SIN) from Service Canada.

Working off-campus as an international student in Canada

You are highly advised to check your study permit if it indicates your authorization to work in Canada without a work permit.

Eligibility requirements to do part-time jobs off-campus in Canada
  • Firstly, you must be a full-time international student at a Canadian Designated Learning Institution
  • Secondly, it is necessary that you’re registered in a Canadian university/college, vocational/professional training program, or enrolled in a secondary-level vocational training program in Quebec.
  • Thirdly, you must have commenced studies in the institution
  • More so, your program of study should have a minimum duration of six (6) months. Besides, the program is expected to lead to a degree, diploma, or certification
  • Ultimately, you must apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) from Service Canada.

FAQs about part-time job for international students in Canada

Q. What is a Designated Learning Institution in Canada?

Ans – A Canadian DLI is an educational institution that admits international students from various countries.

Q. How much is international students’ average pay for part-time jobs in Canada?

Ans – It ranges from $10 to $25 Canadian Dollars per hour.

Q. How many hours can I work off-campus as an international student in Canada?

Ans – As an international student, you’re authorized to work for an optimal period of 20 hours weekly when academic activities are still going on in the institution.

Q. What do I need to work part-time off-campus in Canada?

Ans – You may be required to apply for a Canadian work permit after studying for not less than six (6) months in Canada.

Q. When can I not work on campus in Canada?

Ans – You are disqualified from working on campus within your educational institution;

  • Once you are no more a full-time student in Canada
  • If your Canadian study permit has expired
  • More so, you can’t work on campus if you’re currently on authorized leave from your university/college
  • In addition, you are disallowed to work if you’re not undergoing any study because you intend to study in another educational institution

Q. Who can international students work on campus with?

Ans – International students in Canada are allowed to work for;

  • The university/college itself
  • A faculty staff
  • Any student organization within the institution
  • Yourself through a sole proprietorship business that operates within the campus
  • A private business/contractor that avails specific services within the university/college campus

Q. What is a Social Insurance Number (SIN)?

Ans – SIN consists of a nine-digit number issued to foreign nationals by the Government of Canada in order to enable them to secure several government benefits, as well as to work in Canada.

Q. How do I apply for a SIN to work in Canada?

Ans – Via;

  • Online through
  • Through a mail delivered to Service Canada, Social Insurance Registration Office, PO Box 7000, Bathurst NB E2A 4T1, Canada
  • In-person at any Service Canada center

Q. Can international students in Canada apply for full-time jobs?

Ans – Yes, you can apply for full-time jobs whenever the educational institution where you’re studying is on scheduled breaks. Examples of these scheduled breaks include summer or winter holidays, reading week, among others.

However, you need to be enrolled in a full-time program of study to work full-time in Canada.

Q. What should I do if my Canadian study permit does not have work conditions stated on it?

Ans – To include work conditions in your study permit, you’re required to;

  • Ask for an amendment to your Canadian study permit (for free)
  • Apply for a Social Insurance Number through Service Canada.
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