Passport Services Starting To Reopen In Canada

Canadian citizens who have an urgent need for a passport can once again apply by mail, as of July 31.

If Canadians are travelling in less than thirty (30) days, or need their passports immediately, they can now request in-person appointments.

If Canadians do not have travel plans, the government media announcement recommends waiting before applying for a passport. The federal government expects a delay in processing times due to excess demand for passports, and the safety measures carried out to protect staff and Canadians.

Canada has also expanded the simplified renewal process, which allows Canadians to apply to renew their passport without resubmitting their citizenship documents and a guarantor declaration. Canadians whose passports expired on or after Feb. 1, 2019 can now use the simplified process within two (2) years after the expiry date rather than just one year.

Currently, Service Canada Centers are delivering passport services by appointment only. The federal government webpage offers an online tool to help Canadians find the nearest Service Canada location near them.

“Clients who need a passport in less than thirty (30) days are advised to make a request for an appointment,” said former-immigration minister Ahmed Hussein in a media release, “The returning of in-person public access to Service Canada offices will build on the new services ‎that was implemented and will continue to provide convenient assistance to those who need help in accessing our benefits and services.”

Canadians who are living abroad can contact the closest Government of Canada office for travel document services. These offices are providing different levels of passport services, depending on their local conditions.

Refugee travel documents and identity certificate continued to be processed on an urgent basis.

“Reopening Canadian passport services by mail and extending in-person appointments for those who need a passport in less than thirty (30) days is a major first step toward resuming regular passport services in Canada, while prioritizing the health and safety of Canadian citizens and staffs,” Marco Mendicino, Canada’s immigration minister said in the media release.

“Travel advisories and restrictions still remain in effect around the world, but we are aware that many people need a passport for essential travels or to plan for the future and we are putting every effort to help them access these services.”

For more detailed information on how to apply for a passport is available on the Canadian government webpage.