Peru Artist Visa – Documentation, Fees, and Exemptions

Regardless of how it may sound, there’s a Peru artist visa made for travelers in that line of work.

To buttress this point, we would love to inform you that the Peruvian government has slated out different types of visas for specific purposes.

So, just like the Peru artist visa, you can find other types of visas that will guarantee a successful entry into the Peruvian corner of the world.

Perhaps you are an artist and would love to visit Peru and stay for a while. Rest assured, you will get all the information you need to enjoy a smooth application and entry.

Other types of Peruvian visas

Now, we can not proceed further if we do not stop short and list out other types of Peru visas available for foreigners. 

So, aside from the artistic visa, the Peruvian government has made traveling easier for everyone in different capacities.

Under the Peruvian temporary visa, you can apply for:

  • The Peruvian tourist visa
  • Volunteer visa
  • Business visa
  • Student temporary visa

These visas are also the Peruvian short stay visas because the duration is just a few months before expiration.

Moving on, if you plan to visit Peru and stay longer, you need one of the following visas:

  • A retirement visa
  • Family visa
  • Student visa
  • Work visa
  • Religious visa

These are long-term visas for anyone looking to travel and stay in Peru. 

Who needs a visa to travel to Peru?

Before you begin to think about the process of securing a Peruvian artist visa, you should know this factor.

Not everyone requires a visa before traveling to this country. There are nationals from visa-free countries. It means that while others will need to go through the hassles of securing the appropriate visa to Peru, others from these visa-free countries can visit easily. For this route, you must have a Peru TAM card.

Furthermore, there are other ways to travel to this country with a visa or even a TAM card. Here, you need an ID card which is all you need.

Nationals from countries like: Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, and Argentina can visit Peru without a visa or a passport but just with their ID.

It did not stop there. There are still countries that require a green card from another country for them to visit Peru visa-free. Countries like China and India fall into this category.

So, here is the rule. Nationals of China or India who hold a green card or permanent residency permit in Canada, the United States of America, or the United Kingdom can travel to Peru visa-free.

In continuation, nationals from the Schengen area can come to Peru without a visa and stay for up to 180 days.

Therefore, the idea is to make an inquiry and know where your country falls in.

If finally, you discover that your country does not fall into any of the above. And, if you want to visit Peru as an artist, you need to pay more attention now.

Who needs Peru artistic visa?

People from non-visa-free countries who participate in sports, music, dance, cultural activities, or show any artistic duty, can apply and travel with the Peruvian artist visa.

Except you do not plan to showcase these activities in Peru, you can apply for any other kind of visa. 

So, doing any of these artistic activities in Peru as a visitor without holding this visa will attract penalties for you.

How to apply for a Peru artist visa

When you are ready to apply for this visa to Peru, your promoters or sponsors in Peru will begin the process from their end first.

The show promoters in Peru will apply to the Superintedencia Nacional de Migraciones del Peru office on your behalf.

The Migraciones office has the authority to approve the visa application or not.

At this point, you and your promoters must be patient because the visa application takes a long month to pass through a lot of scrutiny and tables before it comes out.

So while at it, let your promoter be sure that they everything by the book.

Perhaps your application sailed through after the waiting period, and they authorized your visa, the applicant will follow up the next step.

The visa applicant will move to the consulate and ask for an appointment date. Applications you submit at the consulate after your appointment can take the consulate at least five working days to look over them.

The consulate will approve your visa and decide when you will make your travel.

Documents required for the consulate appointment

The appointment with the consulate will seal the Peru artist visa application. So be sure to get your documents ready ahead of the appointment date.

Not filling out the documents well or making mistakes will not help you to scale through.

More so, putting down false information can not only deny you the visa, it will disqualify you and blacklist your name for future reference.

Except the consulate asks for more documents, the general document you need to submit at the Peru consulate office include:

Peruvian visa application form that you have correctly filled out and signed

  • Your passport
  • Visa application fee
  • Passport-size colored photograph

How to pay for your Peruvian artistic visa

The only verified methods of paying for your visa are either through a credit or debit card payment or through a bank transfer.

Any other payment route, is not recognized by the Peruvian government. If you wish to make your payment through bank transfer, then, you should use the consular account number stated below.



Ref Number


Sort code


You must be careful and stick to the rule when you make payments through this channel. You must include details like your name and surname to show you as the reference.

So when you print out your evidence of payment, it must bear your full name, sort code, and account number. Else, the consulate will not acknowledge your payment.

Peru artist visa cost

The cost of the Peruvian visa varies. It is why you need to know the actual visa you are applying for.

The artists who want to travel to this country will pay a visa fee of $50.

How long does the artist visa stay valid?

Most of the short-stay visas to Peru last for a specific uniform duration. And that includes the artist visa.

So, except for tourists, business, and crewmen visas, all other short-stay visas like your Peruvian artist visa have a duration of 90 days.

  • A business visa stays valid for 183 days.
  • A tourist visa remains valid for 183 days.
  • While the crewmen visa lasts for just 48 hours.


Aside from the tourist and the diplomat visas, you can apply for a visa extension while in Peru. Luckily, the visa extension does not apply to just the artist visa holders. Other short-stay visas have an extended period that you can apply for.

For the artist visa, you can extend it for an extra 30 days.

The religious visa can have an extension of an extra one year.

Same as a student visa, an extra one-year extension. The crewmen’s visa gets a 15 days extension.

Consequences for overstaying your visa expiry date

Maybe you could not finish up with the business that brought you into the country, and you also failed to extend your visa.

If this happens, Peru finds a way to punish you for overstaying your welcome.

Punishments come in form of fines. The government will fine and you must pay the sum of $1.25 for every day of your overstay.

So, when you exit the country finally, you must pay this penalty in cash. That is you must calculate the number of days you overstayed and pay the money cash in full.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the United States among the visa-free countries?

It all depends on the reason for traveling to Peru. Nationals of the United States can travel to Peru for tourism without applying for a tourist visa.

However, this is where they draw the line. Travelers from the United States on other missions to Peru aside from tourism will have to apply for a visa from the Peruvian consulate in America.

Can Peruvians travel to the United States without a visa?

Just because US citizens have the privilege of going to Peru without a visa does not mean Peruvians can travel to the US without a visa.

Regardless of the intention, you must apply for a United States visa before you can travel. In essence, Peru do not have a visa-free agreement to enter the US without applying.

Furthermore, some short-stay visas to the US will require you to apply for the B1/B2 visa. It is also known as the tourist visa but can serve other travel purposes.

Is Peru a Schengen area? 

The Peruvians can enter any Schengen zone without a visa. It is among the country with the visa-free agreement. 

So, anyone from the Schengen area can enter visa-free to Peru and vice versa.


To round off this article, we must mention the diversity in Peruvian visas. And just like the Peru artist visa, other temporary visas, even the long-term visas have their unique application rules guiding them.

Applying for the artistic Peruvian visa as you can see, will not make you break into a frustration-filled sweat. It’s a straight, smooth, and easy ride that will begin with your promoter and end up with you.

But always stick to the rules and do not rush to cut corners.

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