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Steps on How to Obtain a Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa

Are you nearing retirement? Or have you retired from your work? You live in Peru with a Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa. However, you must prove that you can earn up to USD 1,000 monthly.

Peru is a South-American country with a population of 33,105,273. However, what makes Peru a top destination for immigrants is not just the population of the nation but the ancient culture and civilization.

For this reason, visitors interested in ancient history and archaeology troop into this country each year. And you can be one of them. But you must have a visa to achieve that. Hence, the importance of this article.

What is Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa

Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa or retirement visa is for senior international citizens who wish to live in Peru after retirement. This permit allows them to stay in Peru indefinitely, depending on the decision of the officer who issues the visa. However, before you can get this type of visa in Peru, you must show proof of retirement fund of not less than USD 1,000 per month.

In addition, you must be able to cater for each accompanying dependant traveling to Peru with you. Therefore, you must present an extra USD 500 for each person.

Requirements for Peru Rentier Immigrant or Retirement Visa

You may wonder what it takes to obtain a Peru Rentier Visa. Fortunately, the requirements are the same as other types of visas in Peru, like the Peru Business Visa. They include:

#1. Your passport

You will need a passport to obtain a Peru Rentier Visa. It must be in good condition. Furthermore, the travel document must be valid for at least six months from the time you travel to Peru. Moreover, it will contain two blank pages for your visa stamp.

#2. Peru Rentier Visa application form

Another document you need is the application form. The form will help you to provide the information about your travel. The information you need to give out includes the following:

  • your name
  • place of birth
  • nationality
  • the purpose of travel
  • the duration of your travel

#3. Passports pages

You will also need the photocopies of your passports. Thus, you will photocopy the front and back pages of your previous travel documents.

#4. Photos

You must provide three recent photos of the same size and color. The picture must show at least 70% of your face. In addition, it must be 4.3 X 3.5 cm in dimensions.

#5. A cover letter

Your cover letter will contain a detailed explanation of your travel to Peru. In the letter, you will provide the reasons for traveling to Peru. It will also bear your name, nationality, and other personal details. The information you provide must be the same as the ones on your documents. Otherwise, you will not receive a Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa.

#6. Flight ticket

You also need a flight ticket to Peru. However, it must not be an actual ticket. It can, however, be a flight reservation. In addition, it must show your travel plan while in Peru.

#7. Proof of accommodation

Since you plan to live in Peru, you must show proof of residence in Peru. Your accommodation must not be a hotel reservation. It can be a rented apartment, a letter from your host proving that the host has a place for you, or any other document showing you have a house in Peru.

#8. Proof of financial means

You also need a document as evidence of sufficient financial means while in Peru. Thus, applicants for a Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa need at least USD 1,000 for themselves and an additional USD 500 for their dependents. To prove this, you can present a bank statement, proof of the pension you will receive while in Peru or proof of rent in Peru.

#9. Police clearance certificate

You need a police record from both your local police and Interpol. Therefore, you must contact the appropriate authorities for the certificate. Otherwise, you may not receive your visa to visit Peru.

#10. Proof of payment for Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa

Before you receive your Peru Retirement Visa, you must provide evidence of the visa fee you paid for your residence permit in Peru.

#11. Form F-007

You must download Form-007, fill it out and upload it back to the website. Without doing it, the Peruvian embassy in your country of residence or origin will not process your application for the visa.

#12. Proof that you will receive your pension in Peru

You will present a sworn statement that your retirement salary will be paid in Peru using the banking system.

#13. Affidavit from a notary in Peru

In addition to the other documents, you must also present a sworn statement in front of a notary in Peru. The affidavit must show that you are applying for a Rentier Visa in Peru and meet the requirements. Thus, you will not work while in Peru.

Steps to apply for Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa

To apply for a Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa, you must follow the guidelines below. They include:

Step1. Contact the Peruvian Embassy in your country

The first step to applying for a Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa is to contact the Peruvian embassy in your home country or residence. You will get the visa requirements from them. In addition, you will book an appointment with the embassy or consulate.

Step 2. Obtain the list of the documents for the Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa

After contacting the embassy, you can look for the list of documents for the visa. You can get it from the website.

Step 3. Collect the documents for Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa

Once you have seen the list of documents for your Peru visa, the next thing to do is to gather all the documents. If you miss any files, you will not receive your permit. As a result, you must exercise caution when selecting them.

Step 4. Attend your visa appointment and submit your documents

You must be at the Peruvian embassy in your country on time for your meeting. Otherwise, you will not obtain a visa to Peru. While visiting the embassy, you must take all the documents you need, including the application form.

Step 5. Attend the interview for your Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa

You may need to attend your visa interview the same day you submit your documents. So, you must be ready for the interview. During the interview, you must give the same answer in your documents. If you provide contrary information to what is in your form, you will not get your Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa.

Step 6. Pay the Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa fee

After the interview, you must pay your visa fee at the embassy. Without your receipt of payment, you will not get your Peru Retirement Visa. Therefore, you must come with the receipt of the visa fee when you come to collect your permit from the Peruvian embassy.

Step 7. Wait for the processing of your Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa

The final step is for the Peruvian embassy to decide on your application. Therefore, you must wait for them to process your form and other documents. And then take their final decision. Once a decision is made. You will get a notification from them to come and collect your visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to obtain a Peru visa?

It usually takes five working days to process an application for a Peru visa, especially if your documents are complete. However, it can take up to 30 days if a problem occurs during the processing.

How long is a Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa valid?

Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa does not have a validity period. In other words, its validity is undefined. It depends on the decision of the officer to issue you the visa.

How much is a Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa?

There is no general price for a Peru visa. It depends on the country and the Peruvian embassy. Therefore, you must contact the Peruvian embassy in your country to know the price of the permit.

Where can I obtain a Peru Visa?

To obtain a Peru visa, you must visit the Peruvian embassy in your country of origin or residence. However, you can use a representative of the embassy. But the final decision lies with the Peruvian embassy in your nation.

Can I work with my Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa?

The Peru Rentier Immigrant Visa does not allow you to work in the country. It only allows you to stay in the country as a foreign retiree. However, if you want o work in Peru, you must acquire a Peru work visa.

Do US citizens need a visa to visit Peru?

Nationals of the US, Schengen Area countries, and some countries do not need a visa to visit Peru for up to 90 days. However, if they plan to stay longer than 90 days, they must apply for the correct Peru visa.


In summary, all foreign nationals who wish to retire in Peru can do so. However, they must meet the requirements above. They must also follow the steps we have provided. Otherwise, it will be hard for them to obtain a Peru Rentier Immigrant visa. In addition, you must contact the Peruvian embassy near you to find the documents you need when applying for your retirement visa in Peru.

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