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Peru Visa Requirements – How to apply, Fees and Validity

Have you been dreaming of going on a trip to Peru? Then, you need to know about the Peru visa requirements before applying for a visa. Peru is a South American country with an area of 1,285,216 km2. Peru has a population of over 33,105,273 million people. The country is famous for being home to one of the longest histories of civilizations in any country.

Is Peru worth visiting? Lovers of adventures and ancient history will enjoy visiting the Republic of Peru. However, you need to know the Peru visa requirements before traveling. This article will do justice to the visa application process, fees, and Validity. Sit back and enjoy!

Peru Visa Policies

The Peruvian authorities make entering the country relatively hassle-free. For example, the Peru visa policies allow many people to enter Peru for tourism without getting a visa. Furthermore, some countries’ nationals can enter for business without obtaining a visa.

Peru visa policies allow many travelers from other countries to enter Peru without needing a tourist visa. Moreover, these nationals can stay up to 183 days without an option for extension. Hence, they can enter Peru with a valid passport. These countries include citizens of the European Union, Andorra, Australia, Bahamas, Belarus, Brunel, and so on.

However, if you’re not among those given exemptions, you need to know about the Peru visa requirements before applying for a Peru visa.

Who can enter Peru with only an ID card?

Additionally, citizens of some South American countries have the privilege to enter Peru visa-free with their ID Cards. The following are the countries that can enter except Venezuela.

  • Argentina
  • Brazil
  • Paraguay
  • Uruguay
  • Ecuador
  • Colombia
  • Bolivia and
  • Chile

The countries mentioned above don’t need to know about the Peru visa requirements even for business purposes.

Types of Peru visa

As a foreigner trying to enter Peru, the type of Peru visa you’ll apply for depends on the reason behind your journey and the intended stay there. In the same vein, you must obtain the required documents in the Peru visa requirements for the type of Peru visa you need. Here are the two types of permits for Peru.

#1. Temporary visa

This type of Peru visa is primarily for foreign nationals that want to enter Peru for tourism, business, and other short-term purposes. Holders of this type of visa can stay for one hundred and eighty-three days per year without having an option of extension. You can apply for it online as long as you’re from countries and territories that need to obtain access to enter the country for any reason. Hence, you need to know about Peru Visa Requirements.

#2. Residence visa

The Peru Residence visa is suitable for foreign citizens that want to reside in Peru permanently. It’s valid for a year and is more prolonged. The good news is that you can renew it. Additionally, it’s granted for employment, family reunion, studying, and so on. Does Peru require a visa for U.S citizens that want to reside permanently? They need access to do that and know the Peru Visa Requirements.

Peru Visa Requirements

You need a visa to enter Peru, depending on your country and trip purpose. To apply for it, you need to complete several procedures highlighted by the Peruvian authorities.

Collecting and submitting essential documents for a Peru visa is crucial. These documents can make or mar your Peru visa application. The relevant authority will proceed and check your application based on your purpose of entry, background, and financial capability. Here are the required documents for a Peru visa.

#1. Valid Passport Photocopy

Firstly, you need a valid passport that’s valid for at least another six months after the date of your arrival in Peru. Additionally, it would help if you made photocopies of your passport’s front and back. Finally, the access must have two blank pages for the visa stamp.

#2. Application form

A fully completed application form is one of the Peru visa requirements for Indian citizens. They must make two copies of their visa application form if they’re applying for a tourist visa without a Schengen visa. All your answers should be in block letters to be vivid. Lastly, Applicants should use black ink if they’re filling by hand.

#3. Photo

Three recent photos in color are part of Peru visa requirements for Chinese citizens applying for a residence permit. It must be in line with provisions such as your face covering around 70% to 80% of the photo.

#4. Flight itinerary

Proof of travel is among the Peru visit visa requirements for Pakistani citizens. It can be a round-trip ticket reservation to Peru.

#5. Proof of accommodation

Another essential document of the Peru business visa requirements is proof of accommodation. It can be an official letter from your sponsor showing they will be responsible for where you’ll stay. Additionally, it can be a hotel reservation in Peru.

#6. Proof of financial means

Proof that you can financially support your journey to Peru is part of the Peru Visa Requirements for Nigerian citizens. It can be in the form of your recent bank statements, fixed deposits, etc.

#7. Cover letter

A cover letter demonstrating the purpose of your trip to Peru is an essential document for your visa application. Please note that you must sign it at the end of the letter.

#8. Letter of invitation

An applicant coming for business purposes should have a letter from a sponsor stating that they will take responsibility for covering the costs of boarding and lodging. It should come along with a valid identification document of the sponsor and proof of financial solvency of the sponsor.

#9. No-Objection Letter

Employed applicants should have a no-objection letter from the employer to fulfill one of the Peru visa requirements for Indian citizens. It should be in writing, and the employer should append their signature. The letter should entail how long you have been working with them. It should also include the purpose of your trip to Peru and the duration of your stay.

#10. Medical Certificate

A medical certificate is also part of the Peru visa requirements for U.S. permanent residents aiming to obtain permanent residency in Peru. Therefore, applicants must have a negative molecular or antigen test result or proof of complete vaccination.

How to apply for a Peru visa

Before applying for a Peru visa, you should get to know the location of the closest Peru consulate in your country of residence. Then, you should follow the steps listed below in the correct order.

#1. Contact the Peruvian Embassy in your country of residence

It would be best to visit the Peruvian embassy to know whether you need to make a visa appointment. It can make it by phone, email, online, or show up at the embassy. The procedure is different from one country to another.

#2. Obtain the complete list of the necessary documents

As soon as you reach the embassy, it would help if you asked the person in charge of setting an appointment at the embassy for the required documents. You can also get the complete list on the website of the Embassy of Peru in your country.

#3. Collect the necessary documents

After obtaining the complete list of the necessary documents, you should gather the required documents. The papers should meet the criteria stipulated by the authorities of Peru. You’ll get a rejected application if you fail to meet the requirements.

#4. Attend your visa appointment and interview

Congratulations, you have gathered all the papers you need. The next step is to attend the visa appointment with it. Lateness to the embassy will lead to the rescheduling of the appointment date. Furthermore, you will need to participate in an interview with a consular officer. The officer will ask you some basic questions based on your intended trip, background, and other things.

#5. Pay the Peru visa fee

What is the Peru visa fee for Pakistani? People will have to pay a visa fee of $30 for a Peru visa. You can either pay it at the embassy or a particular bank. After spending at the bank, you’ll return it to the embassy and submit the payment receipt.

#6. Lastly, wait for notification from the embassy. 

You’ll get a message to come for your passport coupled with the decision of your application.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a Peru visa take?

The Peru Visa processing time is up to thirty days. However, if there are no issues, your application will undergo processing within five days.

Does a Filipino need visa to Peru?

A Filipino does not require a visa to enter Peru for Tourism purposes. All they need is a Philippine passport valid for at least six months and two empty pages for the stamp.

They can stay in Peru for up to 183 days. Suppose they’re waiting for more than the stipulated days; they should request an extension through the Peruvian immigration office and know about the Peru visa requirements.


In conclusion, to apply for a visa to Peru, you will need to provide certain information, including your full name. It can also be your date of birth, passport number, and country of citizenship. In addition, you must pay the visa application fee and provide a passport-style photograph. Your visa will be valid for 183 days from the date of issuance. What else? You can start your application now.

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