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Philippines Spouse Visa – Application, Fees, and Requirements

The Philippines spouse visa is not for everyone that plan to visit the country. Instead, it is a visa created out of the need to cement couples’ love stories and join them back together.

Since we all know the pain couples go through from staying away from each other. The Philippines government, among other visas, created the Philippines spouse visa to close the gap between spouses who find themselves staying apart.

So, if you found love in the Philippines but are skeptical about how you will successfully move to the country with your love, we have the answer ready with the details of how you can apply for this visa.

Who needs a Philippines spouse visa?

The Filipino spousal visa is meant for the spouses of Filipino citizens that are non-citizens. 

However, they must meet some requirements that qualify them for this visa.

Furthermore, there are specific countries that the Filipino government approved for this visa.

Also, the citizens of these specified countries have the gender the visa favors. That means it is not for everyone from the country and depends on how long you’ve been married to your Filipino spouse.

Take, for example, an Iceland, Nigerian, or Israeli national who must be a male and must be married to a female Filipino citizen.

Nationals of countries like Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, and Lithuania can apply for this visa so long they’ve been married to their Filipino spouse before April 2001.

So, you check with your country and know what works for you as a spouse to a Philippines citizen.

What is the Philippines Spouse Visa called?

The Philippines spouse visa is called the 13A Non-Quota immigrant visa. It is a permanent residence visa specially made for spouses.

Therefore, you can not use the 13A Non-Quota immigrant visa to study or work in the Philippines or use it for any other purpose.

Thankfully, the Filipino government has other visas that answer the needs of other travel plans.

You can also travel to the Philippines with a tourist visa and convert it to a spousal visa at immigration.

Rules guarding the Filipino spousal visa application

Say your country qualifies to apply for this visa, and you are the right candidate and spouse. However, you must be ready to follow these guidelines if you want your application to come out successfully.

First, your Philippine spouse must be willing and ready to attend an interview if immigration requires it.

Also, you must submit your documents in English. Other foreign languages used in writing your document should have an English language translation.

If there’s a kid involved, and one parent of the kid is a Filipino, then the kid is automatically a citizen. This is according to the Republic of the Philippines’ constitution.

Again, the immigration officer may ask for more documents if they feel it is necessary. Also, the immigration officer may decide to change the requirements without giving you a heads-up.

Any document like the PSA (Philippines Statistics Authority) sourced outside the country must go through the authentication process of the Filipino embassy. Not just that, you will pay a fee for the assessment of the documents.

If the applying spouse was once married, before getting married again to the current Philippine citizen, the spouse must present the marriage annulment of their previous marriage.

Furthermore, if a marriage happens between a Philippine citizen and a non-citizen in another country, they must register the marriage in the Filipino embassy or consulate.

If a Filipino citizen gets married to a non-citizen in Argentina, they must register the marriage in the Filipino embassy or consulate in Argentina.

And if the marriage to a non-Filipino took place in the Philippines, the marriage must be registered accordingly and documented by the Department of Foreign Affairs in the Philippines.

Lastly, any spouse of a Filipino citizen applying for the Philippines spouse visa must go for a medical examination. They must get a medical form from the Philippine embassy.

Requirements for the Philippines spouse visa

Before you proceed to the Philippine embassy to apply, it must be certain that your country is eligible and you are the gender that is allowed.

Say all is clear for you to apply, then you must assemble these documents

  • Letter of request for a visa. The letter must be from your Philippine citizen spouse and duly addressed to the Filipino embassy
  • A correctly filled out visa application form
  • Size 4×4 passport photograph. The passport must have a white background 
  • Your passport data page must remain valid even after six months from the departure date
  • Birth certificate. Original and a copy
  • Marriage certificate. The original and a photocopy

Extra document

Proof of enough funds that can sustain you and your spouse in the Philippines. This may be in the form of stocks, properties, bank statements, or any other legible means.

Birth certificate of the Philippine citizen spouse. The original and photocopy. This birth certificate must have the Philippine Statistic Authority’s signature.

Police clearance certificate from your country of residence

A health certificate that proves that you are in good health. This will include an x-ray from the recognized physician

Present yourself always

How long before you get a Filipino spouse visa?

Once you meet all the requirements, the application process may take up to two or three months.

When the embassy approves your visa, you will receive a one-year probation status to stay in the Philippines. At the end of the probation, you will go through an evaluation.

Now, this evaluation is to assess your stay so far in the country and check if you deserve a change of status. Suppose you successfully pass the assessment, you will receive permanent resident status.

Can you work with the Philippines spouse visa?

It depends on your assessment journey. You will be under probation for one year as a new person in the Philippines with a spouse visa.

And during that period, you cannot get employed or work with your status until you receive permanent resident status.

But, you can apply for a special work permit if you must. The special work permit will give you the right to work for at least three months, and it will expire. So, to stay working, you must renew the license and keep renewing it every three months until you receive your permanent residency.

Can you travel to the Philippines without a visa?

 The answer is yes. Nationals of some countries are allowed to travel to the Philippines without a visa and stay for 30 days. Still, you must show some documents before you travel.

Also, note that you can not stay longer than 30 days without a visa in the Philippines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a visa on arrival in the Philippines?

Citizens of some countries can travel to the Philippines on a visa. This route of travel will permit you to stay in the country for 59 days.

Also, travelers with visas on arrival have specific entry ports where they will wait in line to show their documents to the immigration officer. The immigration officer decides if they are qualified to proceed or not.

You must pay a cash visa fee at the port of entry when it’s your turn.

Can I apply for a Philippine electronic visa?

The electronic travel visa is available in the Philippines. Travelers can now apply for their visas online and ease off the stress of physical application.

More so, the holders of this visa can stay in the Philippines for a maximum of 30 days.

However, this opportunity is only open to Taiwanese. Before you apply for the electronic visa, you must own a valid Taiwanese passport.

Can I extend my tourist visa to the Philippines?

Visa extension applies to visitors with tourist visas and visa-exemption visitors.

Once your visa expires but you have not finished what you came for, you can apply for an extension of stay.

All you need to do is visit the immigration office in the Philippines and submit an application to extend your stay.

What documents do I require for a Philippine visa as an Indian?

  • Your Indian passport. It must be valid for six months 
  • Visa application correctly filled out and signed
  • Letter of purpose. This letter must detail the reason for the visit
  • Two passport photographs in color backgrounds
  • Evidence of your three months salary
  • Proof of hotel accommodation in the Philippines
  • Your six months bank statement
  • Evidence of your three years tax return
  • Letter of leave from your employer or school
  • Credit card with a minimum of $500

Please note that the immigration officer may ask for more documents if they need to.

What does the embassy check during an interview?

The embassy does many background checks on anyone applying for a visa, even before they come for an interview.

More so, the embassy checks before conducting an interview include the criminal records, security checks, biography, and documents for authenticity, verifying the applicant’s identity.

Other checks may take place before the interview date.

What can disqualify a visa applicant?

A few things can disqualify you from getting a visa even if you have all the documents.

First, a criminal record will quickly disqualify you from getting a visa. Also, overstaying in another country you traveled to previously. 

Another reason is drug activities, money laundering, and breaking any law can make an embassy deny you a visa.


True, you may be married to a Filipino, but there are requirements that you must meet before the Philippines spouse visa works for you.

Check your country’s status with the Philippines and know if you must apply.  

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