Plan Your Future With A Pre-Master’s Program At The University Of Adelaide College

If your wish to enhance your future by continuing your education at a respected Group Of Eight University in Australia, then you are in luck, the University Of Adelaide College is the best option for you. The university is located in the safe welcoming South Australian capital of Adelaide, UoAC give students the opportunity to achieve their best in their studies and also ensures they’re supported and comfortable in their social surroundings. The college really prepares students for an Australian study abroad experiences, with its proximity to the beach and cosmopolitan buzz of the city.

Plan Your Future With A Pre-Master’s Program At The University Of Adelaide College

Complementing the adjustment process of a new country and culture, the University of Adelaide College offers a Pre-Master’s Program (PMP) that gives you the best start to your overseas postgraduate education.

The college is the first education provider in Australia that provides a postgraduate bridging course to a Group of Eight University and the preferred pathway provider to undergraduate and postgraduate study, at the University of Adelaide College, you’ll have the opportunity to join a prestigious network of leading education providers.

Upon the successive completion of the PMP, taught over two semesters, entry to the second semester of your choice of postgraduate degree at the University of Adelaide will be guarantee.

What does the Pre-Master’s Program provide?

The Pre-Master’s Program provides a myriad of study benefits which is accredited by Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA). In the first bridging semester, your study and research skill along with English academy language writing, reading, listening and speaking skills will be developed.

In order to complete your PMP and successfully graduate into the second semester of your choice of Master’s degree at the University of Adelaide, you will be required to study five courses in the bridging semester as well as four courses that are related to your chosen Master’s degree in the Pre-Master’s semester.

With the choice to progress to a postgraduate degree in diverse fields such as Business and Economics, Health Sciences and the Arts, the PMP provides you with the advantage of a perfect study to your Australian university experience, especially if you want extra time in deciding the direction of your career.

Appreciating the time and freedom granted by the PMP to a Master of Professional Accounting, Yike Huang from China greatly improved her study techniques and strategies while attending UoAC.

Studying in Australia can be quite challenging as it is a different thing entirely to studying back home in China, but the College staff have been very helpful. The learning support and extra tutorials are great, and I can imagine if students go to university straight after high school that it would be very difficult,” Yike explains.

Offering students extra support in their English and academic study skills, the teachers at UoAC are there to assist students with any questions or study tactics.

For Yike, a special mention goes to her PMP teacher, Mona Umapathy. According to Yike, Mona Umapathy our PMP teacher “spent a lot of time with us and answered any questions the class had and was very patient. When I felt down as a result of a disappointing mid-term exam result, I went to Mona and she helped me plan a study schedule. Since then, I’ve adopted the study strategies that Mona gave me for the rest of my study period and I’ve seen my results improve which I am so happy about.”

The PMP at UoAC doesn’t just grant you extra preparation in the form of four additional months to your degree, but also pairs you with professors who genuinely care about your progression and academic success.

How does the Pre-Master’s Program benefit my student life?

As a student at the University of Adelaide, you will have direct access to the University of Adelaide campus as well as joining any of the clubs and societies on offer. You’ll form friendships with other students on the same route and share your whole experience in Australia together.

UoAC’s convenient location simply means you can explore the Central Business District of Adelaide and take a short stroll to the University of Adelaide’s main campus.

The university’s revolutionary three-level, AU$42 million learning hub can be accessed by college students. Named ‘Hub Central’, it brings together learning and social spaces with student information services, creating a new meeting place for students from all programs and courses.

For Jiaqi Liu, a Pre-Master’s Program to Master of Accounting and Finance student from China, the reading room in the library was one of his favourite places on campus.

I think the process of learning here is a great transition into university. For me, this is my first time studying abroad and the College provides a chance to let me adapt to study and live here,” Liu notes.

In the process of forming new friendships with local and international students, Liu also formed supportive alliances with the UoAC teachers.

To be honest, I think College teachers are outstanding and they are very experienced and patient. It’s very difficult for me to choose who my favourite teacher is because I like all of them who taught me. They have all been a positive influence, helping me to face future setbacks with a better attitude,” he said.

The ultimate study abroad package, the PMP at the University of Adelaide College combines supportive faculty members with informative modules to ease the transition into further studies.

Life at the University of Adelaide College is an eye-opening educational experience providing enriching and engaging cultural, academic and career opportunities for international students.