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Poland Student Visa – Easy Application Guide and Documentation

Poland is a top destination for outstanding students. In fact, it has the most accreditable educational system in all of Europe, with about 400 institutions where you can get a university degree. However, you may need to obtain a Poland student visa if you’re not a citizen of the countries that have visa-free access to Poland.

Therefore, we have simplified the application process and given the list of documents you need for your visa application to access the excellent educational system in the country. Read on for more information.

About Poland Student Visa?

The Poland student visa is a visa type that is offered by Poland, specifically to international students whose country is not part of the EU/EEA.

Basically, if your country is part of the European Union or other countries with no visa requirements for Poland, you will only need to register your residency with your valid ID card and necessary travel documents to study in Poland.

On the other hand, if your country has not reached a visa-free consensus with Poland, then obtaining a Poland student visa is a necessity to assess the quality educational system in the country.

Eligibility Criteria for Poland Student Visa

As an international student wanting to study in Poland, you must show untampered proof that you are visiting Poland for educational purposes to be eligible for the student visa. It is important to note that this visa type is specific for academics, and you must obtain the visa at the nearest Polish consulate or embassy in your home country. Thereafter, can put in for a temporary residence permit when you arrive in Poland before the expiration of your student visa

Documents needed for Student Visa Application

Without a doubt, to apply for the Poland student visa you will need certain documents for your application. Check below for the necessary documents you need to apply for the visa.

#1. Student visa application form

You need to obtain at least two Poland student visa application forms online. You can find it on the E-Konsulat website. ensure to fill in the right info.

#2. Passport size photograph

Basically, you will need to obtain at least two similar passport size photograph that was taken not more than 3 months ago. Mind you, the photo must follow the Schengen guidelines for photos.

#3. Health insurance

Without a doubt, obtaining health insurance is very crucial for a student in Poland. This insurance will cover you for some time before you set up your long-term student health coverage in Poland.

#4. Proof of accommodation

Being a student in Poland, you definitely need a place to settle down in. Therefore, you must provide a document that satisfies that you have a place to live, it could be a student apartment or dorm.

#5. An invitation letter

You can apply for the Poland student visa with an invitation letter if you are unable to reach a rental agreement or dormitory contracts in Poland. However, the letter must be written by the guarantor, specifying that they will be able to accommodate you during your studies in the country.

#6. Statement of account

No doubt, you have to provide proof of sufficient funds to provide and fend for your need as a student in Poland. This statement of account could be your bank account or other forms of financial proof.

#7. Acceptance letter from a university in Poland

Importantly, you must provide proof that you have been officially accepted to pursue a degree program in a registered university in Poland. Note that your letter must be signed by the authority in the university you applied for, having your name, length of study, and type of study in it.

#8. Language proficiency results

The official language in Poland is English. Therefore, you need to provide proof that ascertains that you can read, write, and communicate in the English language. This proof can be in form of your academic certificate or diploma that is not older than 3 years. And yes, you wouldn’t have to prove your English language proficiency if English is the primary language in your home country.

#9. Scholarship documents

If you are studying in Poland on a scholarship, you have to provide documentary proof of your scholarship worth. The scholarship must provide you with at least €631 monthly, for it to be valid.

#10. Relationship status

Also, you need to provide evidence of your relationship status for your Poland visa application, and if you are married, you can tender your marriage certificate.

#11. Proof of flight schedule

Without a doubt, you must have booked a flight before the submission of your documents and your interview. Therefore, you can tender your flight ticket as proof.

How to apply for a Poland Student Visa

Basically, applying for a Poland student visa is an easy but strategic process. The stepwise guide on applying for the visa is given below. Read carefully!

Step one: Obtain admission

The very first step to obtaining a Poland student visa is to confirm your admission to an institution in Poland. Mind you, you are also to provide any evidence of accommodation before you apply for the visa.

Step two: Book an appointment with the Polish Embassy

Upon receiving an admission letter, you can look out for the consulate or embassy that is nearest to you to book an appointment. More so, you can book an appointment online through the E-Konsulat website.

Step three: Prepare all necessary documents

There are various documents you need for your Poland student visa application process. We have given the list above, check for more information.

Step four: Submit your application at the embassy

Basically, you must visit the Poland embassy or consulate to submit your documents and application yourself. And yes, do not meet your appointment date.

Step five: Attend the interview

Some Polish embassy or consulate may not need to interview you for your student visa. They can judge if you’re eligible for the visa through your documents. But if the consulate or embassy in your home country requires one, ensure that you attend, fully prepared.

Step six: Wait for your results

After everything has been put in place, you can wait for your visa application results. It usually takes about 15 days before the decision of your application will be communicated to you. However, in some cases, it can take longer.

Can I work with my Polish Student Visa?

This is one of the most asked questions of every international student in Poland. It is noteworthy that you can work in Poland even without a work permit, in as much as you possess a valid residence permit.

And yes, you can work full time even as you are a student, however, you need to prove that your occupation would not affect your studies in any way. In other words, if your work affects your grade in any way, it will be difficult to renew your residence permit to continue to stay in Poland. Therefore, take note!

Reasons for Poland Student Visa Application Rejection

Basically, some of the reasons why your visa application may be rejected include an incomplete application form, invalid passport, insufficient financial proof, inadequate or missing document, or lack of travel insurance. So, it is highly important that you carefully update and select your documents for your application process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can students get visas in Poland?

There are a few ways for students to get a visa to study in Poland. One way is to get a student visa from the Polish embassy or consulate in your country. Another way is to get a visa through the Polish Education and Science Ministry. You can also get a visa as part of an exchange program or through a private school.

Can I stay in Poland after studying?

Yes, you can stay in Poland after your studies. If you want to stay in Poland for more than 3 months, you will need to apply for a temporary residence permit.

Can students get PR in Poland?

Yes, students can get PR in Poland. There are several ways to do this, including studying at a Polish university, working in Poland, or investing in property. If you can prove that you have strong ties to Poland, you may be able to get a permanent residency.

Can a student get citizenship in Poland?

Yes, a student can get citizenship in Poland. To be eligible, the student must have been living in Poland for at least 8 years and have a valid Polish residence permit. The student must also pass a Polish language test and meet other eligibility requirements.

Does Poland give citizenship to students?

Yes, Poland does offer citizenship to students. To be eligible, students must be enrolled in a Polish university and have completed at least one year of study. They must also pass a language proficiency test and meet other eligibility requirements.


Without a doubt, the Poland student visa is your sure way of gaining an outstanding academic experience in Poland (if you’re not a citizen of the European Union). Hence, start preparing your documents as soon as possible for your documentation.

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