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Poland Transit Visa: How To Apply

Suppose you are planning a trip that needs you to travel through Poland. In that case, you’ll need to get a Poland transit visa to avoid delays or restrictions of entry into the transit area of a Polish airport.

Travelers from non-Schengen Area countries, not holders of diplomatic passports, need to obtain a Polish transit visa to travel through a Polish airport to another country.

It is without a doubt that Poland is a European Union (EU) country with a visa-free entry policy for citizens of any of the 26 countries in the Schengen Area. Suppose you aren’t a citizen of a Schengen Area country. In that case, you’ll need a visa to visit or transit through the Republic of Poland.

Poland transit visas are issued at any Polish embassy or consulate worldwide. Many tourists and businesspersons often travel between European countries to reach their destination. The Republic of Poland has no exemption from these countries.

Read on to discover more about the Polish transit visa, including its exemptions, requirements, fees, processing time, the application process, and more.

What is a Poland transit visa?

A Polish transit visa is a type of visa that creates possibilities for travelers to pass through Poland while on their way to another country.

To be eligible for a Polish transit visa, you must possess several documents, including a valid passport, photos (passport-sized), a visa, and a flight ticket of the destination country, among others.

Besides, Poland’s A-type airport transit visa permits travelers to stay within the transit area of a Polish airport as they wait to change flights to their destination country. Be aware that you cannot use this visa to explore the Republic of Poland.

Exemptions for Poland transit visa

Suppose you’re any of the following individuals. In that case, you do not require a transit visa to pass through one of Poland’s airports to another country.

  • family member of an EU, EEA, or Swiss national
  • diplomatic passport holder
  • holder of a US, Canada, San Marino, Andorra, Japan, Schengen Area country, or an EU Member State residence permit
  • holder of a valid visa of a country in the Schengen Area, the United States of America, Canada, or Japan
  • flight crew member who is a citizen of a country involved in the ICAO Chicago Convention of the United Nations

Poland transit visa fees

The amount for applying for a transit visa to travel through Poland to another country is currently €60. This fee is compulsory for all foreigners who intend to travel through one of Poland’s airports to another country.

Processing time of Poland transit visa

Without a doubt, you need to consider the Poland transit visa processing time while applying to get one. It helps you plan ahead and understand when to expect the embassy or consulate’s decision.

Most times, it takes up to two (2) weeks to process applications for Polish transit visas.

Poland transit visa requirements

To obtain a Polish transit visa, you’ll have to meet specific requirements, including submitting all of the following documentation.

  • Completed application form for a Polish transit visa
  • A valid travel document or passport that has not less than two (2) blank pages
  • Two (2) passport-sized photographs that correspond with specifications
  • Proof of travel health insurance, which must be valid and valued at €30.000
  • Proof of connecting flight from a Polish airport to your destination country. To meet this requirement, you can provide a copy of your flight ticket and visa to the country.
  • Evidence of €60 payment for transit visa fee

Remember that Polish embassies and consulates need these documents to process transit visa applications. Without any of them, you may not get a visa.

Steps to apply for a Poland transit visa

Suppose you are planning to obtain a transit visa to help you travel through a Polish airport. In that case, the following steps can facilitate a successful application for you.

  1. Accumulate all required documents for your visa application
  2. Fill out the visa application form
  3. Book an appointment with a Polish diplomatic mission nearest to you
  4. Visit the embassy or consulate and submit supporting documents
  5. Allow time for the diplomatic mission’s decision

STEP 1: Accumulate all required documents for your visa application

As the first step in applying for a Poland transit visa, you’ll need to put together certain documents as stated above.

Of course, diplomatic missions (such as embassies and consulates) need these documents to process visa applications.

STEP 2: Complete the visa application form

The second step in getting a Polish transit visa requires you to complete an online application via E-KONSULAT, which is the official website of Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

By registering with E-KONSULAT, you’ll be able to express your interest in a transit visa to travel from Poland to another country.

STEP 3: Book an appointment with a Polish diplomatic mission nearest to you

Here, you can schedule an appointment with an embassy or consulate of Poland anywhere close to your location. Some diplomatic missions allow people to book an appointment via the internet, which is relatively easy and convenient.

Take note that you must book an appointment before visiting most embassies and consulates.

STEP 4: Visit the embassy or consulate and submit supporting documents

After successfully booking an appointment with a Polish diplomatic mission, you will have to visit the embassy or consulate on your appointment date.

Be sure to visit on time and submit all required copies of supporting documents. You also need to pay a visa fee of €60 to the Polish diplomatic mission.

STEP 5: Allow time for the diplomatic mission’s decision

The processing of Polish transit visas takes up to 15 days. This means you’ll need to wait until the embassy decides on your transit visa application.

If approved, you can start your journey and travel through a Polish airport without having a delay.

The validity period of a Poland transit visa

Polish transit visas are valid for not more than 24 hours. During its validity period, you must not leave the airport’s environment or enter any of Poland’s cities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who needs to get a Poland transit visa?

Suppose you are a citizen of a country, not visa-exempt from visiting or traveling through Poland without a visa. In that case, you must get a transit visa before leaving your residence. The visa authorizes you to stay in a Polish airport for up to 24 hours while you wait to board your connecting flight to your destination country.

Where do I submit my application for a Poland transit visa?

You can tender your application and supporting documents for a Polish transit visa at an embassy/consulate in your home country or via a visa application center. Make sure that your application includes all required documentation.

Can I transit through Poland without a visa?

Of course, you can journey through Poland without a visa since you hold a valid diplomatic passport, Schengen visa, residence permit of a Schengen Area country, residence permit or visa of the USA, Canada, Japan, etc.

Is a transit visa required for Poland?

Yes, a transit visa is required for passage through the Republic of Poland. You need to apply and obtain the visa before your date of travel. The visa authorizes you to stay in a Polish airport’s transit area for up to 24 hours, during which you must transit through the airport.

Is it easy to get a Polish transit visa?

Yes, it is easy and involves little or no challenges in getting a transit visa from the Republic of Poland. However, you must submit proof of further transit to the destination country, which should be a valid visa and flight ticket, among other supporting documents.

How long does Poland transit visa processing take?

It takes about two weeks to process transit visa applications to travel through the Republic of Poland to another country.

What are Poland transit visa requirements for Indian citizens?

Indians need to obtain a transit visa to travel through Poland to their destination. They must submit their visa application at the Polish embassy or consulate in India. It is equally important that their visa application includes a valid passport, a filled-out application form, and a travel itinerary. Their application also requires a fee of €60.

What is the duration of a Poland transit visa?

Transit visas to help you through any of Poland’s airports are valid for a maximum of 24 hours. This implies that your Polish airport stay shouldn’t exceed 24 hours.


In summary, a Polish transit visa is an excellent option for travelers passing through the country en route to another country. It requires its holders to change flight within 24 hours of arriving at a Polish airport. For a small fee of €60, you won’t be stranded making your way through Poland to your destination.

We believe that this article was helpful in knowing many things about the Polish transit visa. Thanks for reading!

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