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Poland Visa: How to Apply, Types, Documentation and Duration

Poland is a country well-known for plenty of amazing things. By applying for a Poland visa, you’ll be able to visit the country to carry out your purpose of travel without restrictions.

Although Poland is a tiny country, you’ll have so much fun throughout your stay in the country. Poland has a total area of 312,696 km2 and a population of 38,179,800 as of 2021.

Some of the major cities in Poland include Warsaw, Szczecin, Łódź, Wrocław, Kraków, Gdańsk, and Poznań.

These cities have many unique places to keep you and your family busy, creating more fun moments. Such locations include the Palace of Culture and Science, Wawel Royal Castle, Wieliczka Salt Mine, Malbork Castle, Warsaw Uprising Museum, the Cloth Hall, etc.

Please continue reading to explore more about all types of Poland visas, including their requirements, fees, the application process, duration, and more.

What is a Poland visa?

A Poland visa is a document that authorizes foreigners to travel and stay in the country for a fixed period.

Not every foreigner must apply for a Polish visa, as there are exemptions for persons who need it. These include citizens of European countries in the Schengen Area.

Types of Polish visas

There are wide-ranging types of Polish visas, depending on your purpose of travel to the country.

These include:-

#1. Poland Schengen Visa

This type of visa lets foreigners remain in Poland for not more than 90 days. You can surely get a Polish Schengen visa for sightseeing purposes, business, or to undergo a medical procedure in the country.

#2. Poland Student Visa

Suppose you’re an international student from a non-European Union country. In that case, you must apply for this visa for authorization to live and study in Poland. To qualify for this student visa, you must have received a letter of acceptance from a Poland-based university.

Aside from applying for a Polish student visa, you must also apply for a student residence permit.

#3. Poland Work Visa

This type of Polish visa creates possibilities for its holders to live and work in any part of the country. However, it requires your employer to visit a local Voivodeship office to submit a request for a work permit on your behalf.

#4. Poland A-Type Airport Transit Visa

With this visa, you’ll be able to stay in a Polish airport’s transit area to take your connecting flight to another country. However, remember that the A-Type Airport Transit Visa does not allow exit outside the airport.

#5. Poland Family Visa

This type of Poland visa is ideal for persons who want to join a family member residing legally in Poland. The family member must be either your parents or spouse. Its validity period is two years.

During your stay in Poland, you can work for a Polish employer.

Processing time of Poland visa

It takes two (2) weeks to process Polish visa applications for foreigners from different parts of the world.

However, the application processing may sometimes require a more extended waiting period. For example, it may take up to 45 days.

How much does a Poland visa cost?

The fees charged for Polish visas vary depending on the type of visa you intend to get. You have to budget between €60 to €80 no matter your purpose of travel to the Republic of Poland.

€80 should be enough for your visa fees to Poland.

What are the requirements for a Poland visa?

Here are the documents you need to process your visa application with a Polish diplomatic mission.

  • Completed and signed visa application form. Note that the form is the same as the Schengen visa application form.
  • One (1) copy of a valid passport. It is equally important that your travel document is valid for a minimum of three months after your return from the trip.
  • Two (2) passport-sized photographs
  • Evidence of travel health insurance with coverage up to €30,000
  • Proof of enrollment in a school or a No-Objection Letter. The letter shows your authorization to leave school and return after your trip.
  • Proof of accommodation, such as a letter from the host (if staying with a family member or friend), hotel reservation, rental agreement with the landlord, or evidence of short-term rental in Poland
  • An employment contract or a job offer letter. In place of this document, you must provide an account statement of your earnings in the past six (6) months.
  • A cover letter that describes your purpose for traveling to Poland
  • Proof of funds that is enough to cover your living expense in Poland
  • Proof of relationship, like a marriage certificate (if the person hosting you in Poland is your spouse)
  • A flight itinerary that provides information on your flight bookings, such as their date and time
  • Evidence of visa fee payment

How to apply for a Poland visa

You need to follow the steps here in applying for a visa to travel to Poland for any purpose.

  1. Make ready all required documents
  2. Get in touch with a Polish diplomatic mission for an appointment
  3. Complete the Poland visa application form online
  4. Visit the diplomatic mission to submit supporting documents
  5. Consider the visa application processing time and wait for a decision

Step 1: Make ready all required documents

The first step in applying for a Polish visa involves gathering all supporting documents for your application.

Such documents include a valid travel document, travel health insurance, flight itinerary, job offer letter, and proof of funds.

Step 2: Get in touch with a Polish diplomatic mission for an appointment

#2 out of the five steps in applying for a Polish visa requires you to contact the Polish embassy/consulate in your nearest area. They will help you book an appointment.

Step 3: Complete the Poland visa application form online

After scheduling an appointment with a Polish diplomatic mission, the next step is to apply online through E-KONSULAT. It is necessary to complete your application quickly.

Step 4: Visit the diplomatic mission to submit supporting documents

The fourth step in applying for a Polish visa requires you to visit the embassy or consulate to submit all the necessary documents. Remember that you may also participate in an interview on your appointment date.

Step 5: Consider the visa application processing time and wait for a decision

In most cases, the processing of Polish visa applications takes a minimum of 10 days to a maximum of 14 days. Therefore, you must consider this when applying for a Poland transit visa.

Hence, you have to wait for up to two weeks before you can receive a decision from the embassy or consulate.

Duration of Poland visas

Most Polish visas are valid for 90 days over 180 days. On the other hand, certain types of Polish visas have a duration longer than three months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the validity period of a Poland visa?

A visa for the Republic of Poland has a validity period of 90 days within six months from the date of its issuance. You are to leave Poland without exceeding the expiry date specified on your visa.

Is it easy to get Poland visa?

Yes, it is easy to obtain a Polish visa irrespective of your country of residence. You can apply for it in person at an embassy or consulate or via the internet to initiate the process. Besides, Poland’s visa application process involves no difficulty and is straightforward. Most embassies and consulates in Poland process visa applications within a few days.

Does it take long to get a Poland visa?

No, it usually takes around 15 days to get a visa to help you enter Poland for a purpose. However, note that there are few cases where Polish visa processing takes more time, which may be up to 30 days.

What type of Polish visa allows foreigners to stay longer than 90 days?

The Polish visa that makes it possible for foreigners to stay longer than 90 days is the D-type national visa. It’s a long-term visa open to foreigners who want to enter Poland to study, work, or change their environment.

What are the reasons behind the rejection of Polish visa applications?

There are several reasons why Polish visa applications can become unsuccessful. These include not providing the required documents, not meeting the visa requirements, holding a damaged or invalid travel document, invalid travel health insurance, and more.

Can I use a Schengen visa to travel visa-free across its area countries?

Yes, you can surely use a valid Schengen visa to enter Poland and other countries in the area without any further visa application. The Schengen Area consists of 26 European countries in an agreement allowing citizens visa-free entry and exit in participating countries.


In summary, getting a visa to Poland can be a confusing and tedious process for beginners. Therefore, preparing all supporting documents and following the application procedures is essential.

By reading this blog post, we believe that your concerns have become nothing of worries. Thanks for reading!

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