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How to Get Police Clearance Certificate for Canada Immigration

If you want to immigrate to Canada, you and everyone in your family over the age of 18 must receive a police clearance certificate to see if you have a criminal record.

Also, students and temporary foreign employees may be asked to provide a police certificate by visa offices.

Police clearance certificates are a must-have, and failing to provide them may result in your application being denied.

Before it’s too late, double-check that you understand the requirements for your file.

This article will provide you with all of the information you need to obtain a police clearance certificate for Express Entry immigration to Canada.

What is Police Clearance Certificate Canada?

In general, Police certifications are provided by police agencies or government departments and are used by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) to restrict people from entering the country who constitute a security risk.

Thus, a copy of your criminal record or a certification that you do not have a criminal record will be provided by the police or government department.

In different nations, police certifications are known by different names.

Since you turned 18, you must obtain a police certificate from any nation or territory where you have lived for six months or more.

Consequently, you may be required to submit photographs, fingerprints, a list of your addresses, and facts about your time of residence in each country or territory where you have lived for six months or more, as well as pay a charge.

Why do immigration ask for police character certificate?

Indeed, if you wish to immigrate to Canada, you are expected to be of good character and will be judged according to the character standards.

Hence, a police clearance certificate is frequently required to meet the character standards.

Clearly, this document is important in your immigration application since it proves that you have not been involved in any criminal activity.

Besides, it aids immigration officials in weeding out criminally minded persons from their pool of applicants.

It’s also known as a certificate of good behavior or a judicial record extract in other countries.

Eventhough, it is known by different names in different areas or countries, it is the identical document required by Canadian immigration officials.

When will IRCC ask for my police character certificate?

First, if you are eligible for one of the Express Entry-linked Canadian immigration programs, you must create and submit your Express Entry profile.

If your profile has a good enough score under the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS), you will be picked from the pool and awarded an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian permanent residence.

After the ITA has been received, the police certificate will be required as part of the final permanent residence application.

How To Get Police Certificate Outside Canada?

If you are currently outside of Canada and need this document, you must get your fingerprints taken by a national police authority.

While this can be challenging in France, it is acceptable in other countries of the world.

Hence, you can get your fingerprints on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s official form (C216C) or on another document that includes: rolled and flat impressions of all ten fingers taken with black ink, full name, date of birth, and sex of the applicant, name, address, and signature of the official taking the fingerprints.

Also note that, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police do not accept paper applications.

Therefore, to submit the application online, contact one of the certified private companies that will convert your information to an electronic format and provide you with a Certified Criminal Record Check.

Again, on the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s website, you may obtain a full step-by-step approach (RCMP).

Applying Process for oversea non citizens

  • First, to obtain a Police clearance certificate by mail, you must apply with the “Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services” (post).
  • next, include a copy of the completed application, all relevant documents, and payment information, as well as finger prints collected from a local authorized agent or authorities.
  • Subsequently, you may now send these documents to the following address:
  • Your application will be handled by the appropriate department. You will receive the certificate in accordance with the rules.
  • Address:

The Director,

Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services,

RCMP, NPS Bldg, 1200 Vanier Parkway,

Ottawa, ON K1A 0R2.

Police Clearance Certificate Processing Time

Only after receiving a ‘Clear’ report from police authorities, which must be made available in the system by the concerned Passport office, can a police clearance certificate be produced.

In particular, Depending on where you live, this process could take up to eight weeks.

Also, keep in mind that receiving a ‘Clear’ report from police authorities does not guarantee that a PCC will be provided within the specified time limit.

After Police Verification, the report is transmitted to the respective Regional Passport Office (RPO) for uploading purposes.

In view of this, you should examine your requirements for acquiring the certificate well ahead of time and submit your applications to the appropriate police agencies.

In addition, the police character certificate is valid for six months and can be sought for in advance if it is expected to be required for permanent residence or the renewal of a work permit/study permit, among other things.

Police Clearance Certificate From India

Indian citizens who are seeking legal permanent resident status in Canada, must obtain an immigrant visa at the Canadian consulate or Canadian embassy nearest to where they live in India.

Clearly, the immigrant visa process begins when you submit application to the immigration refugee and citizenship Canada (IRCC).

After IRCC approves your application, you will receive an invitation to apply (ITA) for permanent residence for Canada

In addition, you will be given instructions and a list of the documents you must submit, which include the following:

  • your birth certificate,
  • marriage record,
  • proof of financial support,
  • visa photographs,
  • and Police Clearance Certificate.

Where To Apply PCC?

If you are currently residing in India and you want to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from India, please see the table below to see where you can get the certificate:

Open table to see where to get PCC
Nationality and Residence Age Need a Police Clearance Certificate from
If you are living in India and your Indian passport was issued within past 6 months you are 16 years old or older Passport Office
If you are living in India and your passport was issued more than 6 months prior to visa application you are 16 years old or older
  1. Passport Office
  2. The District Police Office near your place of residence
If you are an Indian passport holder and is living outside India you are 16 years old or older Local Embassy or Consulate confirming you have no criminal record (a statement from Embassy or Consulate is acceptable)
If you are an Indian passport holder and currently living in India, but has lived in another country (except for the U. S.). you stayed in the foreign country for twelve or more months after reaching the age of 16 years.
  1. Passport Office
  2. District Police Office serving your place of residence (if the passport was issued more than 6 months prior to visa application)
  3. District Police Office serving your place of residence (if the passport was issued more than 6 months prior to visa application)

Country of previous residence, if available

If you are a non-Indian immigrant visa holder living in India you are 16 years old or older District Police Office serving the area of your residence

Procedure For Obtaining Police Certificate From India

In India, the procedure for obtaining a police clearance certificate is as follows:

Application Form:

First, you must fill out a Miscellaneous Application Form No. 2 to apply for a PCC.

These application forms can be obtained from the Passport Office or downloaded from their website.

Secondly, the completed application form can be submitted either personally or through an agent who has your signature on an identity document and an authority letter.

Unless the concerned official specifies differently, just one application is required.

Application Fee:

Next, along with the application form, you must pay a sum of Rs.300/-. This charge is payable in cash or by bank draft made payable to the Regional Passport Officer.

In case of bank draft, you should write your full name and date of birth behind the bank draft.

Documents Required:

The following documents must be supplied with the application form in order to get a Police Clearance Certificate:

  • A valid original passport;
  • Proof of residence; and
  • If the applicant has not stayed at the present address for the last one year, a set of 3 completed Personal Particulars Form.

Processing time:

Finally, a Police Clearance Certificate usually takes Seven working days to get from the date of application.

How to get Police Certificate within Canada

If you are currently residing in Canada and you want to obtain a Police Clearance Certificate from inside Canada by yourself, follow the application process for citizens and non-citizens below.

Application process in Canada for non citizens

  • Criminal Record check can be applied at provincial police station or Local police.
  • Contact Link: https://www.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/cont/index-eng.htm
  • Visit the respective office. Have your fingerprints taken.
  • #Don’t forget to bring the required copies of documents to the office, as well as the originals.
  • Please follow the recommendations provided by the authorities and submit the completed application along with all required documents.
  • If any charges are incurred, the applicant must pay them as instructed.
  • This application will be processed by appropriate department.
  • The certificate can be picked up at the office where the applicant applied in person, or it will be mailed to the applicant after notification or issued according to the rules.
  • Address:

The Director,

Canadian Criminal Real Time Identification Services,
RCMP, NPS Bldg., Loading Dock #1,
1200 Vanier Parkway, Ottawa ON K1A 0R2.

How Long is a Police Certificate Valid for Canada?

In Canada, a Police clearance certificates are only valid for 12 months.

As a result, you should wait until you receive an ITA before applying for one; otherwise, the ITA may expire before your application is processed.

However, PCC can take a long time to arrive. And this can be difficult to handle because you only have 60 days from the time you receive your ITA to submit an application.

Likewise, If you applied for police clearance certificates but did not obtain them in a timely manner, you must produce proof of your application.

Clearly, this will buy you some time while you wait for the police clearance certificates to arrive.

In conclusion, when applying for express entry and some other visas for Canada immigration, you must submit a Police Clearance Certificate.

In fact, it’s a declaration that tells the consular officer whether you have any criminal convictions on your record or if your name is clear.

Knowing when you’ll need one and how to get one can save you a lot of time and hassle. It’s already stressful enough trying to figure stuff out at the last minute.

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