7 Popular Study to Immigrate Courses in Canada

There are degree programs that grant international students easy access to becoming a Permanent Resident in Canada. Here’s seven of them!

Let’s talk about popular study to immigrate courses in Canada for international students. Study to immigrate is a special purpose immigration pathway that allow International students to easily apply for permanent residency upon completion of their academic program.

Usually, the students are exposed to gain relevant work experience immediately after graduation, which they now use to apply for Canadian Experience Class pathway

Canada is seen as the best destination for immigrants because of government policies that support immigration onto Canada.

Foreigners can migrate into Canada to study, live and work there and also enjoy its unique and incredulous culture.

Canada has a good immigration program for immigrants who will choose Canada as their destination for 2021-2023 with the plan being to invite 401,000 immigrants only in 2021.

So, if your plan is to study abroad you can look for any of the best PR courses in Canada which will help you to get a Canadian Permanent Residence upon graduation. 

Students who study in Canada can make use of the numerous opportunities available to them upon graduation from school. Therefore, students who have completed their courses can enroll on any PR course to fast track their chances of getting PR in Canada. 

There is list of courses that students can choose from which will benefit them. Students can obtain good degrees form Canada universities after which they will get a job in Canadian firms and startups, they can also choose to enroll in PR courses available in Canada.

Why Study in Canada?

There are many reasons why students choose Canada as the best destination to continue their studies.

So, it is good that you know some of the reasons why Canada could be your next destination for your post-secondary education.

Canada is amongst the most friendly countries in the world when it comes to visitors and foreigners.

It is a wonderful country to settle in because of its scenic beauty, pleasant weather, free universal healthcare where Canadians and permanent residents do not have to worry about huge medical bills and world-renowned educational institutes.

Apart from being friendly and welcoming to foreigners, Canada has been ranked as one of the best places to live as the citizens don’t only enjoy the freedom and a good environment, but also enjoy the low crime rate of the country. So, you can raise your family in Canada without thinking much about security. 

Citizens and permanent residents in Canada also enjoy Canada’s good education system with some of the best universities in the world. 

Canada as a country has two official languages in English and French, so, you have the opportunity to express yourself and people understand you easily because the two most spoken languages are Canada’s official languages.

It is one of the countries that have and enjoy a unique multicultural blend of lifestyle to all its citizens. 

Study to Immigrate: How to choose a course in Canada for PR?

The best PR courses in Canada can facilitate your journey to becoming a Canadian Permanent resident if you choose the right course for you. Many factors are put into considerations while choosing a PR course in Canada. The things you must consider include:

  • The skill job you want to pursue in Canada.
  • Know the course in Canada for PR that will land you that skilled job .
  • Look closely at each program’s information, the eligibility, the availability program length, the cost, and the employability of the graduates.
  • Check the accessibility of the DLI location 
  • The living conditions surrounding that school.
  • Then do your research about the eligible PNP streams applicable to that program or skilled job.
  • Consider the employability of your spouse before deciding on the international student’s study program.

Student-to-PR pathway

When you have finished considering the above factors and conditions, you must then make sure that you follow the process below for your PR. Steps for study to immigrate include:

  1. First, you know the reason why you want to come to Canada.
  2. Second, you’ve already calculated your CRS score.
  3. And third, by using the CRS calculator you are already convinced that the student-to-PR pathway is your best bet for Canadian immigration

5 Study pathways to permanent residency in Canada

Being a student helps to facilitate your journey to becoming a Canadian permanent resident, but there are also good programs organized by the Canadian government to help immigrants who want the permanent residence to follow depending on their peculiar situations.

This is known as the express entry system organized by IRCC. The following are options of study pathways to permanent residency in Canada. They include:

  1. Canadian Experience Class programme
  2. Federal Skilled Worker Program
  3. Provincial Nominee Program
  4. Permit for Post-Graduation Work
  5. Québec Experience Class

Canadian Experience Class programme

Students who are eligible for Canada Experience Class program can use the program to facilitate their PR in Canada. The program puts certain factors into consideration, they include:

  • age,
  • language proficiency
  • level of education,

To be eligible for Canada experience class through the study to immigrate program, you must have at least 12 months of  Canada work experience(full time). 

Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker is a program under the express entry system organized by the IRCC. It uses the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) to score and rank candidates against one another putting certain factors like age, language proficiency, work experience into consideration.

You will also need at least 12 months of Canadian work experience (full-time).

Provincial Nominee Programs

Every province in Canada can nominate eligible candidates for Canada PR under the Provincial Nominee Program organized by each provinces in Canada.

Students can take advantage of the PNP programs on the province in which they have lived and worked since, provinces give special slot for residents who have live and work in the province while selecting candidates.

Certain provinces like Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and others have special programs for international students where they give opportunity to students who have graduated from the post-secondary program in the province and this, nominate them for PNP.

The requirements for this program may be work experience or job offer which makes it faster. 

Permit for Post-Graduation Work

This is not a direct study to immigrate program because it down not give you opportunity to apply for permanent residence in Canada.

The advantage is that it allows you to live in Canada after graduation as an international student.

This allows you to live and work in Canada thereby getting enough Canadian work experience needed for PR.

This is done so that the candidates can work with any employer in the country and apply for a visa through CEC.

Quebec Experience Class

Students woo have completed their studies vin Quebec either in Vocational, Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree programs can directly apply under this program since it doesn’t require work experience from them.

It helps students who studied in Quebec to have easy access to Canada Permanent Residence.

Best Study to Immigrate Courses for Permanent Residency

On completion of certain degree programs, students can get jobs in top companies in Canada.

Here are some of the best long and short-term courses for PR in Canada that help the students to fetch you lucrative jobs and opportunities:

Master of Business Administration

One the best courses for PR in Canada is MBA. A student who is aspiring for Canada permanent residence is advised to enroll for MBA as it is one the courses that guarantee you decent employment upon graduation.

There are many job opportunities for students who graduate from an MBA program. You can get employment in many industries including Banking, Consultancy, Investment and Managing Finance jobs, etc. 

Computer Science/Information Technology

Another big course for PR in Canada is Information Technology engineering and computer science.

This field has a global attraction as it is a booming industry. It boasts of courses like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Big Data, and much more which attracts high wages.

Students who graduate from any of these programs are eligible for jobs like Software Developer, Engineer, Cloud Architect, Data Scientist, Technical Writers etc.

Business and Finance

Business and Finance is a global industry for great minds who want to pursue a career in the finance industry.

Many business and economics graduates get jobs in fields like investment management, banking, stock market, insurance, etc.

Engineering and Management

Another PR friendly course in Canada is Engineering and Management where students can pursue a career in any engineering field.

This is an in-demand job in Canada because there is an acute shortage of skilled workers and many regions of the country such as Toronto, because of its huge manufacturing sector, attract jobs in these particular fields.

There are many Canadian cities like Montreal, Calgary and Edmonton that are lucrative markets for such degrees.

As a professional, you can easily find jobs in sectors like Civil, Mechanical, Electrical-Electronics, Chemical and Engineering Management.

Healthcare & Medicine

There are various programs and courses in the medical fields lime Medicine, Bioscience and Healthcare.

These courses are recommended for professionals who are skilled and professional in their particular fields because it will facilitate their application for Canada permanent residence.

Students in the medical field upon graduation can get works in the pharmaceutical sectors, nursing, and other advanced areas like biotechnology and other sciences.

Journalism and Media Communications

We now live in a pandemic world which has made certain sectors like e-commerce and other online business industries to start booming.

And the truth is that they have come to stay because people now find it more comfortable doing their transactions online.

So, students are advised to pursue a career in this field for the sake of their Canada Permanent Residence.

Many Jobs are available to students in companies looking for creative writers, content creators, journalists, publicists, and digital managers who understand the space and can help companies grow in the digital sphere.

Students also have a chance in various fields that like public relations, which is one of the most trending jobs at this time.

Program Information for Canada PR Courses

Since you have an idea about the best PR courses in Canada, it is also useful to know certain information about the programs.

Designated learning institution 

You must make sure that the program you choose is eligible for PGWP and that your school is included in the Designated Learning Institution in Canada.

This is an easy task which can be seen a designated website for learning institutions list.

Program’s Eligibility

You must meet the eligibility criteria for the program you choose. Any program you wish to enroll in has special requirements you must meet. DLIs have unique ways of assessing your background education.

Program availability in Canada

You must also check to know if the program you enroll in is available in Canada. Every institution has a special semester for new intakes.

Apart from checking if your program is offered in Canada, you must also check to know when your program starts so that you know when to go to Canada. 

Program duration: 1 year vs 2 years

The type of program you apply for also determines how long your PR will take. If you apply for one year program, you will earn another one year of PGWP while a two-year program will attract three years of PGWP for you.

The length of your program of study should depend on your chances of getting a PR status after studying.

Know your CRS score

You must also consider your CRS score since it is a requirement for PR in Canada. The higher your CRS score, the more chances you have of getting Canada permanent residence.

So, you must try to know your CRS score even before you go to Canada for your studies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of becoming a Canadian permanent resident?

Some of the benefits of getting PR in Canada include:

  1. Access to social benefits for Canadian citizens including Canadian health care, freedom to live, work, and study in any Canadian province or territory
  2. freedom to eventually apply for Canadian citizenship and protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
What are the best PR courses in Canada?

The best PR courses in Canada include the following:

  •  MBA, 
  • Engineering,
  •  Digital marketing,
  •  Public relations, 
  • Finance and banking, 
  • Data science 
Who Can Apply for Canadian Citizenship?

Only candidates that have attained the age of 18 years can apply for Canadian citizenship but candidates under the age of 18 years can apply under the following conditions:

  • the child in question must be a permanent resident of Canada, but is not required to have lived in Canada for three years; and
  • one parent is already a Canadian citizen or is applying to become a citizen as well. 

We hope this article about the study to immigrate programs in Canada will help you achieve your dreams of making Canada your permanent country of residence after school.

Also, check out our Canada visa assessment page to calculate what your scores may be.