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Possibilities For The HIV Positive In The IELTS Test

There is definitely no discrimination for those thinking of the chances or possibilities for the HIV Positive In The IELTS Test in order to migrate to Canada. I will like you to look through the experience of Folarinwa in Nigeria who is anticipating on migrating to Canada. But she is worried about the chances for the HIV Positive in the IELTS Test.

FOLARINWA stated that she is HIV positive, but wants to know if she can take the IELTS test because of the medical screening stage involved in the immigration process.

Response: Dear Folarinwa, I will like you to know that that is just an English test. We will like to know if you are trying to study in Canada and maybe become PR.

FOLARINWA responded that she is HIV positive but waiting for her medical test. She is not sure of what to do, and eventually what will happen by the time it is found that she is HIV positive.

Response: Dear Folarinwa, there is no point in hiding it because they will find out. Though I am not sure of your whole case, however, spousal sponsorship does not involve a medical inadmissibility clause. HIV positive people can immigrate to Canada so long as their care does not cost beyond the indicated limits. Though each person’s case is different, many HIV positive applicants have immigrated to Canada. You should also be informed that Canada does not have a national pharmacare program. You will just have to look for employment that can provide drug coverage because not all jobs do.

Therefore it is possible for an HIV Positive candidate to take the IELTS Test for the purpose of migrating to Canada. All you need do is to get through the right channel for you.

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