14 Pre-arrival Services in Canada for Immigrants and Visitors

Pre-arrival services in Canada remain the best tool for exploring Canada before your arrival as immigrant.

Every year, hundreds of immigrants move to Canada in search of a better life. It must feel overwhelming making that big move. However, in Canada ‘the city of opportunities’, you have much less to worry about. With Canada’s pre-arrival services at your disposal, you are sure of a smooth and comfortable transition packed with all the knowledge you require for the Canadian experience.

Are you a visitor or an immigrant preparing for a new life in Canada? If so, this guide will provide you with detailed information on what pre-arrival services are, pre-arrival service letter, invitation to pre-arrival services, categories of immigrants eligible for the services, how important they are to immigrants, benefits of pre- arrival services and the different pre-arrival services.

What are Pre-arrival Services?

These are free services offered to you online or in person. These services provide you with all the necessary aid required to prepare for and adjust to a new life in Canada. Think about it like a manual for when you first get a new mobile phone.

Benefits of Pre-arrival Services in Canada to Immigrants

 You would be able to access information on;

  • How to better understand Canada
  • How to get a suitable job
  • Available free services in your locality
  • Information specific to your qualification
  • Skills training and acquisition

Who Can Receive Pre-arrival Services in Canada?

You can receive pre-arrival services if; Your permanent residency application has been approved.

Currently, you are living outside of Canada and possess one of these documents received from Immigration, refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC)

  • A confirmation of permanent residence letter
  • A passport request letter that indicates permanent resident visa issuance
  • Letter saying you can get pre-arrival services
  • Letter asking for medical exam results
  • Single entry permanent residence visa
  • Letter letting you know you can pick up permanent residence visa

You cannot receive pre-arrival services if you are going to Canada for short durations such as temporary residents living in Canada for visit, study or working in Canada on a visa.

Pre-arrival organizations can help you with personalized services specific to your needs. Whether you need a job based on your qualifications, language training, finding the perfect community, and many more services that would cushion your settlement-making it stress-free.

What is the Pre-arrival service letter?

This is a document that is sent to notify an intending immigrant of his or her success in eligibility assessments and a positive completion on a Background check. When you receive this letter it means your application process is progressing but not that your application has been approved.

What does invitation to pre-arrival services mean?.

This is a letter sent by the IRCC to an intending immigrant notifying to come for his or her permanent resident visa. Once you receive this invitation then the next is to begin to pack your loads and move to Canada.

Top List of 14 Pre-arrival Services in Canada for Immigrants and Visitors      

The different pre-arrival services offered by the different organizations in Canada give immigrants options to explore and opt for the best and compatible pre-arrival services. Take your time to go through each service captured in this guide

1. Active Engagement and Integration Project (AEIP)

This project is sponsored by the IRCC and it provides both settlement and employment services for eligible clients. It offers these services in person in China and live online globally.

This includes information on services such as health, housing, banking, education, transportation and much more.

The information is easily accessible and free. Everything can be personalized and tailored to your specific needs. The languages of this service include English, French, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

2. Next Stop Canada

Next stop Canada provides online information about health, education, jobs etc. They provide you with mentorship and the best online resources at your disposal. Information is free and accessible globally.

This service is provided by the YMCA of Greater Toronto. They also have specialized programs for youths between the ages of 12-19. These services are offered in English, French, Arabic, Bengali, Cantonese, Farsi, Hindi, Kurdish, Mandarin, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Urdu.

3. Planning For Canada

This program is sponsored by the government of Canada. It offers free services in person in India and the Philippines, and online services globally. It is free as long as you are willing to commit your time. Planning for Canada offers a three step program:

  • A group orientation.
  • Personalized planning sessions.
  • Connection to other organizations for further support. Detailed information is available at every level of settlement to cushion your migration. This project offers services in English, French, and other local languages.

4. Connexions Francophones

This project has various partners. It offers Francophone newcomers a broad range of services on how to settle comfortably into Canada.

The services are in-person in Morocco and globally online. Services are personalized too especially if you wish to find a suitable Francophone community in Canada. Connections Francophones offers services in English, French, and Arabic.

5. Canadian Orientation Abroad

This is a service specialized to refugees who are looking to settle in Canada. It comes in a broad range of Languages with rich information on topics like transportation, child care, meals, accommodation grants, interpretation, and translation.

Training is 15hrs, spread over 3 days with adult and youth-focused curricula. Use of an Interactive delivery model is utilized here. Language of service include; English, French, Arabic, Amharic, Burmese, Chittagong, Bengali, Dari, Kinyarwanda, Farsi, Kirundi, Kiswahili, Oromo, Spanish, Somali, Tigrinya, and Urdu.

Immigrate to Canada as a Court Reporter and Transcriptionist

6. Settlement Online Pre-Arrival

This project funded by the IRCC offers free services on job readiness, success and retention. It offers online courses and one on one orientation on job search support, employment counseling, and workplace culture training.

Services are offered in English and French language. Resources and courses are offered at no charge and you can get referrals to a wide range of other pre-arrival services.

7. Pre-Arrival Support and Services Program

This is a program of care centre for Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs)IENs). This program, funded by the IRCC helps nurses with the process of faster registration and employment.

Online courses, live webinars, individual case management are all included in this program. There is also the availability of mentorship connections with Canadian nurses.

This service is offered in the English language. There is no cost to enroll in PASS but IENs must have proof of graduation from a nursing school and a letter of immigration confirmation from the Government of Canada.

8. Global Onboarding of Talent Initiative (GO Talent)

The Go Talent program is a meeting place for both employers and professionals. It provides employers a platform to connect with hundreds of Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs) with an IT background.

This service is offered online globally in English and French language. Aid with preparing a resume and cover letter, an ICT board with job opportunities listed by employer partners are all part of this package.

9. BuildON 

Build on provides free online services globally like webinars, workshops, free employment consultations, and various resources for skilled trade in engineering and construction in Ontario.

They provide personal mentorship well suited for immigrants. This service is provided in English and French. To be eligible, you must be approved to immigrate to Canada and currently live outside of Canada.

10. Canada InfoNet

This service is available globally for free. It helps professional immigrants prepare for a career in Canada. Services are provided in English and French and can be a mixture of e-learning and one on one mentorship.

There is access to various employer connections and online learning tools. The online learning tools help you find and retain a job in Canada including creating a Canadian resume, understanding workplace culture and building relevant skills.

11. BCCA Integrating Newcomers

This is a government-funded free nationwide program. The British Columbia Construction Association Integrating Newcomers (BCCA-IN) offers one on one service. At no cost you get leads on jobs, detailed skills and education assessment, connection to provincial association etc.

This service is for skilled Immigrants looking to transition into a career in Canada. The BCCA supports architects, designers, engineers, estimators, and the likes. This service is provided in the English language

12. ACCES Employment: Canadian Employment Connections and Entrepreneurship Connections Pre-Arrival (CEC-ECP)

This organization assumes a sector-focused approach in preparing internationally trained professionals for the job market. They offer one on one coaching on industry-specific jobs and are available globally online too.

You can use this service if you wish to work in the fields of entrepreneurship, engineering, finance, leadership, human resources, sales and marketing, supply chain management. You can have access to self-directed online learning modules to prepare for starting a business. You can also access this service in the English language.

13. CanPrep

Can prep is a special and tailored program specific to helping immigrants across all the Canadian provinces find suitable jobs. It can match individuals with jobs based on qualifications. This service is offered globally in the English language

14. Orientation Ontario                                                                                     

Orientation to Ontario ensures immigrants a smooth transition by guidance through the entire settlement process in Ontario. It connects to local communities and provides you with ample resources from webinars to workshops.

These services are offered in English and French language. Here, there is a list of settlement planning tools to help you outline your goals, highlight where to concentrate your efforts, and act as a tool for measuring your progress.


These are the best pre-arrival services an immigrant moving to Canada can receive. Whatever category of immigrants you belong to, help will come your way. These services are free, easily accessible, and much tailored for your every need.

The programs implore the use of very practical models for a quick and comfortable transition to Canada. Best of luck to you whenever you will be immigrating to Canada