Prerequisites To Get A tier 2 Visa

Prerequisites To Get A tier 2 Visa. There are various ways to get a tier 2 visa and this has been explained in the details below.,

How to apply for a Tier 2 Visa

To apply for a tier 2 visa, you must be

  • A skilled worker
  • One from outside the European Economic Area.


To be eligible, you have to be

  • Employed by a skilled worker
  • Your sponsor ensures that you are qualified for a visa and can do the job with which you are been hired for.
  • You must know how much you have to be paid

Duration It Takes to Apply For a Tier Visa

The time it takes to apply for this visa is 3 months before you are finally due to work in the United kingdom (UK) and the decision on your visa will take 3 weeks that is only if you apply from outside UK.

Amount To Be Paid for a Tier 2 Visa

This depends on the type of visa you are applying and your residence. Though, if you are applying from outside UK, you pay £610, if you are a citizen of Turkey or Macedonia, you pay £555 and if you are are a dependent, you pay £610 per person

Shortage Occupation

If you are applying for up to 3 years shortage occupation, you pay £464, Citizen of turkey – £409 and all dependents £464 per person but if it is more than 3 years, you pay £1,220  if you are applying from outside UK, Turkey Citizen £1,165 all dependents £1,220 per person.

Those applying to to extend or switch will have to pay £19.20  for their biometric information and for you to get a faster decision on your application, you pay £477 for the priority service and £610 for the super priority service

Duration Of Stay With A Tier 2 Visa

The duration of stay is a maximum of  years and 14 days or the time on your sponsorship certificate. though you can extend the visa for up to another 5 years.


You can own more than 10% of your sponsors shares and you can get public funds and you cannot do voluntary work nor travel abroad and return to UK. You cannot also bring family members with you nor do a second job.

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