Prince Edward Island Population – Growth Rate and Present

Due to visits, immigration and study, Prince Edward Island population has not declined for years.

Certainly, Prince Edward Island population growth rate has experienced some level of increase even though it is the smallest Canadian province.

To begin with, the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island (PEI) is an isle located on the Gulf of Saint Lawrence.

Besides, Prince Edward Island is among the three (3) Canadian Maritime Provinces, alongside with New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Its official language is English.

Prince Edward Island residents also speak French, Dutch, Mandarin, Tagalog, Arabic, among other languages.

As a matter of fact, Prince Edward Island province has a total area of 2,190 mi2 (square mile), which is equivalent to 0.1% of the entire population of Canada.

According to Prince Edward Island population, the province holds tenth place in the ranking of the most populated provinces and territories in Canada.

Additionally, the most significant industries in Prince Edward Island is fishery, tourism, as well as agriculture. Prince Edward Island’s economy mainly depends on these industries in order to be successful.

Moreover, the province of Prince Edward Island is second to none because of its red sand beaches, excellent soil for farming, parks, gardens, forests, lighthouses, and so on.

Thus, there are many farms located in different areas of Prince Edward Island province. You will also take delight visiting several fun and interesting places across the province.

Above all, there are many cities and municipalities in Prince Edward Island, which includes Charlottetown, Summerside, Alberto, Cornwall, Georgetown, Kensington, Montague, Murray Harbour, Murray River, North Rustico, O’Leary, Souris, Stratford, Tignish, among others.

Prince Edward Island population 2021

Of course, the population of Prince Edward Island province consists of citizens, newborns, permanent residents, temporary residents, foreign workers, as well as international students.

Oftentimes, children are recently born within the province, which gives rise to Prince Edward Island population growth rate.

Moreover, foreign nationals keep entering Prince Edward Island for various purposes, including study, work and immigration. This also has impacts on the growth rate of Prince Edward Island population.

Thus, the table below shows the population of Prince Edward Island province by year from 2011 to 2021.

Open table to view PEI Population Statistics
Year 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021
Population 143,963 144,530 144,094 144,283 144,546 146,969 150,402 153,396 157,419 161,329 164,318

On one hand, 2011 to 2016 Prince Edward Island populations are based on the province’s last census outcomes in 2016.

On the other hand, Prince Edward Island Statistics Bureau estimated the population from 2017 to 2021.

Demographics of Prince Edward Island population

According to PEI Statistics Bureau, the table below indicates the statistics of Prince Edward Island population demographics by age and gender.

Open table to view PEI Population Statistics for age and gender
Age groupings Male Female Total population
0 to 4 3,689 3,406 7,095
5 to 9 4,233 3,999 8,232
10 to 14 4,542 4,562 9,104
15 to 19 4,660 4,505 9,165
20 to 24 7,182 5,804 12,986
25 to 29 6,358 5,309 11,667
30 to 34 4,667 4,876 9,543
35 to 39 4,727 4,913 9,640
40 to 44 4,737 4,991 9,728
45 to 49 4,941 5,230 10,171
50 to 54 5,151 5,352 10,503
55 to 59 5,725 6,010 11,735
60 to 64 5,534 5,959 11,493
65 to 69 5,045 5,385 10,430
70 to 74 4,575 4,889 9,464
75 & above 5,640 7,722 13,362
81,406 82,912 164,318

As an illustration, 81,406 of PEI total population are male while 82,912 are female.

Population of immigrants in Prince Edward Island

Indeed, thousands of foreign nationals move to Prince Edward Island province every yearly through an immigration program.

Examples of these immigration programs include Express Entry, Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program, among others.

However, below is an illustration of Prince Edward Island immigrants from year 2011 to 2021.

Open table to view PEI Population Statistics for Immigrants
Population Number of immigrants
2011 143,963 1,375
2012 144,530 863
2013 144,094 1,406
2014 144,283 1,341
2015 144,546 2,015
2016 146,969 2,263
2017 150,402 2,102
2018 153,396 2,267
2019 157,419 2,079
2020 161,329 1,211
2021 164,318 N/A

Population of Prince Edward Island immigrants by country

With reference to Prince Edward Island census from 2011 to 2016, the following are the number of immigrants based on each country.

View PEI Population Statistics for immigrants by country
Immigrants by country Number of immigrants from 2011 to 2016
China 1,395
Philippines 380
Syria 190
India 125
USA 120
UK 110
Iran 100
Nepal 80
Bhutan 70
Hong Kong 45
Vietnam 40
Egypt 35
Germany 35
Hungary 35
Russia 35
Total number of immigrants 3,360

Population of Prince Edward Island’s interprovincial immigration

As an illustration, below is a demonstration of in-migration and out-migration of people, including foreign nationals within and outside the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

View PEI Population Statistics for interprovincial immigration
ear Foreign nationals (int’l students, temporary residents, workers, etc.) In-migration (Entered Prince Edward Island) Out-migration (Left PEI to another province)
2011 206 2,620 3,238
2012 50 2,294 3,195
2013 146 2,198 3,139
2014 137 2,367 3,049
2015 567 2,874 2,844
2016 611 3,124 2,680
2017 788 3,193 3,016
2018 1,113 3,562 2,900
2019 746 4,500 3,350
2020 864 4,186 3,196
2021 N/A
Total 5,228 30,918 30,607

Undoubtedly, the above table showed that up to 30,918 people migrated to the province of Prince Edward Island from 2011 to 2020.

On the other hand, about 30,607 of Prince Edward Island residents left the province to live in another Canadian province or territory.

In addition, up to 5,228 foreign nationals (with exemption to immigrants) relocated to Prince Edward Island from another province or territory in Canada.

Largest cities in Prince Edward Island by Population

Generally speaking, the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island has only two (2) cities among numerous towns and villages.

Open table to view PEI Cities by Population
Cities Population Total area (km2) Population density (per km2)
1 Charlottetown 36,094 44.29 814.9
2 Summerside 14,829 28.49 520.5


As the provincial capital of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown is also the largest city in the province with a population of 36,094.

Indeed, Charlottetown was incorporated as a city in 1855, and is located on the Southern coast of Prince Edward Island.

Besides, Prince Edward Island province has a land area of 44.29km2 with a population density of 814.9 persons per km2.

Additionally, Prince Edward Island province welcomes international students and immigrants from various regions of the world. Majority of immigrants and international students reside in Charlottetown upon arrival to the province.

You will definitely love the sights of Prince Edward Island due to the existence of numerous tourist attraction centres.

These include playgrounds, gardens, lighthouses, parks, waterfront parks, basketball courts, theatre and musical theatres, casinos, beaches, lobster & fishing, art, history, museums, among others.

However, examples of these places are Joseph A. Ghiz Memorial Park, Brighton Beach, Charlottetown City Hall, Details Fine Art Gallery, Top Notch Charters, Heartz Shore, Saga Sailing Adventures, Queen Charlotte Armoury, Founders’ Hall Visitor Information Centre, Robert Cotton Park, Poplar Island, Red Shores Racetrack & Casino, Victoria Park, etc.


Certainly, there are distinct characteristics about Summerside city in the province of Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Of course, Summerside is the second largest city in PEI. It was incorporated in 1877.

Undoubtedly, Summerside has a total population of 14,829 with a land area of 28.49km2, as well as a population density of 520.5 persons per km2.

In addition, Summerside has several places with qualities that attract tourists and international students from various parts of the world into the city.

These include museums, parks & gardens, museums, lighthouses, fox ranching history exhibits/artifacts, arts, musics, and so on.

Hence, you can spend your leisure time at Summerside Wyatt Historic House Museum, Eptek Art & Culture Centre, Off The Wallz SummerSide, The Lefurgey Cultural Centre, Spinnakers Landing, International Fox Museum and Hall of Fame, MacNaught History Centre & Archives, Rotary Friendship Park, Bishop’s Machine Shop, Indian Head Lighthouse, Heather Moyse Heritage Park, Acadian Museum, Holman Island, Sunbury Cove, etc.

Growth rate of PEI population

The following are Prince Edward Island population growth rates on a yearly basis from 2011 to 2021.

See Growth rate of PEI Population
Year Population Rate of Growth (%)
2011 143,963 1.6
2012 144,530 0.4
2013 144,094 -0.3
2014 144,283 0.1
2015 144,546 0.2
2016 146,969 1.7
2017 150,402 2.3
2018 153,396 2.0
2019 157,419 2.6
2020 161,329 2.5
2021 164,318 1.9

In conclusion, Prince Edward Island population proved that 49.5% of the province’s residents are male while 50.5% of the populations are females.

The population also indicated that majority of Prince Edward Island residents in 2021 are aged 75+.

Besides, the only cities in Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown and Summerside holds up to one third of the province’s population.

Finally, the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island has never stopped earning the interests of foreign nationals. For this reason, you are required to examine if Prince Edward Island province is the right place for you based on your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official language in Prince Edward Island province?

English language

What other languages are spoken in Prince Edward Island?

Tagalog, French, Dutch, Mandarin, as well as Arabic

What is Prince Edward Island population by religion?

  • Roman Catholic – 47%
  • Protestant churches – 43%
  • Atheists – 6%

What is Prince Edward Island population density in 2021?
28.9 persons per km2

What is Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program?

Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP) is an immigration program that allows foreign nationals to get nomination from the province for Canadian permanent residency.

What are Prince Edward Island PNP categories?

  • PEI PNP Labour Impact categories: Skilled Worker stream, as well as Critical Worker stream.
  • Express Entry category
  • PEI PNP Business Impact category: 100% Ownership Stream, Partial Ownership, as well as Work Permit Stream.

Do I need job offer for Prince Edward Island Express Entry Stream?


Is proof of language necessary to apply for Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Program?

Absolutely, you need a valid proof of language proficiency test result equivalent to at least CLB 4

Does PEI International Graduate Stream require work experience?


What should be my net worth to apply through Prince of Edward Island Work Permit Stream?

$600,000 Canadian Dollars.