Prince Edwards Island Settlement Of Skilled Workers In Rural Areas

Prince Edwards Island Settlement Of Skilled Workers In Rural Areas. Skilled workers can easily get immigration permit to rural areas of the Canadian province like Prince Edward Island.The Prince Edward Island in Canada is the lowest province in Canada but it gives immigrants an exceptional life and a very good opportunity to settle. This province is known by its fertile farmland. the Island houses about 40,000 people.

Prince Edward Island economy And Employment.

The main industries present in the Prince Edward Island is Agriculture,tourism and fishing. This Island grows about 30% of Canada’s potatoes. The main source of income for this province is farming. Its manufacturing settings is comprised mainly of food processing.

Prince Edward Island Standard of Living

The Island offers a very affordable standard of living which makes immigrants have a comfortable life. This is to say that the cost of living is the lowest in Canada and affordable to most immigrants.

Prince Edward Island Education System

All permanent residence under age 20 are entitled to free education through the public school system. For those who wish to embark on skilled trades after secondary school, the province has provided a comprehensive program of apprenticeship and training to help people learn trade.

Prince Edward Island Health Care

The government provides universal and publicly funded health care to all citizens and legal residents in Canada. the health care service is at no cost to the patient. The plan is that all medically physical services and surgical dental service is provided to all citizens and permanent residents.

Prince Edward Island Immigration

There is an immigration scheme called the Atlantic immigration pilot. this program tries to bring in more than 2000 immigrants to the Prince Edward Island region every year.

The immigration process here is divided into three schemes which are:

*Atlantic High Skilled Program which is meant for candidates with full time jobs.

*Atlantic Intermediate Skilled Program which is meant for international graduates with full time jobs

*Atlantic International Graduate Program meant for graduates who have two years post secondary qualification obtained from a public funded educational institute.