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How To Process Driver’s License in Quebec

Learn how you can process your Quebec drivers licence as a resident of Quebec.

Driving a car in Quebec means that you must have a Quebec drivers license. This drivers license gives you the permission to drive care in Quebec. However, before you can get the license, there are certain processes involved.

Firstly, you must pass a knowledge test, pass a road test, and go for a compulsory driving course. To get a Quebec drivers licence you must visit the Quebec official website

Secondly, getting a drivers licence in Quebec also means that you must meet certain conditions like being in good health condition, attaining a certain age. 

Also, people from certain countries known as reciprocal countries can use their home country drivers licence to drive in Quebec if they meet certain conditions. 

Other provinces also have their own process of obtaining drivers licence. They include:

Hence, in this article, you are going to see the process involved in processing Quebec drivers licence. 

How To Process Driver’s Licence in Quebec

Step 1: Register for a driving course

Every resident of Quebec who wishes to drive in the province must have a Class 5 driving course. To do this course, you must register for this course at an Association québécoise des transports (AQTr) recognized driving school. This is the first step you take in order to get a Quebec Driver’s Licence. 

In addition to that, before you can apply for a learner’s licence, you must complete compulsory four modules of the Phase 1 of the driving course. Each of these modules includes:

  • an in-class two-hour theory  
  • a self-study component.  

However, these modules are done online. Apart from the modules, you must also pass the knowledge test given by the driving school. 

Step 2: Learner’s licence

After completing the driving course, you can now begin the second stage of becoming a driver in Quebec. However, you must pass the knowledge test given by the driving school. Once, this is done, you can visit a Quebec service outlet to issue a learner’s licence. 

In addition to to knowledge test, you will also be required to pass a vision test. You will also fill out a Declaration of Illness or Impairment form. 

With this, you will qualify for a learner’s permit which will be valid for 18-months. 

However, with the learner’s permit, you must always drive with a teacher or an accompanying driver who has a valid Class 5 driver’s licence for at least two-years. 

Even with the learner’s permit, you will continue with the driving school course and receive 24 hours of theory with 15 hours of driving on the road with an instructor. You must hold a learner’s licence for at least 10 months. 

Learner’s Permit Restrictions

The learner’s permit has a lot of restrictions including: 

  • Driving with a supervised driver in the passenger seat who has a full valid Class 5 licence for at least two-years or qualified driving instructor
  • Zero alcohol consumption and zero drugs in your system 
  • No driving between midnight to 5 a.m.
  • No use of handheld electronic devices 
  • Restricted to a four demerit point bracket 

Step 3: Probationary licence

The next stage in your quest for Quebec drivers licence is obtaining a probationary licence. However, for you to achieve this, you must:  

  • have held your learner’s permit for not less than 12 months
  • passed a recognized driving course
  • passed a knowledge test from materials covered in the Driving Course on the SAAQ website
  • Completed a road test. 

Probationary Licence Restrictions

The following restrictions apply to the probationary licence, they include: 

  • Restricted to a four demerit point bracket 
  • Zero alcohol consumption and zero drugs in your system 
  • Limit of one passenger (immediate family are exempt) for the first six months or less
  • Limit of three passengers after more than six months on a probationary licence
  • No use of handheld electronic devices

Step 4: Full licence

A full driver’s licence is the final stage in acquiring a graduated Quebec drivers licence. This can only be achieved if you maintain a good driving record for two-years. Then,  you may be able to obtain a Class 5 driver’s licence. Although, you do not need any road test to get a Quebec Class 5 licence, however, you must demonstrate safe, capable driving over the two-years on your probationary licence.

Full Licence Restrictions

The Quebec Class 5 licence also have restrictions which include:

  • You must drive car with auto insurance 
  • Cannot have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of more than 0.05 per cent 

How to get your driver’s licence in Quebec As A Novice

If you are a new resident to Quebec and have a valid driver’s licence from another country, you can legally use it for the first six months. After that time, you would require an international driving permit. If you become a new resident in Quebec, you are able to apply for a Quebec driving licence as soon as you settle in the province. 

To get a Quebec drivers licence as a new comer and you have never had a driver’s licence before. You must

  • to be at least 16-years-old.  
  • have the consent of your parents or guardian if you are under 18-year 

Steps To get Quebec Drivers Licence as a New Comer

  1. Register for a Class 5 driving course at a school recognized by the Association québécoise des transports (AQTr).
  2. Complete Phase 1 of the driving course.
  3. Study the online Driving Course. 
  4. Pass the knowledge test given by the driving school.
  5. Visit a Quebec service outlet to apply for a learner’s licence. 
  6. Pass a vision test and fill out a Declaration of Illness or Impairment form. 
  7. Pay the fee $72.58 CAD for an 18-month learner’s permit. 
  8. Receive your learner’s licence and be considered a beginner driver while you continue with the driving school course.
  9. Hold a learner’s permit for at least 10 months before applying for a probationary licence. 

How To Apply For A New Driver’s Licence in Quebec using previous driving experience

New residents in Quebec who want Quebec drivers licence but already had previous driving experienced can do so in two ways: 

  1. Moving from a reciprocal country  
  2. Moving from a non-reciprocal country

Moving From A Reciprocal Country

Reciprocal countries are countries which you can use their driver’s licence in Quebec.

List of Rligible Countries
  • Austria 
  • Belgium
  • France
  • Germany
  • Isle of Man
  • Japan
  • the Netherlands (including Sint Maarten, Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba and Sint Eustatius)
  • South Korea
  • Switzerland
  • Taiwan
  • United Kingdom (including England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland)
  • United States. 
Key eligibility criteria
  • At least two year’s driving experience
  • Proof of right to stay in Canada 
  • Proof of residency in Quebec. 
Steps To Get Quebec Drivers Licence
  1. Book an appointment to visit a Quebec service 
  2. Pay the Regular licence fee of $98.73 CAD per year.  

Moving From A Non-Reciprocal Country

If you are moving from a country that does not have a reciprocal agreement with Quebec you can still exchange your driver’s licence. You must hold a foreign driver’s licence that is equivalent to a Class 5 driver’s licence in Quebec for at least one year.

You will also have to prove that you are allowed to stay in Canada and are a resident of Quebec. In addition, you’ll be required to pass a knowledge test and a road test. 

Steps To Get Quebec Drivers Licence

Follow the steps below to get Quebec Drivers Licence

Step 1: Prepare for the knowledge test in advance by studying:

  • Driver’s Handbook
  • Driving a Passenger Vehicle

Step 2: Book an appointment to visit a Quebec service outlet 

Step 3: Bring proof of right to stay in Canada, proof of Quebec residency. 

Step 4: Bring your current, valid foreign driver’s licence and proof that you were a resident in that country within the last three year.

Step 5: Take the knowledge test and pay $11.70 CAD. 

Step 6: Take a road test and pay the fees for the test: $29.25 CAD.

Step 6: If you passed the road test, you will be issued a Quebec driver’s licence. A regular licence is $98.73 CAD per year. 

Quebec Drivers Licence Test

Before you can get your Quebec drivers licence Class 5 , you must pass the SAAQ knowledge test. This test normally lasts between 30 and 60 minutes. 

The test has three parts which include:

Knowledge test

  • 8 questions on rules and regulations
  • 8 questions on road signs and traffic signals 
  • 12 questions on behaviours. 
  • Number of Questions: 30
  • Mistakes allowed: 6
  • Pass mark: 80%
  • Minimum: 16

You can take these tests in either English, French, Arabic, Spanish or Mandarin. You will have a chance to retake the exam after 28 days if you fail. However, you must book a fresh appointment with SAAQ and can only retake the part that you fail.

To book a knowledge test appointment, you must:

  • have held a learner’s licence for at least 10 months. 

The free practice test (updated for October 2021):

This covers a lot of questions on road signs and road rules. Under this test you will answer questions to demonstrate your Class 5 knowledge test. To pass the practice test, you must:

  • score a minimum of 13 out of 16 questions in the Road Signs and Road Rules section, 
  • score a minimum of 26 out of 32 in the Road Situations section of this practice test. 

Quebec Drivers Licence Classes

There are 12 different Quebec drivers licence classes. Each class allows you to drive a particular vehicle type. The licence classes and their vehicle types include:

Class 1: Heavy vehicle combinationsCliquer pour ouvrir

Class 2:  Buses with a seating capacity of more than 24 passengersCliquer pour ouvrir

Class 3: TrucksCliquer pour ouvrir

Class 4A:  Emergency vehiclesCliquer pour ouvrir

Class 4B: Buses and minibuses with a seating capacity of 24 passengers or lessCliquer pour ouvrir

Class 5:  AutomobilesCliquer pour ouvrir

Classes 6A, 6B and 6C: Motorcycles, Cliquer pour ouvrir

Class 6D : Mopeds or scooters, Cliquer pour ouvrir

Class 6E: Three-wheel motorcyclesCliquer pour ouvrir

Class 8: Tractors

Quebec Drivers Licence Renewal

You can renew your Quebec drivers licence every 4 or 8 years. However, you must always pay the fees and insurance contributions every year to keep your driving privilege.

Whenever you receive your driver’s licence renewal notice, you must visit the licence outlets before the payment is due to:

  • have your photo taken
  • pay the cost of the photo, the insurance contribution and the annual licence fees 
  • and receive your new plasticized driver’s licence in the mail.
Frequently Asked Questions About Quebec Driver's Licence

Q. What is the fee structure for a driver’s licence in Quebec?

Ans. To acquire a Quebec Class 5 driver’s licence, you will have to pay the following fees: 

  • Knowledge test    $11.70 CAD
  • Learner’s licence    $72.58 CAD
  • Road test    $29.25 CAD
  • Probationary licence    $181.06 CAD
  • One-year licence    $98.73 CAD
  • Yearly licence renewal fee    $87.28 CAD

Q. Can I replace my Québec Driver’s Licence?

Ans. You can replace your Quebec Drivers Licence in the case of loss, theft or damage. 

Q. How long is the road test in Quebec?

Ans. The Quebec road test takes about 60 minutes, during this session, the examiner will assess your ability to react to various situations. You have a whole year to learn to drive in various situations before taking the road test.