How long Is The Processing Time For Spousal Sponsorship To Canada?

Canada is a popular destination to migrate to, hence it’s no wonder that they receive thousands upon thousands of applications annually from people wishing to live and work in Canada. Spousal sponsorship is one among the more popular applications that pass through the immigration bureau.

The number of time it takes for a spousal sponsorship application to be processed can vary depending on the situation or is determined by a few several factors.

The most major factor that determines the processing time for Spousal Sponsorship application is the number of applications that Canada immigration authority receives and where your sponsorship application is being processed.

An Average Canadian Spousal Sponsorship Visa Processing Time

This year, the Spousal Sponsorship Processing Time to Canada for both inland and Outland has an average of Twelve (12) months. It is, however, important to note that this average processing time can’t be guaranteed and vary from case to case.

Factors That Affect the Spousal Sponsorship Processing Time 

1. Location of Application

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) can change the processing times for spousal sponsorship depending on the applicant’s country of residence. You can visit an IRCC website that will assist you to find out your spousal sponsorship processing time:

2. Completeness of Application

It is very important to ensure that your application is absolutely complete with every document up to date and response to what the IRCC is asking for.

This is why securing the assistance of an immigration lawyer for spousal sponsorship applications will be beneficial to avoid delays and rejections.

3. Number of Applications

The application for spousal sponsorship may be processed much faster or much slower depending on how many applications the Canada immigration authorities has received.

The fewer the applications received, the faster your application may be processed on time or much lesser than the 12 month processing time.

Inland Sponsorship vs Outland Sponsorship

There are two types of Spousal Sponsorship: Inland sponsorship and Outland sponsorship. To be eligible for the Inland sponsorship class, the foreign spouse or partner must have the  Canadian temporary resident status, which can be as a student, worker or visitor.

Applicants may be qualified for an open work permit, which allows them to work for a Canadian employer while the application is being processed. This will help prevent any situation that may arise if an existing visa expires prior to the completion of the sponsorship process.

The Outland sponsorship class applies to a scenario where the foreign partner is residing outside of Canada. While the sponsored partner may still be able to move in and out of Canada during the application process, their application will be processed via the visa office in their home country or permanent residence.

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