How to Become a Licensed Professional Counselor in Canada

If you want to be a licensed professional counselor in Canada follow this guide.

How to become a licensed professional counselor in Canada is a day to day question of many individuals in Canada. Guidance and Counsellor profession in Canada is a great call for individuals who derive pleasure working with others as they assist Students to be as successful as possible.

Professional counseling is a support oriented profession where you advocate for Students and to determine for them what career to go into.

Professional Guidance  and counsellors in other fields outside education also help the situations of their clients or patients to be in the right normal.

In this article we shall discuss how to be a licensed professional counselor in Canada, their Salaries, their roles and also answers the frequently asked questions

Licensed Professional counselors are very important in society because they render silent help to both Students and parents.

It is not uncommon to be struggling with school, metal health, or general life. People feel isolated, especially the upcoming young people who are yet to develop their voice or place of work.

Canada and other countries across the world have made it compulsory that school Counselors must be available in all the schools .

Definition of Guidance Counseling

To be a professional counselor, you should be aware that counselling is a relational process which relies on the ethical use of specific professional competencies to facilitate a change in human behavior.

Being professional counselor is anchored on addressing wellness, relationships, personal growth, Career development, mental health, and psychological illness or distress.

Counseling process is characterized by the application of cognitive, effective, expressive, spiritual, somatic, developmental, learning and behavioral principles

The main aim of professional Counselors is to provide possible opportunities for people to work towards living a satisfying and resourceful life and minimize frustrations and dilemmas.

Roles of a Licensed Professional Counselors in Canada

Professional licensed Counselors work probably in  all levels  of schools. The work they do varies and depends on  the age group they are dealing with. Below are their major responsibilities of professional counselor in Canada

  • Assist with Students/pupils academic, social and personal development
  • Offer advice and tools for Students to manage their stress and emotions
  • Give advice to the students/pupils on the best academic route to follow their right ambitions and achieve their desired goals
  • Assess Students/pupils abilities through aptitude test
  • Look into Student’s interest to know the most suitable extracurricular activities for them
  • Counsel people that are struggling academically, socially, or personally recommend outside intervention when necessary.
  • Offer education to Students and staff concerning the some topics of interest, such as bullying or career planning
  • Update and Maintain Students record
  • Monitor the Students for signs of neglect or abuse and report to the appropriate Authority
  • Research and bring information on different colleges and universities open and available for Students to attend.

Types of Counseling in Canada

Research has shown that the Counseling profession has so many branches of professional titles. To become a professional counselor you must be aware of this. Some of which are listed below.

  • Counseling therapist
  • Psychotherapist
  • Mental health therapist
  • Clinical counselor
  • Career counselor
  • Vocational guidance counselor
  • Marriage and family therapist, among others

Skills Expected from a Licensed Professional Counsellor

To be a professional Guidance Counselor in Canada, you must possess some skills. Below are the skills a counselor will need

Problem-solving skills

A  licensed professional Counselors in Canada must have problem-solving skills to enable him)her to tackle personal, academic and social problems which may be brought to him by Students.

Communication skills

A professional licensed counselor must actively listen to students and communicate on how to solve the problems, the best line of action and approach towards tackling their challenges.


This is a very important skill in counseling that a professional counselor have the quality of being friendly  which Makes a counselor approachable and it encourages Students to be bold enough when bringing their problem for solutions.


Professional licensed counselor will be empathetic enough to the students to convince them that he/she cares for them and understand whatever they are going through.

 Interpersonal skills

Professional licensed Counselors work with many categories of Students therefore must have strong interpersonal skills which will help him/her to connect properly with Students from any ethnicity, religion, social economic background as well as race.

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Steps to Become a Licensed Professional Counselor in Canada

If you want to become a professional licensed counselors in Canada , follow this guidelines step by step

Complete your bachelor’s degree

To be a professional licensed counselor, the first step is to complete your first degree program. The requirements to become a professional licensed counselor varies in provinces but the minimum requirement is to pick any reputable University and pick a Counseling Program such as education, social sciences or counseling. It may take up to 3 to 4 year to complete the program depending on the school

Additionally,  to become a professional licensed counselor, make sure  that you maintain a good Grade point average (GPA) to further the next step.

Get a master’s degree and Teacher’s certificate

Towards becoming a licensed Professional counselor, Employers may require candidates to get a master’s degree and teaching certificate Under counseling.

This is to maintain standard and ensure that students could be given the educational advice by the councilor. Teaching experience is needed to become a professional counsellor in Canada.

In a case where your territory doesn’t require a master’s degree, you can go to a college of education to obtain a teacher’s certificate and become a qualified teacher. This will give you a solid foundation and opportunity to become a professional counsellor

Complete an internship

Many teaching programs required the candidate to practice before graduation and it is necessary for becoming a licensed professional counselor. The aim is to ensure that they have acquired the necessary skills needed to be a teacher and will be able to teach and lead a class comfortably .

If you didn’t complete a teaching practice program, you assist other teachers or councilors . Internship almost offer the same pay as a traditional position but you gather much experience.

Get teaching experience

Without experiences you cannot become a licensed professional counselor. Therefore after acquiring the needed experiences and necessary education, you can now apply to teach, you may start with supply teaching where you will be covering teachers that are sick or on vocation.

Then from there you will definitely be a teacher for full time duties. In Canada, many Territories and provinces  may require a counselor to have at least two years experience in teaching.

Further your education

To become a  licensed professional counsellor in Canada and to be eligible for the Guidance and Counselor role you may have to further your education and get more knowledge and experience. Obtain more qualifications in the guidance counselor field. This will make you totally outstanding from other applicants and then, prepare yourself thoroughly for guidance Counselors roles.

Working Conditions of Licensed Professional Counselors in School

Licensed professional counselors in Canada usually have their own office inside a school to enable them to talk to Students privately and confidentially.

Most of the time, they spend time sitting behind a desk to talk to students and complete administrative duties on a computer. They may also work around to check on Students and read their mood.

Average Salary of a Licensed Professional Counselor in Canada

professional Counseling is a full time job, normally working from Monday to Friday. Though it depends on their school schedule. They are always in the school before the students and also go after the Students have gone

The National average salary of a licensed professional counselor in Canada is CAD$45,851 per year. This salary varies depending on the institution, location, level of expertise and also the age of Students.

Job Prospects for Licensed Professional Counselors

Prospects for licensed Professional counselors vary depending on Provinces and Territories. A Province with the more Population and More schools will have more job prospects then a Smaller Province or city with few schools may have less job prospects for guidance counselors.

However, Government of Canada’s Job Bank  has clarified the  current job prospects for guidance counsellor by territory and province

Below are the Job prospects

  1. Alberta: good
  2. British Columbia:good
  3. Manitoba: good
  4. New Brunswick: fair
  5. Northwest Territories: undermined
  6. Nova Scotia: fair
  7. Prince Edward Island: good
  8. Quebec: good
  9. Saskatchewan: good
  10. Yukon: undermined.

Available Licensed Professional Counseling Jobs in Alberta Canada 2021

There are job vacancies in Alberta for licensed professional counselors to occupy and they also pay a reasonable amount of money as Salary. Below are the list of available Counseling jobs in Alberta

  1. Addiction Counselor 111, Alberta health service,fort Saskatchewan.
  2. Administrative Assistant (CR-04), local Area, parks Canada.
  3. Child and Youth Care Counsellor 11, Government of Alberta, Lethbridge,AB.
  4. Licensed Counselor (kadena), leido, Alberta.
  5. Administrative Support 111, Alberta Health service.
  6. Interim Full time Teacher/Counselor, Pembina Hills school Division Barrhead,AB.
  7. Psychosocial Rehabilitation Assistants, Alberta Health Care Service, Calgary AB.
  8. Teacher-indigenous Education (kindergarten) Calgary Board of Education, Calgary AB.
  9. Senior program officer, program Delivery, Canada.
  10. Funeral Director ((NDN), SCI shared Resources,LLC.
  11. Family Counsellor, Day Hospital program, Alberta Health Services, Calgary, AB.
  12. Clinical Supervisor, SPIRITT Family Services, legal AB.
  13. Associate program Director/internship, City University of Seattle, Alberta
  14. Client Care counselor, Life work Calgary AB.
  15. Associate program Director, Master of. Counselling city University of Seattle Calgary,AB.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there demand for  a licensed professional Counselor in Canada?

Professional Councilors are in the NOC list under the code of 4033 and are qualified to move to Canada. Though many licensed professional Councilors moving to Canada, There are still a high demand of a licensed professional Councilors across Canada from both provincial and National sectors

How do I become a registered school licensed professional counselor in Ontario?

To be a licensed professional counselor in Ontario you should register with the Ontario School Counselors Association and another process is to receive a master’s degree in counselling psychology, educational psychology, educational Counselling, and development psychology.