Pros And Cons Of Applying Visitor’s Visa While PR Is In Process

Canada is a major destination for thousands of people across the world. Statistics have shown that in the last couple of decades, the maple leaf country consistently tops the chart as the most sought after places in the world for visitors and immigrants.

However, many aspirants or potential applicants for permanent residence, sometimes want to visit Canada through the Visitor visa, to have a taste of how Canada look like, while also applying for Canadian permanent residency. This article will point out the pros and cons of applying for a visitor’s visa while PR in process.

Applying for Visitor’s Visa While PR Is In Process

Base on dual intent, if you already have an application for Canadian PR in the process and you desire to come to Canada on a visitors visa, you may run into some trouble and here is why:

The parameters of granting a Canadian Permanent Residence (PR) visa are in many ways in contrast to a temporary visa. While the visitor or temporary visa requires you leave Canada at the end of the time allotted to you, a major requirement of a permanent residence visa is that your overall intention is to stay permanently in Canada.

Therefore, if you have an application in process for Canadian permanent residence but you would also like to visit Canada temporarily, it would appear that you would have opposite and contradictory intentions. One intention to live permanently and one to stay only temporarily.

With that said, if you have two different contradictory intentions when it comes to your Canadian Immigration plans, you may not be granted PR.

But if your intention is to meet the requirements of the temporary visa, you will be granted a Canadian temporary visa.

In conclusion, if you have received an indication that your application for Canadian permanent residence is moving forward or in process, but not yet successfully approved. Then It’s not advisable to come to Canada on a visitor or temporary visa.

The reason is that you only indicate one intention, which is to stay here permanently. The visa officer will feel that your sole intention was to remain in Canada on your visitor or temporary resident visa until your application for Canada PR is approved.

Then they would be within their rights to deny your temporary status. Because you are not respecting the conditions of a temporary visa to Canada.