3 Choicest Provinces with Best Weather in Canada

Learn more about the provinces with best weather in Canada if you intend to change residence.

Generally speaking, not every foreign national considers to inquire about provinces with best weather in Canada before immigrating to live, work or study.

As a skilled worker or international student, one of the important things you need to research before leaving your country is the provinces with best weather in Canada.

Besides, a research will enable you to make the right decision as regards to where to stay, work or study in Canada as the weather in all Canadian provinces and territories may not suit your current lifestyle.

About the provinces with best weather in Canada

Canadian weather consists of the atmospheric conditions, which includes the wind, clouds, temperature, as well as precipitation.

Undoubtedly, many foreign nationals only think of the severely cold atmosphere whenever they need to enter Canada during winter season.

Although, celebrating Christmas and New Year in Canada is much fun most especially when you are with your loved ones and you have to play around the snow or go for snowshoeing, ice skating, etc.

Indeed, the snows in Canada bring a lot of memorable experience due to its idealness for several sports.

Moreover, a larger number of international students and immigrants in Canada are natives of countries with very warm atmospheres. Thus, coping in Canada’s frigid weather can be quite a challenge.

Additionally, Canada is a 4-season nation consisting of spring, summer, fall, as well as winter season every year. You can always rely on the weather temperature in Canada.

However, you may not know that there are some provinces with best weather in Canada. The weather conditions in these Canadian provinces are mild, and you would most likely be able to cope with it.

Choicest 3 provinces with best weather in Canada

Canada truly has ten provinces and three territories, which includes Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, as well as Yukon.

Besides, the Canadian province of British Columbia has the most cities with moderate weather conditions in Canada.

Therefore, the following are three (3) most preferred provinces with the best weather in Canada.

  1. British Columbia
  2. Ontario
  3. Saskatchewan

British Columbia

Indeed, the province of British Columbia has fifty-two (52) cities, which includes Victoria, Vancouver, Kelowna, Courtenay, Sunshine Coast, White Rock, Kamloops, etc.

Generally speaking, these cities renders British Columbia to be top ranked in the list of all provinces with best weather in Canada.

Regardless of the fact that British Columbia is outstanding for its ski areas, majority of its coastal regions have warmer temperatures and moderate climates that you will certainly love.

For instance, Victoria, the provincial capital of British Columbia is widely known to be the warmest city in Canada due to its climate.

Moreover, Victoria, BC, possesses the most eminent average temperatures in Canada. On a daily basis in January, its average temperature ranges from 1.5° C (34.7° F) to 7.6° C (45.7° F).

Another instance is Vancouver, which is a very popular city in British Columbia province. Vancouver’s average temperature ranges from 1.4° C (34.5° F) to 6.9° C (44° F) per day in January.

Besides, Courtenay is another city in British Columbia with warm weather conditions. The city has an average temperature ranging from 1.4° C (34.5° F) to 6.4° C (43.5° F) everyday in January.

Obviously, this indicates why British Columbia is inclusive of the provinces with best weather in Canada.

Its modest climate during winter season is one thing that surely retains foreign nationals, and enables them to carry out their business conveniently in the province.

As British Columbia is one of the warmest provinces in Canada, you still will not miss your favorite snow sports such as ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing, snowboarding, etc.

Ice skating rinks in British Columbia

Of course, there is a number of ice skating rinks located in the Canadian province of British Columbia.

Below are ice skating rinks you can visit in British Columbia province in order to experience winter sports under warm climates.

Trout Lake Rink

Address: 3360 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5N 4M4, Canada

Phone number: +1 (604) 873-7000

Frank Crane Arena

Address: 2300 Bowen Rd, Nanaimo, BC V9T 3K7, Canada

Phone number: +1 (250) 756-5200

Richmond Ice Centre

Address: 14140 Triangle Rd, Richmond, BC V6W 1B1, Canada

Phone number: +1 (604) 448-5366

West End Rink

Address: 1750 Haro St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1K6, Canada

Phone number: +1 (604) 257-8333

Tilbury Ice

Address: 7187 Vantage Way, Delta, BC V4G 1K7, Canada

Phone number: +1 (604) 940-4448

Oceanside Place Arena

Address: 830 Island Hwy W, Parksville, BC V9P 2X4, Canada

Phone number: +1 (250) 248-3252


Without doubts, Ontario is among the three (3) provinces with best weather in Canada. Obviously, majority of the fifty-two (52) cities in the Canadian province of Ontario are frost-free.

For this reason, you will experience little or no freezing hands and feet induced by the weather.

Without doubts, the atmosphere in Ontario is high ranking among the warmest provinces in Canada.

During winter season, the climate in Ontario is usually cold depending on your area of residence.

Moreover, winter season is often between December 21 to March 19 every year in Ontario. There are also snowfalls at times during this period.

Furthermore, Ontario cities such as St. Catharines, Toronto, as well as Ottawa are popular worldwide because of their moderate weather temperatures.

When you become a resident in any of these cities, you would not worry much about staying out late at night since the weather is friendly.

Certainly, Toronto is the #4 city in Canada with the most lasting frost-free seasons.

Although, there are snowfalls in Toronto during winter season, which may demand you to get a toque, pair of boots and warm coat.

Besides, you can consider staying in St. Catharines, Ontario due to its mild weather compared to other cities in Ontario province. Its weather temperature ranges in different periods of the year.

Around January, the weather in St. Catharines reaches an average of -1.5° C (29.3° F). In March, St. Catharines normally have an average weather of 7.4° C (45.3° F).

Above all, St. Catharines’ weather extends to 8.4° C (47.1° F) in November.

In addition, the Northern region of Ontario has lasting and colder winter seasons every year.

Cities in this region include Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Algoma, Timiskaming, Kenora, Parry Sound, Rainy River, Cochrane, Manitoulin, as well as Nipissing.

Ice skating rinks in Ontario

If you would be visiting Ontario for any reason whatsoever, you may consider taking some time off to see the following ice skating rinks.

Richmond Green Skate Trail

Address: 1300 Elgin Mills Rd E, Richmond Hill, ON L4S 1M5, Canada

Phone number: +1 (905) 771-5490

Laurentian Valley Skating Trail

Address: 2 Henan Rd, Pembroke, ON K8A 6W8, Canada

Phone number: +1 (613) 735-6291

Colonel Samuel Smith Skating Trail

Address: 65 Colonel Samuel Smith Park Dr, Etobicoke, ON M8V 4B6, Canada

Phone number: +1 (416) 392-9715

Victoria Park Rink

Address: Brock St, Kingston, ON, Canada

Glen Cairn Arena

Address: 370 Chippendale Crescent, London, ON N5Z 3G2, Canada

Phone number: +1 (519) 661-4420


Certainly, Saskatchewan is one of the provinces with best weather in Canada. The province is highly recognized for its sun.

Therefore, the sunshine in Saskatchewan is hotter than other Canadian provinces.

Besides, there are sixteen (16) cities in Saskatchewan, including Saskatoon, Regina, Prince Albert, Moose Jaw, Lloydminster, Melville, Melfort, Estevan, North Battleford, Swift Current, Weyburn, Yorkton, among others.

In the late 1930s, Saskatchewan’s towns, Midale and Yellow Grass experienced the hottest weather in Canada, which were as high as 45.0° C (113° F).

For the most part, Saskatchewan’s weather during summer is typically dry and warm. This also enables Saskatchewan to be among the provinces with best weather in Canada.

Additionally, the average weather in Saskatchewan ranges from 15.0° C (60° F) to 35° C (93° F) between July to August.

Nights are mostly cool in Saskatchewan. Thus, staying out late for clubbing should not cause much anxiety.

Moreover, winter season in Saskatchewan generally starts in November, and has a mild weather as well.

Ice skating rinks in Saskatchewan

Indeed, you can always take a tour to any of the ice skating rinks listed below whenever you find yourself in the province of Saskatchewan.

Canlan Sports

Address: 205 Apex St, Saskatoon, SK S7R 1C3, Canada

Phone number: +1 (306) 242-5423


Clarence Downey Speed Skating Oval

Address: 1201 Dudley St, Saskatoon, SK S7M 2T5, Canada

Phone number: +1 (306) 975-3318

Bessborough Skating Rink

Address: 621 Spadina Crescent E, Saskatoon, SK S7K 3G8, Canada

Phone number: +1 (306) 665-6887

Lions Arena

Address: 2205 Mceown Ave, Saskatoon, SK S7J 3L4, Canada

Phone number: +1 (306) 975-3306

Wheat City Kinsmen Arena

Address: 560 Elphinstone St, Regina, SK, Canada

Phone number: +1 (306) 777-7382

Jack Staples Ice Arena

Address: 444 N Broad St, Regina, SK S4R 2X9, Canada

Phone number: +1 (306) 777-7384

In conclusion, it is no lie that the overall weather in Canada is extremely cold. This could seem discouraging for arrival if you do not know about the provinces with best weather in Canada.

Hence, if you feel that the weather in Canada may be bad for your health and could be very deteriorating, you may consider staying, studying or working in British Columbia, Ontario or Saskatchewan province.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the warmest provinces in Canada?

  • British Columbia
  • Ontario
  • Saskatchewan

What is the average Vancouver weather forecast?

From 1.4° C (34.5° F) to 6.9° C (44° F)

What is the range of Calgary weather yearly?

From -7.1° C (19° F) to 16.5° C (62° F)

What is the average of Fort Mc weather?

From 1.8° C (35.2° F)