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Top 15 Things to do in Strathcona County – For Singles, Couples and Family

Life in Strathcona County for Immigrants

There are many adventures to try out and entertaining things in Strathcona County, a specialized municipality in Alberta. Its municipalities include Sherwood Park, Collingwood Cove, Josephburg, and more. Strathcona County creates possibilities for several worthwhile experiences for its residents, visitors, students, workers, and immigrants, including singles, newlyweds, and couples with …

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Become an Architect in Canada in 5 Steps

Immigrate to Canada as an Architect

Have you ever imagined having your name permanently imprinted in time as a building amongst your city’s skyline? Becoming an Architect in Canada is one of the most effective ways to achieve that. So when you talk about legacy careers, architecture is one of them because their work lives after …

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15 Unique Things to do in Airdrie – For Everyone  

Life in Airdrie for Immigrants

The most enjoyable things to do in Airdrie are the abundance of recreational opportunities alongside tons of camping, festivals, hiking, fishing, lakes, trails, and parks surrounding the city. With abundant employment opportunities, the city experiences an increase in the number of immigrants moving to Airdrie each year. Airdrie is a …

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Become a Yoga Instructor in Canada in 5 Steps

yoga instructor in canada

People practice yoga for different reasons; some attain muscle flexibility, some find it interesting, others for mental wholeness, etc. When you become a yoga instructor in Canada, you offer to guide these people to achieve their goals. It becomes your responsibility to guide them while they practice the art. If …

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