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Become an Archaeologist in Canada in 4 steps

Become an Archaeologist in Canada

Archaeologists help contribute to our knowledge about our past. Artefacts dug up from the ground give us a window into human societies all over the world hundreds of thousands of years ago. Through their work, we can trace the rise and fall of empires, cultures, economies, how our present world …

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Become a Yoga Instructor in Canada in 5 Steps

yoga instructor in canada

People practise yoga for different reasons; some of them to attain muscle flexibility, some because they find it interesting, others for mental wholeness, etc. When you become a yoga instructor in Canada, you’re offering yourself to guide these people to achieve their goals. It becomes your responsibility to guide them …

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Become an Architect in Canada in 5 Steps

Immigrate to Canada as an Architect

Have you ever imagined having your name permanently imprinted in time in the form of a building amongst your city’s skyline? Yeah, becoming an Architect in Canada is one of the most effective ways to achieve that. When you talk about legacy careers, architecture is one of them, because their …

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5 Steps to Become a Homicide Detective in Canada

Become a Homicide Detective in Canada

In 2020, Canada had a homicide rate of around 1.95 deaths due to homicide per 100,000 residents. In helping to investigate these deaths, bring the perpetrator to justice and give families the closure they desperately need, homicide detectives, play a very vital role in Canadian Law Enforcement. If you want …

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