How to become a Psychiatric Nurse in Canada – Jobs and Salary            

Psychiatric nurses are in short supply in Canada, grab this guide on how to become a psychiatric nurse in Canada

Immigrating to become a Psychiatric Nurse in Canada is a dream many Nurses in the world share. The increasing demand for professional skills, especially those in Health care such as Nursing has led to a spike in the number of Nurses seeking permits to work in Canada or immigrate permanently.

The opportunities are enormous, you get to find them out as you continue to work in Canada as psychiatric nurse especially if you are fortunate to get the permanent resident visa which is a major step of becoming Canadian citizen

Thus, this article is put together to give you a comprehensive guides and important information like salaries of psychiatric nurses in Canada, availability of job openings by province in Canada, job roles and your successful stay possibly as permanent resident in Canada

What do Psychiatric Nurses do?

Psychiatric nursing is a specialized aspect of nursing that focuses majorly on physical and mental health management such as treatment and palliative measures on psychosocial, mental, or emotional disorders and conditions, as well as any associated physiological conditions on patients in different health and health-related public facilities like the prisons/correctional centers, hospitals, clinics, specialist hospitals, and private homes.

These skills are highly demanded in Canada right now, the reason immigrants are moving to fill job opportunities in Psychiatric Nursing. Psychiatric nurses are also called mental health nurse practitioners.

Demand for Psychiatric Nurses in Canada                                 

Employment opportunities are readily available as the demand for psychiatric nurses in Canada is no doubt on the high side considering the fact that country is top rated in term of quality of life and health care delivery.

The 10 years plan on continuous expansion of health care facilities in Canada to sustain the quality of health delivery show significant number of job openings for Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses with very good disposable salary after tax.

How to become a Psychiatric Nurse in Canada

To be a psychiatric nurse in Canada and any other country in the world there is need for that strong passion, interest and mental balance that will allow you work in the special environment and managing series of psychosocial, mental or emotional disorders that are inevitable in the profession.

However, to become a psychiatric nurse in Canada aside your higher secondary certificate you must first complete an approved post-secondary nursing education program and must pass the Registered Psychiatric Nurse of Canada Examination (RPNCE) or the Canadian Registered Nurse Examination (CRNE).

In addition, certified register Nurse (RN) or a Bachelor degree holder in nursing seeking to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner in Canada will need to do the followings:

  • Seek for temporary residence in Canada
  • Apply for Nursing job in Canada
  • Submit all necessary educational qualification for assessment (If successful)
  • Register with Canadian Nurses Association (CAN) or the Canadian Council for Practical Nurse Regulators (CCPNR) through the nursing regulatory body of the province or territory you work.
  • Enroll to the Psychiatric Nursing School in Canada for experience class in psychiatric nursing specialization.
  • Write the Registered Psychiatric Nurse of Canada Examination (RPNCE) and pass.

Alternatively if you desired to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner in Quebec province of Canada, as an international Registered nurse (RN) or B.Sc. Nursing, the Quebec skilled worker (QSW) immigration program option is available.

The QSW is a special program offers by the Quebec province to give internationally educated nurses an opportunity to seek permanent residency in Canada without the need to secure a job offer.

The QSW program is a points-based selection system with consideration of factors like age, education, area of training, work experience, language ability etc.

If an applicant scores enough points to reach the pass-mark, he or she will generally qualify for a Quebec Selection Certificate, which ultimately leads to a Canadian permanent resident visa, in the absence of health and/or security issues.

This will give you the opportunity to quickly enroll in the experience class for psychiatric nursing specialization, write the qualifying exams and register to practice as a psychiatric nurse in Canada,

Psychiatric Nursing schools in Canada

In Canada there are universities, colleges and polytechnics that offer mental /psychiatric nursing at diploma, degree and masters level in most of the province.

The extensive training and practical oriented course for mental health nurse practitioner programs in Canada makes the country a hot cake for immigrants to fly in for studies and work. The psychiatric nursing institutions/schools in Canada are as follow:

Canadian approved psychiatric/ mental health nurse practitioner programs

These are the available approved programs for both Canadian and international students coming to Canada to study and become psychiatric nurse practitioner:

Open table to view approved programs

 Program                                                                             Duration

  • Psychiatric Nursing (Diploma)                                       Two and half a year.
  • Bachelor of Science in Psychiatric Nursing (BScPN)     Three to four years
  • Bachelor of Science in Mental health Nursing (BScMH) Three to four years
  • Maters in Psychiatric Nursing (MPN)    Two years for fulltime and six years for part time.

Basic requirements for Admission

  • Submission of your application form online.
  • $35 application fee.
  • High school transcript.
  • Criminal record check (not older than 6 months).
  • Immunization records.
  • First aid, whmis and TLR certificates.

Scholarships are also available from different organizations and the institutions mentioned above, the aim is to make studying very easy for the students, and academic excellence will be an advantage to enable you qualifies amongst other basic requirements.

Immigrate to Canada as a Tailor

Psychiatric nursing jobs Canada

In Canada there are enough vacancies available to be filled by registered nurses and psychiatric nurses, this is more reason why the number of health practitioner Immigrating to Canada yearly continuously to rise. The salaries of nurses in Canada at different province is also heavy in the pocket. It will be interesting to know the available jobs in Canada province and cities.

It is very important to know requirements to get the available jobs in the different province/cities in Canada, the requirements are almost the same across.

  • Completion of a university or college registered psychiatric nursing program is required.
  • Registration with a regulatory body is required in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the Yukon.

Psychiatric Nursing Jobs in Saskatchewa    

The province of Saskatchewan currently has 255 jobs opening in the various cities for both registered nurses and psychiatric nurses.

However, in cities like Moose jaw, Gravelbourg, Coronach, North Battleford, Midale, Davidson, Wayburn, Prince Albert, Carlyle, Rosthern, Saskatoon, Edam, and Emerald Park are only available for Psychiatric nurses. The amount paid ranges from $35 to $50 hourly.

This province seem to be the one with the highest number of job  openings amongst the top rated province with jobs for registered and psychiatric nurses in Canada

Psychiatric Nurse jobs Ontario

In the province of Ontario there are more job openings for registered nurses without specialization like the psychiatric nursing; Peterborough is the only city where the services mental/ psychiatric health nurse is required. The pay ranges from $21 to $45 subjected to negotiation.

Psychiatric Nurse jobs in Ottawa

There are 31 job openings currently in Ottawa for nurses both on full time and part time basis, the ones available for psychiatric or mental health nurses are in Royal Ottawa mental center, Home and Community Care Support Services Champlain, Centre médical Ste-Anne etc. The pay hourly is between $24 to $60 depending on qualification and years of experience in the profession.

Psychiatric Nurse Jobs Edmonton

There good numbers of jobs available in Edmonton, Alberta Canada, the nurses are also well paid, they can work up to 30 hours weekly on average of $45.4 hourly, the jobs are mostly part time and very few are full time.

Psychiatric nursing jobs in British Columbia

British Columbia is one very popular province in Canada with good number of psychiatric nurses, the openings are hundred and above, the global corona virus pandemic is a also a contributing factor for such demand . The jobs are also on both fulltime and part time basis.

How much do Psychiatric Nurse make in Canada?

Psychiatric nurses’ makes significant amount of money in Canada, the amount they earn hourly depends on their level of qualification and their province of primary assignment. The least a registered nurse can earn hourly is $24 and they can work up to 40 hours weekly either on part or full time basis.

However, the annual salary of an average psychiatric nurse is $79,950 while entry level position could earn up to $74, 276 while most experienced workers make up to $84,981 annually.

In addition you will find below the average earnings or wages per hour of a psychiatric nurse in the following community/area/province in Canada. it will assist in decision making as to the best place to work as a psychiatric or mental health practitioner.

Check out the average earnings per hours for psychiatric nurse in Canada

Community/Area   Low ($)                Median ($)                         High ($))


Canada                 24.04                     38.14                               48.00

Alberta                  28.00                     44.90                                50.59

British Columbia   25.00                      40.02                               46.00

Manitoba              29.00                       40.00                               45.00

New Brunswick    23.24                       39.00                                43.25

Newfoundland and Labrador 29.71      40.02                               45.70

Northwest Territories 38.44                   55.74                               72.57

Nova Scotia              24.00                    38.00                               42.00

Nunavut                   34.94                     67.83                               86.69

Ontario                    23.50                    36.15                                 47.00

Prince Edward Island   26.50                  38.95                              42.44

Quebec                   23.00                       35.00                               44.00

Saskatchewan     35.00                           44.00                              48.50

Yukon Territory               33.77                45.28                               61.41


To become Psychiatric nurse in Canada as a student is very easy considering the simple application procedures, requirements and friendly immigration policies. The profession is of high demand in Canada with very attractive salary and flexible working plan.