Top 5 Psychologist Jobs in-demand in Canada

This article describes in detail the process of immigrating to Canada as a psychologist.

There are many Psychologist jobs in-demand in Canada for citizens and permanent residents. Psychologists seek to understand and explain thoughts, emotions, feelings and behaviour.

The world is starting to recognize and understand the importance of addressing mental health issues and mental wellness. This means that psychologist jobs will continue to be in high demand everywhere.

The field of psychology encompasses both research in which we learn fundamental things about human and non-human animal behaviour and practices, through which that knowledge is applied to solving problems.

Additionally, they use techniques such as observation, assessments and experimentation to develop theories about the beliefs and feelings that influence individuals.

More so, practicing psychologist’s help people effectively cope with life changes or mental health problems.

Psychology can be a challenging yet rewarding field because it involves helping people overcome emotional struggles. A psychologist rely on observation, testing and experiment to gather information about patients.

Careers in Psychology

Most psychologist choose a specialization based on their interest. As a psychologist, you can work in different areas including hospitals, private offices, community, clinics, schools, sport centers etc.

School psychologist

School psychologists apply psychological principles and techniques to education and developmental disorders. They also address learning and behavioural problems; design, implement plans and counsel students and families.

Furthermore, they also consult with other school-based professionals to suggest improvements to teaching, learning and administrative strategies.

Organizational psychologist

They use psychological principles and research methods to solve problems and improve the quality of work life.

More so, they study issues such as work place productivity, employee working style and employee morale. They also help top executive with policy planning, employee training and organizational development.

Clinical psychologist

Clinical psychologist help patients deal with problems ranging from short- term personal issues to severe chronic conditions. They assess, diagnose and treat patients with emotional and behavioural disorders.

Clinical psychologists are trained to use a variety of approaches to help individuals. Although, approaches to help individuals differs.

Some clinical psychologists focus on specific people such as children, adults or on certain specialties such as neuropsychology.

Counselling psychologist

Counselling is a field that is concerned with helping people going through situational or long-term problems.

Additionally, counselling psychologist treat wide range of mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, personality disorder and other relationship issues.

Furthermore, mental health wellness is essential at every stage of life, from childhood, adolescence to adulthood. Counselling psychologists have been saving people from total mental breakdown.

Engineering psychologist

Engineering psychologists are an excellent example of highly specialized mental health professionals. Professionals focus primarily on the relationship between humans and machines to improve technological efficiency and safety.

Family Psychologist

As their title suggests, family psychologists study family theory and human behaviour. They focus on the psychological health of individuals within the family context and that context within the larger social structure.

Many family psychologists work in a private practice, hospitals and advocacy or policy groups.

Developmental Psychologist

Developmental psychologists study human psychological development across lifespan. They study how people grow and adapt at different life stages.

More so, they conduct research designed to help people reach their full potential. Developmental psychologists can work with people of all ages to understand and support their growth.

They can work in various settings such as health care facilities or clinics, schools and government agencies.

Rehabilitation Psychologist

Professionals work directly to improve the lives of people affected by disability, retardation or severe physical or emotional injury.

After assessing and diagnosing a patient, a rehabilitation psychologist is usually responsible for determining a proper treatment plan, which may include various forms of therapy.

In addition, rehabilitation psychologists help individuals establish a support network including family, friends and relatives to further assists with his or her treatment.

Community psychologist

They seek to understand the quality of life of individuals within groups, organizations and institutions, communities and society. Their aim is to enhance quality of life through collaborative research and action.

Psychologists working in this field look at the cultural, economic, social, political and environmental aspects that shape and influence the lives of people all over the globe.

Additionally, community psychologists seek to create positive social change within a social structure.

Issues that community psychologists work on includes; empowerment, health promotion, diversity, individual wellness, civic participation, problem prevention etc.

How to become a Psychologist in Canada

Psychologist Skills and Competencies

In addition to education and licensing requirements, individuals need certain characteristics to succeed in this field.

It is essential to consider the distinctions between skills and qualities as you consider your interests in the field of psychology.

Communication skills

Psychologists are active listeners and this in its own way is a form of communication that encourages patients to share, to feel heard and process their own feelings.

Interpersonal skills

You need to have strong interpersonal skills since this career is about studying and helping individuals. Verbal communication and listening skills are the foundation of interpersonal skills.


Treatment takes a lot of time. Therefore, you will need a lot of patience to see treatments through its conclusion. You must keep yourself motivated even when results are not immediately apparent.


A psychologist must be trustworthy as they are expected to keep patients information confidential.


As a psychologist, you must have the ability to understand to understand what other people feel, see things from their point of view and imagine yourself in their place.

If a psychologist fails to demonstrate empathy, trustworthiness will follow suite in being lost. This is absolutely among the most valued skills of a good psychologist.

Critical thinking Skills

A psychologist must have strong critical thinking skills to determine an accurate diagnosis and develop a proper treatment plan.

Problem solving skills

Practicing psychologists must be able to diagnose symptoms. Problem solving is a mental process that involves discovering, analyzing and solving problems.

Highest Paying Psychology Jobs in Canada

There are numerous careers that have a higher than average yearly salary. Learn more about some of the highest paying psychology careers, salaries and the educational requirements for each professions.

It is important note that the actual income depends on factors which includes sector of employment, educational background and years of experience.

Neuropsychologist jobs in-demand in Canada

Neuropsychologists specialize in the study of the brain and cognitive science. Professionals who work in this field assess people suffering from brain injury and study how drugs affects the nervous system.

Additionally, professionals in this field may work in the hospital, research centers, mental health clinics and pharmaceutical labs.

Average salary: ranges from $ 90,000 to $ 95,000 per year.

Educational Requirements: Professionals requires a doctorate degree to work in this field.

Engineering psychologist jobs in-demand in Canada

Professionals work to improve the designs of systems, operations, and equipment in order to increase efficiency, improve productivity, and minimize injury.

Additionally, the area of employment plays a major role in determining salary. Engineering psychologists who work in the private sector earn more than those employed in university setting earn.

Average salary: $80,000 per year.

Educational Requirements: Entry-level positions requires a masters degree, but those with a Doctorate degree will find greater employment opportunities and better salaries.

Forensic Psychologist jobs in-demand in Canada

Forensic psychologist deals with psychological issues related to the law.

Some of the duties that a professional in this field might perform includes developing psychological profiles of criminals, investigating child abuse, dealing with child custody issues.

Furthermore, they provide expert testimony; prepare witness to testify in court and offer training to law enforcements.

Average salary: $60,000 per year.

Educational Requirement: where there are some jobs available with a masters degree, you will need a doctorate degree in forensic psychology.

School Psychologist jobs in-demand in Canada

Professionals work within the educational system to diagnose and treat behaviour and learning problems in students.

Additionally, they work with other professionals including teachers and doctors as well as parents to help students overcome social, behavioural and academic problems.

Average salary: ranges from $ 40,000 to $ 60,000 per year.

Educational Requirements: Professionals requires a masters or Eds degree. Approximately 40% of school psychologist hold a Psy.D or EdD degree.

Clinical Psychologist jobs in-demand in Canada

Clinical Psychology holds the biggest number of employment opportunities in Canada. As the most popular specialization, it continues to be one of the top-paying jobs for aspiring psychologists.

Additionally, professionals deals with the diagnosis and medication of individuals with mental disorders. These professionals can work in mental health clinics and hospitals, while some venture into private practice.

To become a Clinical Psychologist, you need not only a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, but a doctorate degree as well. A state license and supervised residency training are also required.

The average pay for Clinical Psychologists is CAD 95,000.

How to find a Psychologist in Canada?

People often access psychologists through local clinics and hospitals, upon referral from their family physicians, or upon the recommendation of friends, family members, religious leaders and teachers.

Provincial and territorial associations of psychologists also often maintain referral services and can direct you to psychologists in your jurisdiction who work with problems such as yours.

Although you may need a referral from a physician to see a psychologist on staff at a hospital, you can self-refer to psychologists in private practice.

Once you have established the practitioner’s credentials, the best way to determine if he or she is right for you is to use your feelings as a gauge.

Does this person appear kind, understanding and non-judgmental? Do you feel listened to and uniquely appreciated? If not, perhaps you need to try someone else who might be a better fit.

As is the case with any other kind of professional, one practitioner might be a good fit for one person but not a good fit for someone else.

How to Immigrate as a Psychologist?

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada as a psychologist, you are fortunate. Psychologists are in demand across Canada and you can secure a CPR visa either with or without a job.

The immigration code for those looking to immigrate to Canada as a psychologist is 4151.

Additionally, Beginners are eligible to apply for Canada Immigration under the Canadian Government Immigration program, which is a great news for psychologists hoping to live and work in Canada.

More so, psychologists from all over the world are eligible to make an express entry for Canada Residency providing they have the right skills, experience and qualifications in their country of origin.

In conclusion, the field of psychologists entails addressing problems such as mental health related issues and mental wellness. And this job is highly in-demand in Canada. Hence, we have listed high paying Psychology jobs in Canada for immigrants. We hope this article was helpful.