Quebec Immigration Candidates Concerned Over Impact of Coronavirus On Applications

Quebec immigration candidates are worried and concerned about how the coronavirus crisis will impact their applications and are calling for clear guidance from provincial and federal governments.

They say uncertainty is widespread throughout the whole system, from those applying for Canadian permanent residence, through candidates for the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ), plus temporary residence with work or study permits about to expire.

International students who can no longer continue school are concerned they will not be able to graduate and therefore not applying to stay in Quebec and work their way towards permanent residence.

Quebec Guidances For Permanent Immigration Candidate

The Quebec Ministry of Immigration, Francisation, and Integrations (MIFI) says requests for permanent residence continue to be processed, although government special measures ‘could have an impact on the processing times for request’.

Quebec Guidances For Temporary Foreign Worker

Temporary foreign skilled workers with work permits about to expire or already expired, and who have lost their jobs, are advised to follow federal guidance on what next to do. They may be able to extend their stay in Quebec, switch to a visitor visa or be eligible for a Temporary Resident Permit, depending on their situation.

Foreign workers with pending applications for an extension to an initial work permit, and have lost their jobs, are advised to take the same steps as stated above.

Foreign workers on open work permits who have lost their jobs are advised to do the same steps as above, although the guidance points out that they are open to search for a new job.

All three classes of foreign workers mentioned above may be eligible for financial assistance through Quebec’s Temporary Aid For Workers stream, as well as similar federal programs.

Candidates for the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) who have gathered the required year of full-time experience, but lost their job due to coronavirus crisis, have been told that they must be employed when submitting an application.

The years of experience gathered will likely still count towards their application, as the PEQ requires twelve (12) months of work experience in the last twenty-four (24) months. It means that once they get another job, they are qualified to apply for the PEQ, provided their work experience is in the last twenty-four (24) months.

Applicants for the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) who had not gathered the required year of full-time experience, but lost their job due to coronavirus pandemic, can still count the time worked towards their application.

They can lodge their application once they have resumed employment and accumulated twenty-four (12) months of full-time work in Quebec in the previous twenty-four (24) months.

Quebec Guidances For Foreign students

Ministry of Immigration, Francisation, and Integration guidances for foreign students applying for a Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) is that requests for temporary selections are still being processed.

“Temporary foreign workers must maintain a valid temporary immigration status at all times,” the guidance says.

For foreign students who have had their course suspended and were working towards a diploma or degree to submit a Quebec Experiences Program (PEQ) application, the MIFI guidance simply clarified the program requirement.

Candidates must have a master’s, bachelor’s, or doctorate university degree, a diploma of vocational studies, or a diploma of technical college studies at the secondary level which, alone or with certificates of professional specialization obtained consecutively, certifies 1,800 hours or more of continuous trainings and leads to a given trade.