Quebec Introduces Values Test For New Immigrants

The government of Quebec is to continue with its plans to introduce a values test for new immigrants.

A regulation amendment released in a Quebec Official Gazette on October 30, 2019, will require immigration applicants with members of their family alike, to pass the test as a condition of acquiring a Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ).

The CSQ is the document which Quebec immigration applicants submits to the federal government to apply for Canadian permanent residence. The regulation will kick start from January 1, 2020.

The CAQ’s original plans, announcing during its election campaign of 2018, was to make passing the test a condition of Canadian permanent residence. The new regulation means applicants must pass the test before becoming a permanent resident of Canada.

According to the amendments, applicants and their family member “must get an attestation of learning about democratic values and the Quebec values as stated by the Charter of human rights and freedoms”.

Quebec Premier Francois Legault declares the test is similar to the one for Canadian citizenship.

“If you compare our tests to the tests taken in Canada about knowing Canada, it’s not very different,” he said.

“I think it’s neccessary in Quebec because we are a nation, we are a peculiar society, we have our values, we have our charters.”

Quebec Immigration Minister Simon Jolin-Barrette highlight example questions for the test in a press conference last Wednesday.

They included:

  1. Since March 27, 2019, Bill 21, the secularism of the states, says every police officers can not wear religious symbol on the job. True or false?”
  2. Who is allowed to marry legitimately in Quebec? Circle the options: M/F, F/F, M/M
  3. women and Men in Quebec have the same right. True or false?
  4. Identify an instance (s) where there could be discriminatory hiring practices: A person of colour, a woman who is pregnant, or a person who does not have the right qualifications.

Dependent children under the age of eighteen (18) and candidates with medical condition preventing them from taking the test will be excluded.

According to the regulations, candidates will need a score of seventy-five (75) per cent or more to pass the test.

Candidates will have 90 minutes to finish their exam. Quebec democracy, secularism, francophone culture, rights and responsibilities and equality between women and men are some of the topics it is likely to cover.

Candidates who fail the exam must wait two weeks before taking it again. Those who fail two times have the option of taking it for a third time, or attending a class to learn about Quebec values.

Those who choose to retake the test a third time and fail do not have the option of taking the course.

Candidates who complete the full Quebec values exam automatically get the required ‘learning attestation’.