Quebec Invites 444 Candidates To Apply For Quebec Selection Certificate In Latest Draw

Quebec has invited 444 candidates (foreign workers) to apply for a Quebec Selection Certificate in a draw conducted August 19. The profiles were selected from the Arrima bank on August 15, 2019.

The draw is aimed at Quebec Skilled Worker Program applicants with an Expression of Interest (EOI) in Quebec’s Arrima system who had their previous applications nullified or terminated under immigration changes passed on June 16, 2019.

Applicants have to meet the following conditions in order to receive an invitation in the August 19 draw:

  • their application for selection lodged under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program was cancelled, pursuant to Section 28 of Quebec’s Act to expand Québec’s socio-economic prosperity and adequately fulfill labour market requirements through successful immigrant integration (the Act); and
  • they filed an expression of interest with the immigration Minister before December 17, 2019; and
  • they found themselves in one of the following situations: their application, which was cancelled under the Act, was lodged to the Minister under Section 5.01 of the Regulation respecting the selection of foreign citizens; or
    they were residing in Québec on June 16, 2019, while they held a work or study permit granted pursuant to Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR).

Arrima was created last year to welcome EOIs for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program and manage and controls its bank of candidates.

An Expression of Interest is not an application but is instead a way for candidates to inform Quebec’s Immigration Ministry that they wish to be considered for a Quebec Selection Certificate or CSQ. A CSQ enables a candidate to apply for Quebec permanent residence.

The Expression of Interest which ia also known as Arrinma is a online based system that replaced the previous, first-come-first-served system to receiving applications to the Quebec Skilled Worker Program.

Under the EOI system, applicants create a profile in Arrima and are granted a score based on factors including their age, educational qualifications, work experience, area of training, and proficiency in French.

Applicants are then invited to file for a CSQ based on either their scores or other criteria such as labour shortages in the province’s outlying areas.

Applicants who apply for and receive a CSQ then apply for Canadian permanent residence IRCC, which verifies medical and criminal admissibility.

What Are the Requirements for Quebec Selection Certificate or Quebec Expression of Interest?

People are ranked under seversl factors including age, education, language ability, work experience, and time spent in Quebec. A valid employment offer is also an crucial factor.

According to the decision released on August 1st, 2018, the first category refers to applicants who:

  • Have a validated employment offer outside the Metropolitan Community of Montreal;
  • Have a validated employment offer in the Metropolitan Community of Montreal;
  • Are currently residing in Quebec AND: They have a post-graduate work permit, obtained following the graduation from an eligible study program or post secondary school in Quebec or They possess a work permit with a validity of at least twelve (12) months and they have worked in Quebec full-time for a minimum of six (6) months.

These applicants are ranked based on the following prerequisite:

  1. Age
  2. Education level
  3. Diploma obtained in Quebec
  4. Proficiency in French
  5. Proficiency in other languages i.e English
  6. Work experience in the United States or in Canada
  7. Spouse/common-law partner’s qualifications: proficiency in the French language and level of education.
  8. Transferability skills: Level of education, with proficiency in French and work experience the United States or in Canada. A Foreign work experience with French proficiency.

Points Available Under the Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

Individuals selected to file for a CSQ under the Quebec Skilled worker program must pass the cut off points for the selection factors, which is fifty (50) points for a One candidate and fifty-nine (59) points for a married candidate.

The table below shows  the Selection factors in the point grid

Profile factor Max points available
Education 14
Areas of training 12
Work experience 8
Age 16
Language proficiency 22
Time spent and family in Quebec 8
Spouse/common-law partner 17
Job offer 14
Accompanying children 8
Financial self-sufficiency 1